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#16608 "time published in the consensus network status" seems to be wrong unsolved needs-diagnosis tor-relay time new defect Medium
#30862 10ms time precision via EXSLT date-time function tbb-fingerprinting-time-highres new tbb-team defect High
#2940 Adapt browser time based on tor's notion of clock skew... tbb-fingerprinting-time-skew, tbb-torbutton, gitlab-tb-torbutton new tbb-team enhancement High
#21735 Add support for unsigned time_t, to support QNX tor-build portability signed-time unlikely new enhancement Low
#19183 Add sybilhunter's visualisations to Metrics website sybilhunter, visualization, churn, uptime assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#11333 Audit requestAnimationFrame() and possible timing attacks tbb-firefox-patch, tbb-fingerprinting-time-highres new tbb-team task High
#18273 CSS animations provide high resolution timer tbb-fingerprinting-time-highres new tbb-team defect Medium
#8593 Circuit build timeout not respected? tor-client cbt timeout new defect High
#20601 Clients should reject outdated consensuses as soon as they parse them easy, tor-client timestamp consensus download new enhancement Medium
#26262 Create unittests for circuit timeout tracking unittests tor-client timeouts performance new enhancement Medium
#23805 Disable dom.enable_performance_navigation_timing tbb-fingerprinting-time new tbb-team defect High
#26359 DoS and timed attacks via unencrypted network time protocols time, NTP, DoS, attack, clock-skew new defect Medium
#10510 Getting a lot of system clock jumped messages tor-relay, tor-client, sponsor8-maybe, timekeeping, wakeup, 032-unreached new defect Medium
#17412 High-precision timestamps in JS tbb-fingerprinting-time-highres new tbb-team defect Medium
#16110 Improve Time Resolution Defense tbb-fingerprinting-time-highres assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#23463 Javascript based clocks can tick backwards time javascript clock needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#18402 Reduce duplicate code in parse_*_time functions tor-util time refactor code-duplication needs_revision enhancement Low
#18480 Some tor time functions have undefined behavior with dates after 2037 and 32-bit time_t integer-overflow, time-overflow, tor-relay, 2038-problem, 033-triage-20180320, 033-removed-20180320 new defect Medium
#31324 Spoof the Tor Browser time displayed to websites if clocks are wrong tbb-fingerprinting-time reopened tbb-team enhancement Medium
#18896 Test supposedly constant-time crypto primitives to verify that they are in fact constant-time testing crypto constant-time side-channel disaster-waiting-to-happen new enhancement Medium
#32350 Think about whether Close Captions can help creating high-performance timers tbb-fingerprinting-time-highres, TorBrowserTeamYYYYMM new tbb-team defect Medium
#25823 Tor Launcher inconsistently sets TZ=UTC for tor process clock-skew, timezone new brade defect Medium
#7043 Tor reports clock jumps when no actual clock jumps occurred time tor-relay clock-jump vm needs-insight new defect Medium
#18112 TorButton logs + Tor logs = timezone leak tor tbb-torlauncher timezone-leak new tbb-team defect Medium
#17728 Use NETINFO handshake rather than date header to check time with authorities tor-client easy time bootstrap new enhancement Medium
#10168 Use monotonic clocks for time as appropriate tor-relay time monotonic intro large new enhancement Medium
#12999 Use one clock skew per URL bar domain tbb-fingerprinting-time-skew new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#4085 We discard up to one second's worth of accounting bytes when time moves backward? tor-relay time monotonic accounting new defect Low
#22758 When starting with no authority certificates, launch certificate downloads in parallel with consensus download startup, bootstrap, time-to-first-byte, directory, tor-client, 032-unreached new defect Medium
#18117 When stem calls controller.close_circuit(circuit_id), circuits don't really close tor-control needs-analysis mystery circuit-lifetime new defect Medium
#33767 consider using a GitHub mirror for tor-rust-dependencies tor-ci-fail-sometimes new defect Medium
#19320 controller: expose and adjust timer values tor-control timers mainloop intro new enhancement Medium
#19507 tor and tor-gencert disagree on what a month is tor-dirauth timekeeping month days small annoying new defect Medium
#16458 torspec references UTC, but tor uses unix time (leap second handling) tor-spec documentation easy gmt utc time new task Medium
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