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#3940 Allow MapAddress .exit even if AllowDotExit is 0 regression, tor-client, 032-backport, 031-backport, 029-backport, 033-must, review-group-33, review-group-34 needs_review defect High
#17945 Stop single hop client connecting to (Rendezvous) Single Onion Services tor2web, tor-hs, 029-proposed, 029-teor-no, needs-design, needs-proposal-maybe, single-onion, review-group-33 accepted dgoulet enhancement Medium
#24456 Figure out what to do with the guardfraction feature tor-dirauth, tor-guard, review-group-32, review-group-33, review-group-34 needs_review defect Medium
#24854 Extract the authority list from config.c torspec, tor-dirauth, 029-backport, 031-backport, 032-backport, review-group-32, review-group-33, review-group-34 needs_review enhancement Medium
#25268 cmux: Remove round robin code and make EWMA mandatory tor-cmux, tor-sched, tor-relay, tor-circuit, review-group-33, review-group-34 merge_ready dgoulet enhancement Low
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