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#7572 Make relay crypto run on multiple CPU cores tor-relay, term-project-ideas, tor-dos multithreading performance cpu assigned yawning defect High
#18614 tor uses full cpu when unplugged tor, cpu, hang tor-client sponsor8-maybe resource-management needs_information defect High
#6613 [CHROME] Abnormal CPU usage w/ Keep MORE|MY opt-outs installed cpu usage resources hang assigned dtauerbach defect Medium
#7134 Add statistics on time spent on crypto operations tor-relay metrics cpu performance sponsor8-maybe needs_information project Medium
#9662 Make ntor handshake faster tor-relay, performance, ntor, SponsorU-deferred, cpu assigned yawning defect Medium
#9664 Precompute ephemeral keypairs for ntor tor-relay, ntor, performance, cpu, latency needs_revision nickm enhancement Medium
#17806 Make onion queues rational, combine with workqueue logic. intro, term-project-ideas, tor-dos, cpuworker multithreading multicore needs-cs new enhancement Medium
#24688 timing wheels should use 32-bit math on 32-bit platforms cpu, 32-bit, timing assigned nickm defect Medium
#24857 tor 100% cpu load cpu, windows, linux new defect Medium
#15918 Investigate using the EVP interface for non-oneshot hash calls. tor-crypto, openssl, evp, lorax, sponsor8-maybe performance cpu new enhancement Low
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