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#15799 Find out why different instances may report different timestamps in last_changed_address_or_port assigned defect Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#18167 Don't trust "bridge-ips" blindly for user number estimates assigned defect Medium Metrics/Statistics
#19282 Avoid truncating descriptors while storing them assigned defect Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#19828 Extend descriptorCutOff in CollecTor's RelayDescriptorDownloader by 6 hours assigned defect Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#19836 Prepare relay descriptor downloader for consensuses published at :30 of the hour assigned defect Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#20395 Add capability to handle large descriptor files assigned defect Medium Metrics/Library
#20421 Investigate invalid descriptors in out/ and recent/ subdirectories assigned defect Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#21933 Fix deserialization of UTF-8 characters in details statuses and documents new defect Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#24045 Measure and map overloaded or over-weighted relays reopened defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#24384 Decode percent-encoded characters in qualified search terms needs_revision defect Medium Onionoo 2.0.0 Metrics/Onionoo
#24532 Make metrics-web runs independent of server locale needs_review defect Medium Metrics/Statistics
#26068 better describe bridges vs. relays in the glosary needs_review defect High Metrics/Website
#26132 Fix the Expires header on relay search assigned defect Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#27055 Find out why syncing descriptors from did not time out new defect Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#27187 Possible for inconsistency between summary and details with AS number new defect Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#27716 Out of memory when loading in multiple years of relay descriptors new defect Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#27981 3 days young relay is not shown in 1-month graph, but in 6-month graph merge_ready defect Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#28317 Relay Search flags are vertical on Tor Browser 8.0.2 on macOS new defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#28407 Host Name text area contains verified and unverified names on the same line new defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#28681 reflected XSS new defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#28871 Relay with 6 weeks downtime only has 6_months and 5_years bandwidth graphs merge_ready defect Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#28888 The Relay Search Results table doesn't show the IPv6 capability of a bridge reopened defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#28906 host_name search failing new defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#29636 Document how we estimate users by transport by country new defect High Metrics/Website
#30096 rougmnvswfsmd4dq.onion connects subressources from non .onion new defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#30351 Unknown error in prepare_* functions using the spread() function needs_review defect High Metrics/Website
#30749 research website anchors go to wrong place new defect Medium Webpages/Research
#31714 Update instructions for enabling javascript when javascript is disabled new defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#31901 webstats-tb.html graph too eager to include today's stats assigned defect High Metrics/Website
#31950 Use longer timeout for op-hk pings new defect High Metrics/Cloud
#32065 Cache-Control header on 404 does not permit caching new defect Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#32682 Total on "aggregated results" should be total of displayed lines, not total including undisplayed lines new defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#32683 Relay Search should be able to handle non-numbers in "as:" parameter new defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#32724 Build latest Onionperf from git sources merge_ready defect Medium Metrics/Cloud
#32725 OnionPerf instances should be automatically deployable and updateable via Ansible playbook needs_revision defect Medium Metrics/Cloud
#32727 Automatically manage DNS names for OnionPerf dev with CloudFormation needs_revision defect Medium Metrics/Cloud
#32978 Find a working alternative to using MaxMind's GeoLite2 databases new defect Medium Metrics
#2966 Include bridge country codes in sanitized bridge descriptors assigned enhancement Low Metrics/CollecTor
#4943 Make network graphs with X / consensus weight? assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#6856 Add graph on bandwidth by major Tor version and bandwidth by recommended flag assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Website
#8105 Provide an overview of Analysis ticket results for researchers assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Analysis
#8127 Bring back the relays-by-country graph assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Website
#8667 Distinguish between permanent and temporary Onionoo errors assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Relay Search
#9778 Add votes document type assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#10222 Implement network wide and router specific views of malicious BGP route events assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Analysis
#10223 Add BGP route attack email notification service to metrics utilities / tools as descriptor endpoints are announced assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Ideas
#10680 Provide more statistics on current public bridges assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Statistics
#11430 Add new field last_running for "seen in a network status with the Running flag" in addition to last_seen for "seen in a network status" assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#11573 Store pre-generated response parts in a database rather than in plain files assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Onionoo
#12522 Add sitemap.xml to make Relay Search pages indexed by Google et al. assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#13137 Provide more historical data to facilitate debugging network problems assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Onionoo
#13424 Add new `descriptor` parameter that returns relays or bridges by digest of recently published descriptors assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#13425 Add new document type `debug` that includes digests of recently published descriptors and statuses they're referenced from assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#13562 Add more detailed logging to backend and frontend components assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#14940 Make compatible with GNU LibreJS assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Website
#15594 Add graph with new relays per day (identified by fingerprint) assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#15844 Develop database schema to support Onionoo's search parameter efficiently assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#15848 Update details documents in a single, atomic step assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#16225 Unify exception/error handling in metrics-lib assigned enhancement Medium metrics-lib 3.0.0 Metrics/Library
#16555 Make user statistics more robust against outliers assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Statistics
#16843 Add all bwauth measurements (from votes) assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#16884 Extend "Relays by relay flags" graph to display flag combinations assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#17430 Add graph with top-10 countries by directly connecting users assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#17861 Consider adding a new interface RelayNetworkStatusMicrodescConsensus assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Library
#17939 Optimize the construction of details documents with field constraints assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Onionoo
#18203 Base direct user estimates on responses to directory requests, rather than responses assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Statistics
#18797 Create a DescriptorGenerator for testing and maybe other purposes assigned enhancement Low Metrics/Library
#18798 Analyze descriptor completeness assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#19169 Verify, correct, and extend runtime statistics assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#19183 Add sybilhunter's visualisations to Metrics website assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#19650 Keep non-printable characters out of details documents assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#19834 Rethink how we handle issues while sanitizing bridge descriptors assigned enhancement Low Metrics/CollecTor
#20053 Plan refactoring of metrics-web modules assigned enhancement Medium Metrics 1.0.0 Metrics/Statistics
#20098 Make reference checker more accurate assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#20228 Append all votes with same valid-after time to a single file in `recent/` assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#20236 Make changes to bridgedescs module for bulk-processing tarballs assigned enhancement Low Metrics/CollecTor
#20325 Perform available space check using the partition recent is located on assigned enhancement Low Metrics/CollecTor
#20345 Add support for synchronizing microdescriptors from another instance assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#20350 Replace shell script with Java module assigned enhancement Medium CollecTor 2.0.0 Metrics/CollecTor
#20430 Define common log levels assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#20489 Add various tests for recently fixed issues assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#20518 Make various architecture improvements and modernizations assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#20519 Untangle and modernize relaydescs module assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#20540 Define common log levels for all Java codebases assigned enhancement Medium Metrics
#20542 Structure and modernize bridgedescs module assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#20543 Restructure exitlists module assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#20546 Implement CleanUtils class for common file system operations assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#20548 Handle bad input more consistently in metrics code bases assigned enhancement Medium Metrics
#20550 Implement SanitizedBridgeExtraInfoDescriptor class that encapsulates the sanitizing logic for bridge extra-info descriptors assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#20983 Stop sanitizing contact information from bridge descriptors new enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#21171 Write a test for NodeDetailsStatusUpdater new enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#21219 Remove old descriptor files from out/ after archiving assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#21354 Reduce memory overhead for storing uptimes new enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#21389 Support searches for effective family (strict and non strict maching) new enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#21515 Add auxiliary data on Tor relays and bridges to CollecTor new enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#21701 Make it clearer that graphs showing bridge users by country and by country and transport are not the same new enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#21909 Add metadata about used geoip data assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#22026 Create new service to retrieve raw documents new enhancement Medium Metrics/Ideas
#22140 Store raw descriptor contents as UTF-8 encoded Strings rather than byte[] new enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#22196 Configure descriptor sources using method chaining assigned enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
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