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#7798 Use directory guards even when consensus isn't live tor-client needs-design guards anti-enumeration fallback intro needs_information defect Medium
#18605 Consider including fallback directory mirrors with multiple IP addresses tor-client fallback-directory new enhancement Medium
#19989 Tor fails to bootstrap with an Exit as EntryNode fallback path-selection tor-client weird-options dont-do-that-then entrynodes regression? new defect Medium
#20175 Allow the fallback script to ignore temporary IPv6 addresses fallback, ipv6 assigned haxxpop enhancement Medium
#20192 When outputting potential new fallbacks, blacklist the whitelist fallback assigned haxxpop enhancement Medium
#20194 Add "update fallbacks" to "Preliminaries" in Tor's doc/HACKING/ fallback, doc, 029-proposed, tech-docs new enhancement Medium
#20876 Avoid contacting fallback operators who are unlikely to be accepted fallback new enhancement Medium
#20897 Make it easier to check the entire fallback whitelist for errors fallback new enhancement Medium
#20910 Make the fallback list automatically adapt to minor changes fallback new enhancement Medium
#20934 Use standard python multiset implementation in fallback script fallback new enhancement Medium
#20939 Add average for each flag and uptime to the fallback summary fallback new enhancement Medium
#21282 Adjust fallback log levels fallback new enhancement Medium
#23473 Add support for ed25519 fallbacks ids to the fallback script tor-ed25519, fallback new enhancement Medium
#24719 Make sure fallback whitelist entries are unique fallback new enhancement Medium
#24786 Rebuild the fallback list for 0.3.4 or 0.3.5 fallback, 029-backport, 031-backport-maybe, 032-backport-maybe, 033-backport, 034-backport new task Medium
#24787 Revise the fallback stability requirements based on current network load fallback new defect Medium
#24790 When 0.2.5 is EOL, remove the fallback script comment that refers to 0.2.8 and earlier fallback, easy, doc new defect Medium
#24803 Generate a new fallback list for 0.3.4 or 0.3.5 and backport it to all supported versions fallback, 029-backport, 031-backport-maybe, 032-backport-maybe, 033-backport, 034-backport new enhancement Medium
#24804 Run an opt-in process for relay operators to become fallbacks fallback new task Medium
#24805 Update fallback whitelist and blacklist fallback new enhancement Medium
#24838 Just have relay fingerprints in the fallback whitelist fallback new enhancement Medium
#24839 Add a torrc option and descriptor line to opt-in as a FallbackDir needs-proposal, fallback, tor-spec new task Medium
#24953 In check_existing mode, log "fallback list", not "whitelist" fallback new defect Medium
#25169 Fallback removal for 0BEA4A88D069753218EAAAD6D22EA87B9A1319D6 fallback-change new defect Medium
#25414 Fallback details changed for 9FBEB75E8BC142565F12CBBE078D63310236A334 fallback-change new defect Medium
#18084 Use the same fallback directory mirror to bootstrap tor-guard post-prop271 fallback enumeration-resistence new enhancement Low
#19129 Allow Fallback Directories with no DirPort tor-client fallback-directory needs-design reachability bootstrap new enhancement Low
#22760 Fix extra-info flags on fallbacks fallback assigned defect Low
#18481 Allow the fallback directory schedules to be changed outside a test network tor-client fallback-directory technical-debt new defect Very Low
#20883 Ignore relays without contact info when emailing potential fallback operators fallback, lorax new defect Very Low
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