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#26124 Bring​ back Tor​ Weather network-health new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28529 Confirm that the strange onionoo flood is resolved network-health, ex-sponsor-19, ex-sponsor19 new metrics-team task Medium
#29344 Consider heartbeat frequency, logging and extra-info statistics network-health new metrics-team task Very High
#15060 Decide the fate of MyFamily needs-proposal, needs-design myfamily tor-relay, network-health new enhancement Medium
#20969 Detect relays that don't update their onion keys every 7 days. network-health assigned gk enhancement Medium
#33018 Dir auths using an unsustainable 400+ mbit/s, need to diagnose and fix network-health 043-should new defect Medium
#32934 EFF Legal FAQ review - 2020 edition network-health assigned ggus defect Medium
#23509 Implement family-level pages showing aggregated graphs metrics-2018, network-health assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#27155 Include BGP prefix information in details documents network-health new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28860 Increased DNS failure rate when using ServerDNSResolvConfFile with tor (as opposed to 0.3.3.x) tor-dns, regression, 040-deferred-20190220, network-health new defect Medium
#24014 Make exits check DNS periodically, and disable exit traffic if it fails tbb-performance, tbb-usability, performance, tbb-needs, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328, network-health new enhancement Medium
#12131 Measure connectivity patterns between relays network-health assigned metrics-team project Medium
#33010 Monitor cloudflare captcha rate: do a periodic onionperf-like query to a cloudflare-hosted static site network-health new metrics-team task Medium
#5565 MyFamily should provide an alternate non-idhex subscription mechanism prop242 tor-relay myfamily, network-health reopened enhancement Medium
#28968 Onion Service v2 connection status update event tor-hs reachability research network-health tor-spec new enhancement Medium
#28969 Onion Service v3 connection status update event tor-hs reachability research network-health tor-spec new enhancement Medium
#32545 Perform measurements to concretely understand snowflake throughput and network health network-health, metrics assigned cohosh task Medium
#32672 Reject 0.2.9 and 0.4.0 in dirserv_rejects_tor_version() [DO NOT MERGE BEFORE FEB 2020] 044-should, 043-backport, 041-backport, 042-backport, consider-backport-after-authority-test, fast-fix, network-health 043-should merge_ready neel task Medium
#20055 Remove relays that fail to rotate onion keys from the consensus tor-spec, tor-dirauth, security, key-rotation, network-health new enhancement Medium
#32864 Reproduce Arthur's exit failures and then contact or badexit the relays network-health, GeorgKoppen202001 assigned gk enhancement Medium
#19119 Repurpose block-malicious-sites-checkbox on TLS error page in Tor Browser network-health, TorBrowserTeam202002 new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#31223 Research approaches for improving the availability of services under DoS tor-hs tor-dos network-team-roadmap-2020Q1, network-health new defect Medium
#29343 Run arthur's DNS timeout scanner, archive it in CollecTor, and add it to Onionoo network-health new metrics-team task Medium
#30420 Should we recommend that relay operators turn on tcp bbr? network-health, performance new task Medium
#12389 Should we warn when exit nodes are using opendns or google dns? tor-relay dns configuration libevent-help, network-health needs_revision defect High
#28967 Tor control command to connect to Onion Service tor-hs reachability research network-health spec-needed tor-spec new enhancement Medium
#7193 Tor's sybil protection doesn't consider IPv6 ipv6, intro, tor-dirauth security sybil, network-health new enhancement Medium
#26769 We should make HSv3 desc upload less frequent tor-hs, network-health, easy, hsdir, 040-deferred-20190220 needs_information neel defect Medium
#19068 Write and run a clique reachability test. stem, tooling, network-health new task Medium
#26691 add 'working DNS' to the list of mandatory requirements for the 'exit' flag needs-proposal, tor-exit, tor-dirauth, tbb-needs, network-health new enhancement Medium
#27235 add route_origin_rpki_validity field network-health new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25884 add support for exitmap requirements network-health assigned enhancement Medium
#26089 collect and archive DNS resolver data of tor exits network-health new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#30487 dirmngr goes berserk making tor requests after gpg --recv-key attempt ends network-health new defect Medium
#26585 improve AS number and name coverage (switch maxmind to RIPE Stat) network-health new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26094 increase minimal bandwidth requirements, update the manpage, relay guide and FAQ 035-triaged-in-20180711, network-health assigned enhancement Medium
#31291 non-public relay health metrics for operators network-health new enhancement Medium
#31290 provide DNS health metrics for tor exit relay operators network-health new enhancement Medium
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