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#23709 channel: `outgoing_queue` and `incoming_queue` are always empty tor-sched new defect High
#23710 sched: channel_more_to_flush() is probably looking at the wrong queue tor-sched new defect High
#23744 sched: Notification events have different meaning for each scheduler tor-sched new defect High
#23751 [warn] tor_bug_occurred_: Bug: src/common/buffers.c, etc. tor-channel, tor-sched, tor-buffer new defect High
#23579 sched: Add accessors for channel_pending list refactor, easy, tor-sched new enhancement Medium
#23595 Support KIST on other platforms. performance, tcp, kist, portability, tor-sched new enhancement Medium
#23711 sched: KIST writes to kernel and get a "wants to write" notification right after tor-sched new defect Medium
#23712 sched: DESTROY cell on a circuit bypasses the scheduler tor-sched needs_review dgoulet defect Medium
#23753 sched: Implement a SCHED_BUG() that prints more information tor-sched needs_revision defect Medium
#23774 sched: KIST doesn't free the socket info hashtable on free_all() tor-sched, easy needs_review defect Medium
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