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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#7349 Obfsbridges should be able to "disable" their ORPort assigned project Very High Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#5211 Discuss other ways for the bridge authority to run bridge reachability tests assigned task High Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#7144 Implement Bridge Guards and other anti-enumeration defenses needs_revision project High Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#11330 Create a Hash Ring For Each Allowed Domain in the Email Distributor new enhancement High Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#12030 Create a DatabaseManager for interacting with BridgeDB's database backends new enhancement High Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#12031 Create a Key-Value database system for simple/flat datatypes in BridgeDB needs_revision enhancement High Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#12089 BridgedDB can be forced to email arbitrary email addresses reopened defect High Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#12505 Refactor BridgeDB's hashrings assigned defect High Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#12506 Separate BridgeDB databases from distributors assigned enhancement High Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#12600 Save retrieved bridge information in our state file assigned task High Tor: 0.3.4.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#12627 canonicalFromSMTP is not what we think it should be new defect High Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#12802 BridgeDB needs Nagios checks for the Email Distributor accepted enhancement High Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#16564 Add a line to bridge descriptors specifying they're bridges? accepted enhancement High Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#17159 Deploy the PT reachability tests on some centralised system which reports to BridgeDB/BridgeAuth new defect High Obfuscation/Pluggable transport
#24264 Enable IPv6 reachability testing for the Bridge Authority reopened task High Core Tor/Tor
#9316 BridgeDB should export statistics needs_revision task Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#9332 Implement whitelisting of (email_address, gpg_key_id) pairs for encrypted, automated email bridge distribution needs_revision task Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#10802 Getting bridges only for port 80,443 needs_information enhancement Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#10831 Captchas are not accessible for blind users new enhancement Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#11101 Bridges should report implementation versions of their pluggable transports new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#11966 "Bootstrapped 20%: Asking for networkstatus consensus" is a lie for bridge users needs_revision defect Medium Tor: 0.3.3.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#12807 Implement an anonymous credential system for BridgeDB's Social Distributor new project Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#12957 Translation instruction about accesskey should be improved. new enhancement Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#13727 BridgeDB should not distribute Tor Browser's default bridges needs_review defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#14453 Implement statistics gathering for number of Bridges-per-Transport in BridgeDB new task Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#15404 BridgeDB's email localisation isn't working new defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#15522 Write Protobufs for any BridgeDB data which must be sent over a network or IPC channel new enhancement Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#15967 Separate BridgeDB's CAPTCHA into another service needs_revision enhancement Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#16261 Update the "Running a Bridge" section of the website new defect Medium Webpages/Website
#16670 BridgeDB should be capable of verifying Ed25519 signatures new enhancement Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#16671 Design a new Bridge Distributor for Tor Browser new enhancement Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#17193 Don't print bridge IPs/fingerprints in WARN/NOTICE log messages assigned defect Medium Tor: 0.3.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#17548 shows outdated keys new defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#17626 BridgeDB's email distributor doesn't work if the "get help" text is quoted new defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#18076 Bridges email inconsistent + not receiving emails needs_information defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#19332 Publish BridgeDB stats new defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#19841 BridgeDB website: surprising choices and no language switcher new defect Medium Webpages/Website
#19997 BridgeDB's get-tor-exits script doesn't account for IPv6 new defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#20402 Remove help@rt from new defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#20498 bridgedb's key is expired? new defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#20856 BridgeDB displays "localized page" even if "en" has the highest priority new defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#22775 Implement Hyphae new defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#22776 Implement the remaining cryptographic protocols for Hyphae accepted enhancement Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#22777 Implement a backend HTTP server for Hyphae's credentials new task Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#22907 Investigate using cargo-vendor for offline dependencies needs_review task Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#22948 Padding, Keepalive and Drop cells should have random payloads accepted defect Medium Tor: 0.3.4.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#23251 Parsing a networkstatus-bridges with flags only causes BridgeDB to hang new defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#23333 Leekspin bug hunting new project Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#23334 BridgeDB bug hunting new project Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#23434 Review bridgeauth glue/admin scripts and make as much public as possible assigned enhancement Medium Core Tor/DirAuth
#23823 Prepopulate ipv6 checkbox if ipv6 bridges are available for the transport. new enhancement Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#24607 CAPTCHAs on BridgeDB seem to be getting more difficult new defect Medium Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#8001 obfsproxy makes tor warn when one bridge is down assigned defect Low Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#12507 Automate BridgeDB documentation builds needs_review enhancement Low Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#12537 Perhaps BridgeDB should supply decoys new enhancement Low Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#12806 Create Debian package for BridgeDB new task Low Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#15457 Separate bridgedb.txrecaptcha into another package new task Low Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#17988 please provide default bridges to the Whonix project new task Low Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#19839 BridgeDB website: German translation could be improved (and completed) new defect Low Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#22755 Use stem to create test descriptors needs_review enhancement Low Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#22826 Write a spec for unsanitised bridge descriptor formats assigned enhancement Low Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#23043 leekspin's except/error code handling in is strange new defect Low Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#8051 Broken check for empty "bridge-ips" line in validate_bridge_stats() assigned defect Very Low Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#19774 could use a favicon needs_revision enhancement Very Low Obfuscation/BridgeDB
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