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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#25443 Prepare for java 9 new metrics-team enhancement Low
#25537 Integrate Tor BSD Diversity Project's statistics into Tor Metrics new metrics-team project Medium
#25542 Find an alternative to MaxMind's GeoLite2 City database new metrics-team enhancement Low
#25570 Allow autodiscovery of the news atom feed new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25571 Add an iCalendar feed of metrics events new metrics-team enhancement Low
#25589 Add test to ensure that output of ATOM feed is valid XML new metrics-team enhancement Low
#25625 Make CollecTor's file structure description part of Metrics-Web's CollecTor docs assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25673 allow users to set the show ___ entries value directly in the url assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25742 add more metadata about relays: #1 DNSSEC validation, #2 DNS server new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25744 Resolve RS license issues new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25748 Reduce js library number used new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25749 Move open RS tickets to Metrics/Web component. new metrics-team task Medium
#25759 Create Ant task for fallback JSON new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25775 Use OnionPerf to measure network partitioning new metrics-team project Medium
#25777 Create a new service to help relay operators debug their relay new metrics-team project Medium
#25799 Utilize all Onionoo instances new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25815 Speed up hourly updater performance assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25924 Improve execution time of onion service statistics module new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26030 Delete "Tor Messenger downloads and updates" section new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26047 Create a static summary of the Tor Messenger statistics new metrics-team task Medium
#26051 please make it clear that exonerator has false-negatives assigned metrics-team defect Medium
#26068 better describe bridges vs. relays in the glosary new metrics-team defect Medium
#26089 collect and archive DNS resolver data of tor exits new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26090 show tor exit DNS resolver data on RS new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26091 add tor exit DNS resolver data to onionoo new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26124 Bring​ back Tor​ Weather new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26132 Fix the Expires header on relay search assigned metrics-team defect Medium
#26171 Explain which cells are counted for onion service traffic graphs assigned metrics-team defect Medium
#26585 improve AS number and name coverage (switch maxmind to RIPE Stat) new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26699 Use temporary files for storing descriptor files fetched from remote CollecTor server new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26767 add consensus weight line/graph new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26863 display onionoo and RS version on RS pages reopened metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26898 add parameters for verified_host_names and unverified_host_names needs_information metrics-team enhancement Medium
#26964 support custom column selection for search result overview new metrics-team enhancement Low
#27055 Find out why syncing descriptors from did not time out new metrics-team defect Medium
#27138 display timestamp and version information on page with no results assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#27153 add ipv6_as and ipv6_as_name new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#27154 Do not display "AS0" in results or details pages assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#27155 Include BGP prefix information in details documents new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#27181 Avoid unnecessary disk writes new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#27187 Possible for inconsistency between summary and details with AS number new metrics-team defect Medium
#27235 add route_origin_rpki_validity field new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#27572 metrics.tpo glossary bandwidth terms new metrics-team defect Medium
#27714 support more recent lookups new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#27715 support relative time in timestamp parameter new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#27716 Out of memory when loading in multiple years of relay descriptors new metrics-team defect Medium
#27840 Update translations needs_information metrics-team enhancement Medium
#27925 Permanent link on /exonerator.html? is http new metrics-team defect Medium
#27980 Missing server descriptors in recent/ but not in out/ assigned metrics-team defect Medium
#27981 3 days young relay is not shown in 1-month graph, but in 6-month graph new metrics-team defect Medium
#28003 Consider refactoring various code that makes descriptors persistent new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28048 Metrics: Allow to search for relays per continent new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28114 Improve getter names for boolean fields in metrics-lib new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28276 towards an Exception Reports framework new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28304 Please deliver png when svg is filtered new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28314 Alleged Family Members never disappear new metrics-team defect Medium
#28317 Relay Search flags are vertical on Tor Browser 8.0.2 on macOS new metrics-team defect Low
#28321 Add bandwidth scanner data to Onionoo new metrics-team task Medium
#28324 Extend CollecTor to fetch recent, non-current consensuses and votes new metrics-team task Medium
#28327 Make sure that each service has at least two operators new metrics-team task High
#28328 Include "total consensus" split by relay type in vote totals graph new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28342 Share more code between modules new metrics-team project Medium
#28352 Add "total consensus weight in consensus" to "Total consensus weight across bandwidth authorities" new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28407 Host Name text area contains verified and unverified names on the same line new metrics-team defect Medium
#28465 Use or remove "package" lines from votes new metrics-team task Medium Tor: unspecified
#28529 Confirm that the strange onionoo flood is resolved new metrics-team task Medium
#28555 Assess methodology for modern privcount Tor user counts new metrics-team task Medium
#28681 reflected XSS new metrics-team defect Medium
#28871 Relay with 6 weeks downtime only has 6_months and 5_years bandwidth graphs new metrics-team defect Low
#28888 The Relay Search Results table doesn't show the IPv6 capability of a bridge reopened metrics-team defect Medium
#28906 host_name search failing new metrics-team defect Medium
#28963 Please add option to search for relays with fingerprint and nickname. new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#29281 Add research idea for GeoIP database comparison assigned metrics-team task Medium
#29330 Do something with advertised bandwidth distribution graphs new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#29340 Make the bandwidth graph more configurable new metrics-team task Medium
#29342 Create additional information lookup service using remote APIs and local databases new metrics-team task Medium
#29343 Run arthur's DNS timeout scanner, archive it in CollecTor, and add it to Onionoo new metrics-team task Medium
#29344 Consider heartbeat frequency, logging and extra-info statistics new metrics-team task Very High
#29346 Document why our CSV files are in tidy/long format and how to process them new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#29425 Write integration tests for data-processing modules assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#29459 Get irl up to speed on operations for metrics-web new metrics-team task High
#29460 Get irl up to speed on operations for exonerator new metrics-team task High
#29463 Prepare slides for PEARG meeting (IETF 104, March 2019) needs_information metrics-team task Medium
#29464 Make a how-to video for using Relay Search new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#29465 Build a torbib new metrics-team task Medium
#29466 Perform one-off page load time metrics using Tor Browser new metrics-team task Medium
#29507 Evaluate existing OnionPerf data regarding worst-case performance assigned metrics-team task Medium
#29624 New version of exit list format new metrics-team task Medium
#29636 Document how we estimate users by transport by country new metrics-team defect Low
#29650 Rewrite exit scanner to produce exit lists according to new format new metrics-team project High
#29651 Design the new exit scanner architecture new metrics-team task Medium
#29653 Evaluate the reusability of existing TorDNSEL application new metrics-team task Medium
#29654 Initial MVP for new exit scanner new metrics-team project Medium
#29655 Tor Metrics / Users / Bridge users by country and transport / Source: China, fails to render graph lines clearly reopened metrics-team defect Medium
#29835 Include Android as a Tor Browser platform new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#29837 Include Tor Browser data from Google Play new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#30096 rougmnvswfsmd4dq.onion connects subressources from non .onion new metrics-team defect Very Low
#30260 Default date picker to latest available date new metrics-team enhancement Low
#30303 Add "archived" badge to graphs that are not updated anymore assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#30351 Unknown error in prepare_* functions using the spread() function new metrics-team defect High
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