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#30316 Vote's 'bandwidth-file-headers' is in wrong order 035-backport, 040-backport, dgoulet-merge merge_ready nickm defect High
#29617 OOM manger wipes entire DNS cache 035-backport, 040-backport, fast-fix, easy, dgoulet-merge merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#29875 Going from obfs4 to snowflake using the Tor Network Settings from the Torbutton doesn't work tbb-needs, 035-backport, 040-backport, network-team-roadmap-2019-Q1Q2, dgoulet-merge merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#30190 Do not warn about compatible OpenSSL upgrades openssl ux usability 035-backport 040-backport dgoulet-merge merge_ready defect Medium
#30614 Use MAP_INHERIT_NONE/ZERO if available instead of crashing on assertion failure 040-backport 041-regression dgoulet-merge merge_ready defect Medium
#30956 Publish bridge ServerTransportPlugin lines, even when ExtraInfoStatistics are off tor-bridge, tor-pt, 041-backport, regression, sponsor31-maybe, 041-regression, dgoulet-merge merge_ready teor defect Medium
#30561 Fixed tor_vasprintf on systems without vasprintf. 029-backport?, 034-backport?, 035-backport?, 040-backport?, dgoulet-merge merge_ready defect Low
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