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#23371 adding a short paragraph on how to protect themself anonymous on internet and outside of it to " Tips On Staying Anonymous » " ggus Low
#3893 Verifying-signatures needs some work arma Medium
#22265 write high-level overview of bootstrap process catalyst Medium
#22405 Fix onion links for downloading Tor Browser hiro Medium
#22611 Make TB uninstall instructions more detailed in FAQ linda Medium
#22637 Find a more maintainable approach for the signing-keys page Medium
#22888 Permanent download URL for the latest release hiro Medium
#23266 Carryover Tasks Medium
#23432 Move CSP style attributes into external stylesheets Medium
#23446 Write a guidelines documentation for requirements with Tor integration by third parties tbb-team Medium
#23721 Put a banner when detecting old versions of the Tor Browser on the website advising to update hiro Medium
#23735 Put a banner when detecting Tor exit node but with a non-Tor Browser on the website advising to use TB instead hiro Medium
#23809 Add instructions for running a relay on a Raspberry Pi hiro Medium
#24129 work isabela Medium
#24131 work hiro Medium
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