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#17845 Add unit tests for IPv6 relay descriptors ipv6, tor-tests-coverage, tor-tests-unit, tor-relay new enhancement Medium
#31639 When Travis updates the homebrew cache in their images, stop updating it in .travis.yml merge-after-travis-image-update, tor-hs, ipv6, single-onion, fast-fix, chutney-ci needs_information task Medium
#24405 Implement relay IPv6 extends with proposed protover needs-proposal, ipv6, tor-relay, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328 new enhancement Medium
#26646 add support for multiple OutboundBindAddressExit IP(ranges) needs-proposal, outreachy-ipv6, tor-exit, ipv6, censorship assigned enhancement Medium
#33375 Stop advertising an IPv6 exit policy when DNS is broken for IPv6 needs-proposal, security-review-dos-risk, extra-review, no-backport, ipv6, tor-exit, tor-dns, 044-must needs_information neel defect Medium
#33618 Add IPv6 Support to is_local_addr() outreachy-ipv6 ipv6 prop312 needs_revision kimimaro enhancement Medium
#30182 IPv6 Exits succeed on Travis Linux, but Travis Linux doesn't support IPv6 outreachy-ipv6, chutney-ci, ipv6 assigned defect Medium
#33632 List ed25519 fingerprints on the command line outreachy-ipv6, easy new enhancement Medium
#20068 Chutney tests for IPv6-only bridge clients outreachy-ipv6, ipv6 assigned defect Medium
#31543 Add unit tests or chutney tests for IPv6Traffic outreachy-ipv6, ipv6 assigned defect Medium
#17011 chutney doesn't verify using IPv6 addresses outreachy-ipv6, testing, ipv6, tor-tests-integration assigned defect High
#24181 v3 Onion Services: Put IPv6 and unrecognised link specifiers in onion service EXTEND cells prop224, tor-hs, single-onion, ipv6, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328 new defect Medium
#33880 Confusing "Your relay has a very large number of connections to other relays" relay message prop311, ipv6, 035-backport, 042-backport, 043-backport, 044-deferred assigned nickm defect Medium
#33919 Write unit tests for channel_matches_target_addr_for_extend() prop311, ipv6, technical-debt, outreachy-ipv6, tests needs_revision task Medium
#33408 Make tor versions sortable, by adding the commit number to EXTRA_INFO prop311, needs-version-spec, outreachy-ipv6, 044-deferred new enhancement Medium
#33234 Prop 312: 3.2.1. Make the Address torrc Option Resolve IPv6 Hostnames prop312, ipv6, 044-deferred assigned enhancement Medium
#33235 Prop 312: 3.2.1. Test Address torrc Option Configurations prop312, ipv6, 044-deferred assigned task Medium
#33240 Prop 312: 3.2.4. Use Own Hostname IPv6 Addresses prop312, ipv6, 044-deferred assigned enhancement Medium
#33241 Prop 312: 3.2.5. Use Directory Header IPv6 Addresses prop312, ipv6, 044-deferred assigned task Medium
#33242 Prop 312: 3.2.5. Make Relays do IPv4 and IPv6 Directory Fetches prop312, ipv6, 044-deferred assigned defect Medium
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