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#26398 feature gate testing C code from Rust for now rust, tor-test, fast-fix, tor-ci needs_information isis defect Very High
#23576 Make service_intro_point_new() take a node instead of an extend_info prop224, tor-hs, single-onion, ipv6, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328, fast-fix needs_revision teor defect Medium
#24838 Ignore addresses in the fallback whitelist easy, intro, fallback, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328, fast-fix, 035-roadmap-subtask, 035-triaged-in-20180711 new enhancement Medium
#24953 In check_existing mode, log "fallback list", not "whitelist" fast-fix, fallback, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328, 035-triaged-in-20180711 new defect Medium
#25269 Set codegen-units to 1 in src/rust/Cargo.toml to eke out every last drop of performance rust, easy, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328, fast-fix, 035-triaged-in-20180711 needs_information Backxwash enhancement Medium
#25341 Remove now-unnecessary Rust linking workaround rust, tor-build, autoconf, review-group-34, 034-triage-20180328, fast-fix, merge-deferred, 035-triaged-in-20180711 merge_ready enhancement Medium
#25605 Add tests for Rust protover::compute_for_old_tor() and C functions it calls fast-fix, 033-triage-20180326, 033-included-20180326, 033-removed-20180409, 035-triaged-in-20180711 needs_revision isis defect Medium
#25678 Clarify how ed25519 extended private keys are used in rend-spec-v3.txt tor-spec, review-group-26, review-group-27, 033-triage-20180320, fast-fix, 033-included-20180326 new defect Medium
#25727 Add bool types to Rust coding standards guidelines torspec, rust, fast-fix, 035-triaged-in-20180711 needs_revision isis enhancement Medium
#26094 manpage: increase minimal bandwidth requirements to be consistent with the relay guide and FAQ tor-doc, fast-fix, 035-triaged-in-20180711 needs_revision dgoulet enhancement Medium
#26470 WARN: Saying "HTTP/1.0 405 Method Not Allowed\r\n\r\n" WARN: connection_mark_unattached_ap_(): Bug: stream (marked at src/or/connection_edge.c:2551) sending two socks replies? (on Tor 81d71f0d41adf0d8) 032-backport 033-backport 034-backport fast-fix merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#27241 Extract information from more kinds of wedged directory connections. fast-fix needs_information nickm enhancement Medium
#27530 Configure: Use AC_TRY_RUN() to check that --enable-gcc-hardening works fast-fix assigned teor defect Medium
#27740 rust protover_all_supported() returns rust-allocated string in *missing_out rust, protover, memory-safety, 035-must, fast-fix, 033-backport, 034-backport new defect Medium
#27751 Travis: add CI with --enable-nss fast-fix, tor-ci assigned teor enhancement Medium
#27761 check-changes: check that bugfixes aren't on future versions fast-fix needs_review teor enhancement Medium
#27804 rust protover_all_supported() NULL pointer dereference rust, protover, memory-safety, 035-must, fast-fix, 033-backport, 034-backport new defect Medium
#27805 Update with allocate_and_copy_string() rust, protover, memory-safety, 035-must, fast-fix, 033-backport, 034-backport new defect Medium
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