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#29207 New design for broker -- proxy protocol for snowflakes snowflake, design, ex-sponsor-19, anti-censorship-roadmap assigned ahf task Very High
#31100 Firefox addon not reporting any users snowflake-webextension assigned cohosh defect Very High
#27385 is confusing snowflake, ux-team, ex-sponsor-19 needs_review arlolra defect High
#29293 New Design for client -- broker protocol for Snowflake snowflake, bridges, broker, ex-sponsor-19 new task High
#30999 Spruce up the product pages snowflake-webextension needs_review cohosh defect High
#24465 Snowflake broken if no libatomic on host snowflake, tbb-rbm needs_revision tbb-team defect Medium
#25601 Multiplex - one snowflake proxy should be able to support multiple clients snowflake, tor-pt, ex-sponsor-19 new defect Medium
#29245 Tor 0.4 eventually hits "Delaying directory fetches: No running bridges" after some period of inactivity with bridges 040-regression, snowflake, 040-deferred-20190220, ex-sponsor-19 new defect Medium
#29736 Use WebSocket protocol to communicate between snowflake proxies and broker snowflake, websocket, ex-sponsor-19, anti-censorship-roadmap assigned ahf enhancement Medium
#30310 Snowflake localization l10n, snowflake, snowflake-webextension needs_review arlolra task Medium
#30498 Proxy-go is receiving a lot of client timeouts snowflake, ex-sponsor19 new defect Medium
#30579 Add more STUN servers to the default snowflake configuration in Tor Browser snowflake, stun new defect Medium
#30867 Write proxy-go tests to cover existing implementation tests, snowflake assigned cohosh defect Medium
#31072 State clearly that the snowflake proxy only connects to a bridge and does not make outcoming traffic to the internet snowflake-webextension needs_revision defect Medium
#31085 Publish the Snowflake WebExtension on AMO for Android snowflake-webextension new defect Medium
#31092 Specify a location where users can report issues for the Snowflake WebExtension snowflake-webextension needs_review cohosh defect Medium
#31109 Better gamify the UX for snowflake extension snowflake-webextension, ux-team new enhancement Medium
#31170 Addon Icon looks horrible Firefox Dark Mode. snowflake-webextension new defect Medium
#25966 Report on Tor in the UAE (and question about Snowflake) snowflake new dcf project Very Low
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