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#29214 Update 'tor-guts' archictecture documentation to describe current (actual, as-built) architecture. network-team-roadmap-november, s31-docs accepted nickm task High
#30720 Use for the examples in Chutney's README doc, easy, teor-backlog-ci, network-team-roadmap-november assigned defect High
#21952 Onion-location: increasing the use of onion services through automatic redirects and aliasing ux-team, tor-hs, network-team-roadmap-november assigned tbb-team project Medium
#28005 Officially support onions in HTTPS-Everywhere tor-hs https-everywhere tor-ux network-team-roadmap-november new legind defect Medium
#28208 Run bridges+hs-v23 for make test-network in 0.4.2 and later test, fast-fix, teor-backlog-ci, network-team-roadmap-november assigned defect Medium
#29128 Place complete obfs4 bridge line in accessible location tor-pt, tor-doc, 040-deferred-20190220, network-team-roadmap-november new defect Medium
#29245 Tor 0.4 eventually hits "Delaying directory fetches: No running bridges" after some period of inactivity with bridges 040-regression, snowflake, 040-deferred-20190220, network-team-roadmap-november new defect Medium
#30029 Objective 2, Activity 5: POC for Human-memorable addresses for .onion services network-team-roadmap-november, TorBrowserTeam201911 new tbb-team project Medium
#30477 Tor should self-test reachability of TCP listeners exposed by PT's tor-pt, network-team-roadmap-november, s30-o23a3 new task Medium
#30884 Test pluggable transports in chutney's CI tor-pt, network-team-roadmap-november, chutney-ci, tor-c, 042-deferred-20190918 new enhancement Medium
#31103 Support ORPort picking a random port that persists across restarts network-team-roadmap-november new enhancement Medium
#31122 Use subsystems architecture in more places network-team-roadmap-november new enhancement Medium
#31180 Remove deprecated options in 0.4.3. network-team-roadmap-november assigned task Medium
#31181 Deprecate more options in 0.4.3 network-team-roadmap-november assigned task Medium
#31182 Add more typesafe containers to tor network-team-roadmap-november new task Medium
#31850 Integrate tor-guts Makefile into tor's build process network-team-roadmap-november, s31-docs new defect Medium
#31852 Rename doc/HACKING/design members to reflect current architectural division network-team-roadmap-november, s31-docs assigned nickm defect Medium
#31853 Move into our coding standards document network-team-roadmap-november, s31-docs needs_revision task Medium
#32067 Content revisions on doc/HACKING/design: describe important parts of lib. network-team-roadmap-november, s31-docs assigned nickm defect Medium
#32100 Resolve all doxygen warnings network-team-roadmap-november, s31-docs accepted nickm defect Medium
#32101 Generate and publish doxygen output automatically network-team-roadmap-november, s31-docs new task Medium
#29111 Optional heartbeat message from PT's network-team-roadmap-november new enhancement Low
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