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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#12131 Measure connectivity patterns between relays assigned project Medium Metrics/Analysis
#24018 Automate measuring connection timeouts per exit new project Medium Metrics/Statistics
#24830 Mashup GoodBadISPs with Onionoo to give indications of which providers are oversubscribed new project Medium Metrics/Ideas
#25210 Measure how often tor clients fetch the consensus new project Medium Metrics/Ideas
#25404 Update design to use new styleguide (bootstrap 4) new project Medium Metrics/Website
#25537 Integrate Tor BSD Diversity Project's statistics into Tor Metrics new project Medium Metrics/Ideas
#25775 Use OnionPerf to measure network partitioning new project Medium Metrics/Ideas
#25777 Create a new service to help relay operators debug their relay new project Medium Metrics/Ideas
#28342 Share more code between modules new project Medium Metrics/Statistics
#29650 Rewrite exit scanner to produce exit lists according to new format new project High Metrics/Exit Scanner
#31434 Write ANTLR parsers for dir-spec descriptors and benchmark new project Medium Metrics/Library
#31435 Emulate different Fast/Guard cutoffs in historical consensuses new project Medium Metrics
#33318 O1.1 Improve monitoring: We will produce a Nagios plugin for monitoring OnionPerf instances to ensure that they are operating correctly. new project Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33319 O1.2 Improve ease of deployment and maintenance: We will produce Ansible tasks for deploying and managing deployments of OnionPerf instances, which also allow for performing upgrades and custom configuration changes. new project Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33320 Objective 1: Make operational improvements to existing OnionPerf deployments and make it easier to deploy new OnionPerf instances new project Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33321 O1.3 Make OnionPerf more accessible to researchers and developers new project Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33322 Objective 2: Expand the kinds of measurements OnionPerf can take by making improvements to its codebase. new project Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33323 O2.1 Add instance metadata: We need a way to distinguish our current four long-term OnionPerf measurements that are automatically published to the Metrics portal from short-term experimental measurements. new project Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33324 O2.2 Develop at least one new OnionPerf model: An OnionPerf model defines the pattern of traffic that is generated by the instances for conducting a measurement. new project Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33325 O2.3 Implement static guard node support for OnionPerf. new project Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33326 Objective 3: Make improvements to the way we analyze performance metrics. new project Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33327 O3.1 Develop developer-facing tooling to quickly graph baseline performance metrics. new project Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33328 O3.2 Include additional OnionPerf filters. new project Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#5830 Write tool to automate web queries to Tor; and use Stem to track stream/circ allocation and results assigned task Medium Webpages/Research
#6369 Gather empirical data on AES/RSA operations performed by typical relays or bridges assigned task Medium Webpages/Research
#6473 Add research idea for bandwidth related anonymity set reduction assigned task Medium Webpages/Research
#16520 Add research idea to Run some onion services to observe crawling trends assigned task Medium Webpages/Research
#16659 Add research idea for Linux TCP Initial Sequence Numbers may aid correlation assigned task Medium Webpages/Research
#18732 Document release process for Java projects assigned task Medium Metrics
#22346 Investigate drop in Tor Browser update pings in early 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#24422 Look at Information Architecture for Tor Metrics new task Medium Metrics/Website
#25283 Decide when we can turn off new task Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#26047 Create a static summary of the Tor Messenger statistics new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#28321 Add bandwidth scanner data to Onionoo new task Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#28324 Extend CollecTor to fetch recent, non-current consensuses and votes new task Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#28327 Make sure that each service has at least two operators new task High Metrics
#28465 Use or remove "package" lines from votes new task Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#28529 Confirm that the strange onionoo flood is resolved new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#28555 Assess methodology for modern privcount Tor user counts new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#29340 Make the bandwidth graph more configurable new task Medium Metrics/Website
#29342 Create additional information lookup service using remote APIs and local databases new task Medium Metrics/Ideas
#29343 Run arthur's DNS timeout scanner, archive it in CollecTor, and add it to Onionoo new task Medium Metrics/Ideas
#29344 Consider heartbeat frequency, logging and extra-info statistics new task Very High Metrics/Analysis
#29459 Get irl up to speed on operations for metrics-web new task High Metrics/Website
#29460 Get irl up to speed on operations for exonerator new task High Metrics
#29465 Build a torbib new task Medium Webpages/Research
#29466 Perform one-off page load time metrics using Tor Browser new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#29507 Evaluate existing OnionPerf data regarding worst-case performance assigned task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#29624 New version of exit list format new task Medium Metrics/Exit Scanner
#30636 Something funky is going in Iran: numbers of relay users flies off to 1M+ new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#31005 Make a work plan for measuring Tor performance using Selenium/Tor Browser new task Medium Metrics/Ideas
#31102 Produce guidelines for safe internet measurement new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#31414 Review, fix and/or ignore linter errors found by cfn-lint new task Medium Metrics/Cloud
#31436 Provide a tunable Java implementation of vote generation new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#31437 Provide a tunable Java implementation of consensus generation new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#31438 Provide a Java application to exclude "impossible" paths from OnionPerf results given an alternate consensus new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#31439 Identify poorly performing relays from historical OnionPerf data assigned task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#31521 Investigate 10-second delay in TTFB new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#33010 Monitor cloudflare captcha rate: do a periodic onionperf-like query to a cloudflare-hosted static site new task Medium Metrics/Ideas
#33076 Graph onionperf and consensus information from Rob's experiments needs_review task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#33077 Graph results from the torflow to sbws transition new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#33111 upgrade all metrics hosts to Debian buster new task Medium Metrics
#33165 Number of direct users mysteriously spikes in US & NL new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#33178 Figure out specific baselines we are interested in from a network health perspective new task Medium Metrics
#33255 Review existing graphing code new task Medium Metrics
#33269 Prop 313: 8.1. Check IPv6 Relay Consensus Counts Script new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#33273 Prop 313: 8.2. Analyse and Monitor IPv6 Stats new task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#33305 Determine requirements for exit scanner machine new task High Metrics/Exit Scanner
#2966 Include bridge country codes in sanitized bridge descriptors assigned enhancement Low Metrics/CollecTor
#4943 Make network graphs with X / consensus weight? assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#6856 Add graph on bandwidth by major Tor version and bandwidth by recommended flag assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Website
#8105 Provide an overview of Analysis ticket results for researchers assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Analysis
#8127 Bring back the relays-by-country graph assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Website
#8667 Distinguish between permanent and temporary Onionoo errors assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Relay Search
#9778 Add votes document type assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#10222 Implement network wide and router specific views of malicious BGP route events assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Analysis
#10223 Add BGP route attack email notification service to metrics utilities / tools as descriptor endpoints are announced assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Ideas
#10680 Provide more statistics on current public bridges assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Statistics
#11430 Add new field last_running for "seen in a network status with the Running flag" in addition to last_seen for "seen in a network status" assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#11573 Store pre-generated response parts in a database rather than in plain files assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Onionoo
#12522 Add sitemap.xml to make Relay Search pages indexed by Google et al. assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#13137 Provide more historical data to facilitate debugging network problems assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Onionoo
#13424 Add new `descriptor` parameter that returns relays or bridges by digest of recently published descriptors assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#13425 Add new document type `debug` that includes digests of recently published descriptors and statuses they're referenced from assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#13562 Add more detailed logging to backend and frontend components assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#14940 Make compatible with GNU LibreJS assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Website
#15594 Add graph with new relays per day (identified by fingerprint) assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#15844 Develop database schema to support Onionoo's search parameter efficiently assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#15848 Update details documents in a single, atomic step assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#16225 Unify exception/error handling in metrics-lib assigned enhancement Medium metrics-lib 3.0.0 Metrics/Library
#16555 Make user statistics more robust against outliers assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Statistics
#16843 Add all bwauth measurements (from votes) assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#16884 Extend "Relays by relay flags" graph to display flag combinations assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#17430 Add graph with top-10 countries by directly connecting users assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#17861 Consider adding a new interface RelayNetworkStatusMicrodescConsensus assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Library
#17939 Optimize the construction of details documents with field constraints assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Onionoo
#18203 Base direct user estimates on responses to directory requests, rather than responses assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Statistics
#18797 Create a DescriptorGenerator for testing and maybe other purposes assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Library
#18798 Analyze descriptor completeness assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#19169 Verify, correct, and extend runtime statistics assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
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