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#13739 Optimize the functions called in circuit_launch_by_extend_info() tor-hs, performance, profile, optimization new defect Medium
#14899 Enable Tor to work without using filesystem for cached files globaleaks-wants needs-design filesystem new enhancement Medium
#21511 State.tmp is not erased and it may contain sensitive information temporary file delection tor-client needs-analysis needs_information defect Medium
#28099 Make a policy for adding new sbws relay keys doc, sbws-1.0-nice-moved-20181128, no-changes-version, docs, bandwidth-file-spec, tor-spec reopened task Medium
#29754 Include new monitoring KeyValues in the bandwidth-file-spec tor-spec, bandwidth-file-spec, tor-bwauth needs_revision juga defect Medium
#4648 Tor shouldn't call expand_filename on filenames specified on the command line tor-client configuration directory filesystem new defect Low
#13386 "opening new log file" line goes to err-logfile despite being at loglevel notice needs-design logging opening-file new defect Low
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