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#9345 enabling only the strongest ciphers in the tor browser to make cryptanalysis harder encryption, https, cipher, suite, tbb-torbutton new tbb-team enhancement High
#13444 "GhostNode" - support relays that cannot accept incoming connections. anomity, circuit, torrc, security, needs-proposal research-program new project High
#16156 Tor browser does not display correct exit node circuit compromised new tbb-team defect High
#22825 test: Add unit tests for circuit_send_next_onion_skin() tor-circuit, test-unit, tor-hs, 032-unreached new enhancement High
#23875 Facebook's onion site is a single hop onion, but clicking on the Tor onion icon shows that it is a 6 hop circuit. tbb-circuit-display new tbb-team defect High
#25118 We need circuit launch and cannibalization unit tests tor-circuit, tor-test new defect High
#2395 Break Wed and Wee weights into two classes each performance loadbalancing tor-client needs-proposal assigned mikeperry enhancement Medium
#5902 The whole "choose a doomed exit at random" business is busted tor-client paths circuit new defect Medium
#6198 Make sure that we clear addresses before freeing connections tor-client needs-design needs-decision new project Medium
#6256 Make circuit isolation isolate exits? (signal NEWNYM exit bucketing) circuit-isolation needs-proposal tor-client need-design maybe-bad-idea new enhancement Medium
#10417 BridgeDB should be built and tested on Jenkins ci,jenkins,bridgedb-unittests new cypherpunks task Medium
#11397 Keep using too-dirty circuits if no new circuit can be built? tor-client needs-design security-relevant circuit-usage not-sure-if-good-idea new enhancement Medium
#12800 citrix rule fail citrix gotomeeting new zyan defect Medium
#14006 Hidden service error: "We'd like to launch a circuit to handle a connection, but we already have 32 general-purpose client circuits..." tor-hs, circuit-management, scaling, 033-triage-20180320, 033-removed-20180320 needs_information defect Medium
#14715 Change the default for automaphostsonresolve to be on-by-default? tor-client needs-decision new defect Medium
#14939 Support ipv6 addresses in Tor Circuit DIsplay tbb-circuit-display, tbb-usability new tbb-team defect Medium
#15239 Add hyperlinks in tor circuit display to show "more info" about relays tbb-circuit-display, tbb-usability new tbb-team defect Medium
#16665 Circuit visualizer needs a cue about guards tbb-usability, tbb-circuit-display, TorBrowserTeam201603, ux-team, tbb-7.0-frequent needs_revision tbb-team enhancement Medium
#16936 Circuit display should show original circuit for each tab tbb-torbutton, tbb-circuit-display needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#18117 When stem calls controller.close_circuit(circuit_id), circuits don't really close tor-control needs-analysis mystery circuit-lifetime new defect Medium
#18583 Tor Browser doesn't show the circuit for downloads tbb-usability, tbb-circuit-display new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#19335 Tor circuit display shows example circuit instead of real tbb-circuit-display, tbb-6.0-issues needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#19377 Consider retry/backoff behavior when building new circuits tor-dos refactor circuit-build object-model new task Medium
#19535 A can't-happen case for one-hop circuits actually can happen regression tor-control dont-do-that-then technical-debt should-fix circuit backtrace new defect Medium
#20132 Let large client deployments use a local directory cache tor-hs, tor2web, single-onion, tor-client, efficiency, needs-design new enhancement Medium
#20349 neocities blogs support https but extension doesn't redirect to https neocities new jsha defect Medium
#20805 Circuit display does not honor or use the UI font. ux-team, tbb-circuit-display new tbb-team defect Medium
#20986 Gracefully handle build configurations on systems without AsciiDoc build, asciidoc, resilience, annoyance, autotools new defect Medium
#21524 private:* contains valid IPv6 addresses ipv6 exit-policies tor-relay new defect Medium
#23756 tor's .gitlab-ci.yml is doing mirroring? why? tor-ci, 033-triage-20180320, 033-removed-20180320 accepted catalyst defect Medium
#23883 document how to get Travis or GitLab CI running on your fork of tor new-developers tor-ci tor-doc assigned catalyst task Medium
#24629 Activate osx builds on travis, at low priority not-just-linux, tor-ci, teor-was-assigned assigned enhancement Medium
#24630 Stop initialising rust git submodules, travis does this automatically tor-ci, 032-backport, teor-was-assigned assigned defect Medium
#24667 OOM needs to consider the DESTROY queued cells tor-cell, tor-circuit, oom new defect Medium
#24985 Preserve circuit-layer confidentiality against a quantum-capable adversary post-quantum, cryptography, tor-circuit new project Medium
#24986 Implement prop#249 "Large Create Cells" tor-cell tor-circuit trunnel new enhancement Medium
#24987 Implement prop#269 "Hybrid Handshakes" (composition module) post-quantum, cryptography, tor-circuit, handshakes new enhancement Medium
#24988 Implement prop#269 "Hybrid Handshakes" (ntor2 module) ntor handshakes tor-circuit cryptography new enhancement Medium
#24992 SingleOnion (and Tor2web?) connections may need better expiry, lots left open single-onion, circuits new defect Medium
#25145 Torbutton doesn't update the circuit display when the back button is pressed tbb-circuit-display new tbb-team defect Medium
#25312 circ: We can pick an active circuit that is marked for close tor-cmux, tor-circuit assigned dgoulet defect Medium
#25501 Control-flow issues solved for WTF-pad control-flow, tor-circuit assigned dgoulet task Medium
#25549 Add tor CI config for AppVeyor tor-ci, tor-testing new enhancement Medium
#25550 improve continuous integration support tor-ci new defect Medium
#13260 Transform code to cleaner c99 style coccinelle, tor-client technical-debt new defect Low
#14799 Make failure to create extrainfo an error? tor-relay needs-decision reopened defect Low
#17673 circuit_handle_first_hop assumes all one-hop circuits are directory circuits technical-debt tor-hs tor-client accident-waiting-to-happen new defect Low
#18213 The parameter WarnUnsafeSocks does not work as specified in the documentation, no warning is logged in the log file WarnUnsafeSocks, Log, tor-client needs-decision, accepted arma defect Low
#20653 Test targets should gracefully handle missing dependencies test, convenience, easy, api, dependencies new defect Low
#22755 Use stem to create test descriptors python, stem, bridgedb-parsers, bridgedb-ci needs_review isis enhancement Low
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