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#29746 Improve Tor best practices tracker practracker, tech-debt, refactoring, easy, 041-deferred-20190530, network-team-roadmap-july, dgoulet-merge 042-can assigned nickm enhancement Medium
#31001 Undefined behavior in tor_vasprintf() hackerone, bug-bounty, security-low, unlikely-crash, 029-backport, 035-backport, 040-backport, 041-backport, dgoulet-merge, consider-backport-after-0421 merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#31372 Appveyor and Travis should use "make -k" tor-ci, 029-backport, 035-backport, 040-backport, 041-backport, 042-should dgoulet-merge merge_ready nickm enhancement Medium
#31466 Consider demoting ".exit is disabled" log message to info bug-bounty, hackerone, tor-security?, 042-should 029-backport? 035-backport 040-backport 041-backport BugSmashFund dgoulet-merge merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#31571 Add the tor version and a newline to raw_assert() consider-backport-after-042-stable, BugSmashFund, diagnostics, android, dgoulet-merge, macos 035-backport 040-backport 041-backport merge_ready teor defect Medium
#31615 Reorder the early subsystems based on their dependencies diagnostics, consider-backport-after-042-stable, consider-backport-if-needed, 042-should, 040-backport-maybe, 041-backport-maybe, BugSmashFund, dgoulet-merge merge_ready teor defect Medium
#31898 Occasional crash during shutdown when using Tor API crash, 042-must 041-backport consider-backport-after-0423, 041-regression dgoulet-merge merge_ready nickm defect Medium
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