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#393 Core Tor/Tor assigned hidden services resolve hosts only once rransom weasel
#5081 Core Tor/Tor new autoreload ServerTransportPlugin process when the underlying binary changes or requests it? weasel
#6936 Core Tor/Tor new link to librt and libdl only when needed weasel
#10408 Applications/Tor Browser new Obvious version information for extracted Tor Browser tbb-team weasel
#15876 Core Tor/Torflow new bwauth: load certs from disk weasel
#18457 Core Tor/Tor new continues to start on unix socket open errors weasel
#19507 Core Tor/Tor new tor and tor-gencert disagree on what a month is weasel
#19560 Core Tor/Tor new running tor trying to access its ed25519_signing_secret_key, log message too loud weasel
#19661 Core Tor/Tor needs_revision tor refuses to use /dev/null as a config file cypherpunks weasel
#20537 Community/Tor Browser Manual accepted Tor Browser User Manual needs meta section Jaruga weasel
#20538 Community/Tor Browser Manual assigned TB manual single page t0mmy weasel
#20872 Core Tor/Tor new option to build non-standard code paths on x86 weasel
#21117 Core Tor/Tor new can't migrate onion services to single-hop onion services weasel
#21297 Core Tor/Tor new Hidden service unavailable. weasel
#21358 Core Tor/Tor new Tor fails to reconnect after computer resumes from sleep weasel
#23035 Internal Services/Tor Sysadmin Team new make CRM able to receive mail tpa weasel
#24043 Core Tor/Tor reopened monotonic time test failure on 0.3.0.x weasel
#24454 Core Tor/Tor needs_information sandbox failure on arm64 weasel
#28702 Core Tor/Tor needs_information bootstrapping slow at times weasel
#28703 Core Tor/Tor new bootstrapping very slow with filtered network weasel
#29336 Internal Services/Tor Sysadmin Team new split git from gitweb.tpo tpa weasel
#29501 Core Tor/Tor new tor: Unhandled OpenSSL errors found weasel
#30545 Core Tor/Tor new must not *skip* obsolete options. weasel
#31605 Internal Services/Tor Sysadmin Team new monitor jenkin plugin updates tpa weasel
#33592 Internal Services/Tor Sysadmin Team needs_review drop http public key pinning tpa weasel
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