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#9697 Tor closes seconds after startup new tbb-team defect major

Whenever I startup Tor, the Vidalia control panel looks like it loads normally, and opens up the Tor browser, I get taken to the default webpage. As soon as that happens, the window (browser) is un-clickable and I get the Windows app not responding pop-up. When I open up Tor in safe-mode though, it works normally.

Additional info: -I noticed this happens in the same fashion with Mozilla as well

  • This has been happening over multiple versions of Tor.

Following debug log txt file

#9706 Missing "To" header triggers Spamassassin new erinn defect normal

With the new Trac, mails sent do not have a "To" header. This triggers the MISSING_HEADERS and REPLYTO_WITHOUT_TO_CC Spamassassin rules and got the messages classified as spam. Previously mails had the header "To: undisclosed-recipients:;".

#9720 Orbot Android Force Close loop on weird bridge lines new n8fr8 defect normal

Basically it seems that one or both of the following are true:

Orbot Force Closes every time you try to interact with the Orbot app if:

  1. You have something weird in your bridge line like a missing comma, or commas, or a FQDN instead of an IP, or or or or or or or. Please robustify.
  1. You have a bridge string that is too long for Orbot's tastes, I think it may also set off a similar Force Close loop, but I haven't rigorously tested this.
#9723 Tor Browser Microsoft Windows (2.4.17-beta-1): Firefox is running already new tbb-team defect normal

Tor Browser Microsoft Windows Vista (2.4.17-beta-1) start-up fails with the following error message: Firefox is running already.

#9725 'About' section has outdated information new n8fr8 defect normal

According to a user, the 'About' section in Orbot still says it uses Tor 0.2.3.

#9728 Bing search links redirect to assigned micahlee defect normal

Bing search links redirect to when clicked upon in Chrome while Https Everywhere is installed and enabled.

When Https Everywhere is disabled, everything works as per normal.

#9735 won't work with HTTPS-E enabled new pde defect normal
Description (online video portal of major German magazine "Der Spiegel") won't play videos if HTTPS Everywhere is enabled. Disabling it from the button doesn't solve the problem, only uninstalling or disabling the extension via Tools > Add-ons does.

Tested and verified in a clean Firefox 23.0.1 profile with only HTTPS Everywhere installed.

#9740 Existing feeds (for sites with redirect rules) stop working until manually edited to use https:// new pde defect normal

Could just be craigslist, as that's the only site I am subscribed to which is affected by HTTPS Everywhere rules, but I noticed that (since installing the extension) I no longer received notifications of updates to craigslist feeds. I had to manually edit the URLs for those subscriptions in Firefox in order to get the updates.

#9741 SIGINT handling for py-obfsproxy new asn defect minor

It looks like a single SIGINT kills obfsproxy, contrary to what says:

Proxies should respond to a single INT signal by closing their listener ports and not accepting any new connections, but keeping all connections open, then terminating when connections are all closed. Proxies should respond to a second INT signal by shutting down cleanly.

It looks like #3473 was this issue in C-obfsproxy.

Here is what I see in the debug log when I SIGINT tor. I think the message "Received SIGINT, shutting down" comes from Twisted.

2013-09-14 10:21:09,672 [INFO] Received SIGINT, shutting down.
2013-09-14 10:21:09,672 [INFO] Received SIGINT, shutting down.
2013-09-14 10:21:09,674 [ERROR] Unhandled Error
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/obfsproxy-0.2.2_9_g37c9cbe-py2.7.egg/obfsproxy/", line 69, in do_managed_mode
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/obfsproxy-0.2.2_9_g37c9cbe-py2.7.egg/obfsproxy/managed/", line 60, in do_managed_server
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/", line 1192, in run
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/", line 1201, in mainLoop
--- <exception caught here> ---
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/", line 797, in runUntilCurrent
    f(*a, **kw)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/", line 580, in stop
    "Can't stop reactor that isn't running.")
twisted.internet.error.ReactorNotRunning: Can't stop reactor that isn't running.

2013-09-14 10:21:09,674 [DEBUG] conn_0x7f4e0e213890: Connection was lost (Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion: Connection lost.).
2013-09-14 10:21:09,674 [DEBUG] conn_0x7f4e0e213890: Closing connection.
2013-09-14 10:21:09,675 [DEBUG] circ_0x7f4e0e2165f0: Tearing down circuit.
2013-09-14 10:21:09,675 [DEBUG] conn_0x7f4e0e20bb50: Closing connection.
2013-09-14 10:21:09,675 [DEBUG] conn_0x7f4e0e20bbd0: Connection was lost (Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion: Connection lost.).
2013-09-14 10:21:09,675 [DEBUG] conn_0x7f4e0e20bbd0: Closing connection.
2013-09-14 10:21:09,675 [DEBUG] circ_0x7f4e0e216d40: Tearing down circuit.
2013-09-14 10:21:09,675 [DEBUG] conn_0x7f4e0e20b8d0: Closing connection.
2013-09-14 10:21:09,676 [DEBUG] conn_0x7f4e0e20b8d0: Connection was lost (Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion: Connection lost.).
2013-09-14 10:21:09,676 [INFO] Stopping factory < instance at 0x7f4e0e216d88>
2013-09-14 10:21:09,676 [DEBUG] conn_0x7f4e0e20bb50: Connection was lost (Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion: Connection lost.).
2013-09-14 10:21:09,676 [INFO] Stopping factory < instance at 0x7f4e0e216638>
2013-09-14 10:21:09,677 [INFO] (TCP Port 50126 Closed)
2013-09-14 10:21:09,677 [INFO] Stopping factory < instance at 0x7f4e0e2163b0>
2013-09-14 10:21:09,678 [INFO] Main loop terminated.

I noticed this while testing the super-proxy from #7167; it tries to SIGINT its subprocesses when it gets a SIGINT, and obfsproxy is killing existing connections when that happens.

May also need to handle SIGTERM à la #9732.

#9751 Debug Tor Cloud new runa defect normal

It seems something is wrong with the Tor Cloud instances [1]. My best guess is that the instances are failing to auto-update packages and are left in a state where tor is not running, new packages are not being installed, and the instances are not doing anything useful.


#9753 Torrc validation misunderstands MaxOnionQueueDelay new atagar defect minor

Moving from an email...


I'm using your great tor-arm with Tor on Debian 7.

There is a setting "MaxOnionQueueDelay" in torrc
(see with a
default of "1750 msec".

By setting "MaxOnionQueueDelay" to "1400 msec" arm shows on
page 3/5

MaxOnionQueueDelay        1400

but on page 1/5 this warning

14:25:51 [ARM_WARN] The torrc differs from what tor's using. You
  can issue a sighup to reload the torrc values by pressing x.
  - torrc value differs on line: 119

Can you check it?
#9754 Tor crashed with failed assertion needs_information defect major Tor: unspecified

My Tor node is only a few weeks old. The stable version kept crashing every 1-2 days, so I updated to Now it crashes every 3-5 days. The newest crash looked like this:

Sep 16 21:14:07.000 [notice] Circuit handshake stats since last time: 1392050/1392134 TAP, 2074/2074 NTor.
Sep 16 21:55:12.000 [err] assert_buf_ok(): Bug: ../src/or/buffers.c:2488: assert_buf_ok: Assertion buf->datalen == 0 failed; aborting.
Sep 16 21:57:10.000 [notice] Tor (git-36eb3e0da4c3a821) opening log file.

I'm running Debian Wheezy/64bit and got Tor from the experimental branch of

#9760 Tor Weather cant register relay, error 500 new kaner defect minor

it worked at the beginning of last week when i last added a relay

#9763 Torbutton's startup component sometimes doesn't load (no cache isolation) new tbb-team defect major

I just had a weird error with TBB 3.0a3 on Linux. According to about:cache, my cache was not being isolated with any domain= keys, and I wasn't getting any 'SSC" isolation log messages. I restarted a couple times and tracked it down to the Torbutton startup-observer.js component not loading for some reason, with no exceptions in the log window about it. I installed XPCOM viewer to see if it was even registered, and then it suddenly started working again after that restart...

Scary :/.

#9765 TorDNSel exit lists are missing expected data assigned defect normal

I've run some checks on the exit lists that we're using for TorCheck, here's some stats I'm seeing a recent file: Missing: 629 /* IPs not in the exit list */ Same: 463 /* IP in exit list matches IP in consensus */ OK(Updated): 19 /* IP from TorDNSel was helpful! */ Total: 1111 /* Total count of IPs in the current consensus */

This is from comparing routers listed in the exit lists and comparing the fingerprints to that listed in teh consensus. There's 2196 lines in the latest exit list (ignoring header lines) which means the exit list has 549 routers listed (with some not in active consensus). This is a far cry from the 1111 listed in the consensus.

So the problem is, we're having to use 629 self published IPs (from the latest consensus doc) which aren't always accurate as you know. This is a pretty problem for a project like TorCheck.

For reference, the exit list I'm referencing is 'Downloaded 2013-09-18 03:02:02', but this has been a problem since I first saw it a week or so ago. (We assumed it was intermittent at the time)

Can you investigate why TorDNSel is missing so many IPs? If you're not the right guy/gal, please pass this back and I'll find a new owner!

#9773 [warn] tor_timegm(): Bug: Out-of-range argument to tor_timegm needs_information defect minor Tor: 0.2.???

moria1, running Tor (git-8f0755fa85b9c1fb), once saw

Jul 25 02:55:01.546 [warn] tor_timegm(): Bug: Out-of-range argument to tor_timegm

No other hints, at info-level, around it. I assume maybe it came in a descriptor of some sort, or a netinfo or something.

Bug #6811 looks like the last time we touched this stuff, but it was a while ago.

Should this turn into a log-protocol-warn when it's based on network input? In any case, it's not a Bug:, right? Unless we think there's a code path where it is?

#9783 New Identity does not always clear all OCSP/favicon related network activity new tbb-team defect major

Steps to reproduce:

1) Bookmark 10 (randomly chosen) pages 2) They should show up in the "Recently Bookmarked" menu. There click on "Open All in Tabs" 3) Click on "New Identiy" after making sure that there are actual some connections under way. 4) With a high percentage there are favicon and/or ocsp cache entries left in the new session (this happened for me in 5 out of 7 cases)

Could be that these cache entries are due to ongoing network activity. I have not checked that yet.

#9788 Torflow BandwidthAuthority url lists are baked into source new aagbsn defect normal

Several parameters are baked into the BandwidthAuthority source. These should be parametized.

See: user_agent, urls, STOP_PCT_REACHED, choose_url()

#9789 TorFlow BandwidthAuthority sleep schedule new aagbsn defect normal

# Check local time. Do not scan between 01:30 and 05:30 local time

Weasel points out that we use lt = time.localtime(). If the Tor network is lightly loaded during some time interval, we should figure out what that interval is in UTC.

But also, is this still a good idea?

#9790 The Torbutton startup observer component is sometimes not initialized new tbb-team defect critical

The symptoms of the problem is the info message: "While creating services from category 'profile-after-change', could not create service for entry 'StartupObserver', contract ID '@…/startup-observer;1'" It is quite difficult to reproduce. But the best step I have found so far is clicking on New Identity while loading a page (sounds strange, I know). Then even after closing and restarting Tor Browser the component is not initialized. One can "reset" that behavior surprisingly if one updates an extension (at least updating Torbutton solved the problem for me).

#9800 tor browser still an option of default browser even after removal new tbb-team defect normal

I removed the TorBrowser by deleting the app, but couldn't find the Library neither the Vidalia folder to delete. Not sure if this is the cause, but Tor is still an option for Default Browser under Safari Preferences. I'm using OS X 10.8.5 on a MacBook Pro.

#9814 Atlas should make clear when relay details come from outdated consensus reopened phw defect normal

This is relevant to both Atlas and Globe, as far as I gather. Wasn't entirely sure whom to CC, sorry if too many recipients.

Two very much related things:

  1. Onionoo-using tools should make clear to the user when relay flags come from an outdated consensus.
  1. Onionoo-using tools should be careful using the keyword uptime, especially when relay is not running (not present in the last consensus).

Example: relay 0FB356FB... on Atlas (if the relay gets included in the newest consensus, see attached image (atlas_details_relay_running.png)). Here the problem is that Atlas (and Globe as well) may show the Running flag to be present, but show the overall relay as not running (running: false).

The latter is because the relay wasn't featured in the last consensus (as reported by Onionoo); the former is because Onionoo is returning the last known flags (from the last consensus where the relay was featured in) for this relay, among which the Running flag is present.

As Karsten said,

The flags thing is a presentation problem, not a data problem. Onionoo should include the latest flags, but Atlas (and Globe?) should present them in a non-confusing way. Atlas (and Globe) can learn from last_seen when these flags were contained in a consensus.

Flags could either get some simple indication of being old / 'not fresh' (simply when running: false), and/or there could be a small field indicating where these flags are coming from ("reported by last available consensus" in green, vs. "reported by authorities at <Onionoo:last_seen> (outdated by <in_hours(Onionoo:relays_published - Onionoo:last_seen)> hours)", or somesuch.)

Likewise with the uptime keyword: I suppose that either the name for that field (which is derived from Onionoo's last_restarted) should be changed (I guess last restarted doesn't sound intuitive? It would actually make sense to me at least / would be more honest), or it should be removed when running: false.

Re: fixing this:

  • re: 1., depends on decision, but should be similarly simple.
  • haven't looked at Globe's code
#9822 obfsproxy: Don't read authcookie file for every new connection new asn defect minor

Currently, obfsproxy opens the authcookie file for each new incoming connection:

This is suboptimal, and we can just read the file on startup and keep the authcookie value around during runtime.

#9825 -v returns 'unknown' for Obfsproxy.exe from '2.4.17-beta-2-pt3' new asn defect minor

obfsproxy.exe -v

prints out


It was included in 'tor-pluggable-transports-browser-2.4.17-beta-2-pt3_en-US.exe' and its (obfsproxy.exe) checksums are:

SHA-1: 8690778C86542ABC3596C65EF42903E943C843A9
SHA-256: F75A997308B689335AEA9705BF7DF57EEA0636CB7C2EB7D75BCAC41389F0F84F
SHA-512: 89459D5189C2490C22FA63AC8509AEF8B7902B38174C73BB2902C57F73DFAFC4EC42B1C361ADDBEB019D7709882589594D94FD264FD20A2712592326596B1107
#9840 not all content ssl-available new pde defect normal

I just tried to fill this form:

It forwards to a form processing script at That automatically gets ssl-redirected by https everywhere.

However, then I get an error here: which says: "ERROR: SSL is not enabled for this form, but your browser submitted the data over SSL. Please try again. "

So it seems not all data on is https-able, so it probably should be removed from https everywhere.

#9855 Certain pages on Kohl's return 'Bad Request' errors new pde defect normal

HTTPS-Everywhere 3.4.1 on FF 24 (tested on Mac and Linux).

Navigating to certain Kohl's websites will return 'Bad Request' pages. Some pages will load, some won't. Here's an example that does not load properly:

Disabling HTTPS-Everywhere solves the issue and the page loads properly.

#9860 junk log messages every time SETCONF changes the set of ORPorts needs_revision defect trivial Tor: 0.2.???

Every time you use SETCONF (from a controller) to change the set of ORPorts, Tor emits log messages like this:

Sep 30 23:45:59.000 [notice] Opening OR listener on
Sep 30 23:45:59.000 [notice] Tor (git-00fb525+ace95c5+0e691f1) opening log file.
Sep 30 23:46:00.000 [notice] Your Tor server's identity key fingerprint is 'tbbscraperentry 73EFD4FE8D5D2466ECBDCFAC11894A72A322FD3C'
Sep 30 23:47:42.000 [notice] Opening OR listener on
Sep 30 23:47:42.000 [notice] Tor (git-00fb525+ace95c5+0e691f1) opening log file.
Sep 30 23:47:42.000 [notice] Your Tor server's identity key fingerprint is 'tbbscraperentry 73EFD4FE8D5D2466ECBDCFAC11894A72A322FD3C'
Sep 30 23:50:40.000 [notice] Closing no-longer-configured OR listener on
Sep 30 23:50:40.000 [notice] Tor (git-00fb525+ace95c5+0e691f1) opening log file.
Sep 30 23:50:40.000 [notice] Closing old OR listener on
Sep 30 23:50:40.000 [notice] Your Tor server's identity key fingerprint is 'tbbscraperentry 73EFD4FE8D5D2466ECBDCFAC11894A72A322FD3C'
Sep 30 23:50:45.000 [notice] Closing no-longer-configured OR listener on
Sep 30 23:50:45.000 [notice] Tor (git-00fb525+ace95c5+0e691f1) opening log file.
Sep 30 23:50:45.000 [notice] Closing old OR listener on
Sep 30 23:50:45.000 [notice] Your Tor server's identity key fingerprint is 'tbbscraperentry 73EFD4FE8D5D2466ECBDCFAC11894A72A322FD3C'

The "opening log file" and "Your Tor server's identity key fingerprint is" lines should not be printed for every configuration change. And I'm not sure why it tells me it's closing a listener twice.

#9861 Orbot: enter multiple bridges, but it only uses one new n8fr8 defect normal

This is Orbot 12.0.5 on Android 2.3.x.

  • use bridges is checked
  • obfuscated bridges is checked
  • bridge addresses are 1 per line, IP:port
  • I know >1 of these work as I operate some of them for testing

I see a LAUNCHED for every bridge when I start up Orbot connecting, but, circuits are only ever built through the second bridge on the list, for whatever reason. I never see log messages about the others other than LAUNCHED at startup.

Please let me know if there is a better place to submit this bug - I can't find it with The Guardian Project.

#9882 New ruleset new pde defect normal
Description ->

#9894 Sandbox doesn't work with obfsproxy new defect normal Tor: 0.2.???

When running tor [ (git-a6b4934037d1308e)] with sandbox enabled and using obfsproxy [0.2.4] I get the following error:

(Sandbox) Caught a bad syscall attempt (syscall 0x2A)

after which tor terminates.

#9899 Revisit decision to disable rendering acceleration for everyone new tbb-team defect normal

#9438 disables rendering acceleration for all users due to issues on some Windows computers. It is probably safe to enable the rendering acceleration at least for Linux and Mac users.

#9902 need separate Obfsproxy Windows binary new asn defect normal

I am using Tor Expert Bundle in Windows. Adding obfs2/obfs3 bridges to torrc always get warnings like this:

[warn] We were supposed to connect to bridge '' using pluggable transport 'obfs2', but we can't find a pluggable transport proxy supporting 'obfs2'. This can happen if you haven't provided a ClientTransportPlugin line, or if your pluggable transport proxy stopped running.

Tor Expert Bundle does not include any pluggable, and as far as I know, obfsproxy does not provide separate binary neither, except the the whole big Tor Browser bundle. I would like keeping use "lightweight" Tor Expert Bundle with obfs support. Could you please provide separate Obfsproxy for Windows?


#9907 Viewing websites without Tor with TBB new tbb-team defect normal

I use TBB for my daily work. It works pretty well so far. One feature I am missing is to be able to switch off the usage of the tor network for specific websites.

Example A: I am in a local intranet with a couple of webservers I have to use frequently. In order to access these webservers I have to use beside TBB a second Firefox browser to access the local intranet, because traffic routed through the tor network does not find is way back to my intranet.

Example B: I need to access websites with an IP filter, that allows only traffic from specific IP addresses.

It would be very handy to have the ability to switch TBB to a non-tor mode. There are different ways to do this:

  • setting the domain of my local intranet in TBB so traffic to any site with the local domain would not go trough the Tor notwork
  • defining a list of websites I want to view without tor. Perhaps by adding a specific keyword like "non-tor" to a link in my bookmarks, that switches the tor mode off.

It would be great to have such functionality.

Thanks & regards, Torland

#9915 Please provide a way to be notified about all new TBB releases new tbb-team defect normal

I just discovered by chance that a couple of new TBB releases are available; the onion icon in the Tor Browser didn't notify me about the new release(s) because the release I am running is still listed in (right?)

I think there should be a way to be notified of _every_ new TBB release (even if the old releases are still deemed safe to use), for people who want to always run the latest release. I found no page or RSS feed about that on the website (have I missed anything?).

The tor-announce mailing list seems to be the obvious solution: currently it only has announcements about the tor package, please announce also TBB releases there.

#9916 Gradually increasing memory usage on relay needs_information defect normal Tor: unspecified

Running tor (installed from the tor apt repo) as a relay on a debian squeeze VPS, and I notice a pattern of continuously increasing memory usage until it eats up all available ram and my VPS gets auto-rebooted by the host's maintenance scripts. Seems like there's a memory leak somewhere.

The VPS has 300MB of allocated ram. It takes roughly 3-5 days between reboots.

The relay is set with RelayBandwidthRate 150 KB, and RelayBandwidthBurst 300 KB. 

I'd be happy to provide any other details necessary to help fix this problem.

#9917 Linux Firefox ESR 17.0.9 appers to spin-wait rather than block-wait on SOCKS new tbb-team defect normal

Per the summary, Linux Firefox 17.0.9 as include in TBB x86_64 2.3.25-13 appears to poll-wait rather than block-wait on SOCKS requests. Observed this when attempting to access an unresponsive site, in this case core.onion.

The spin caused the VM to largely lock-up, badly enough that the kernel reported 120 second non-responsive "hung-tasks" on several threads including 'tor'. However this particular aspect may be largely a result of running in a single VCPU KVM instance.

See Firefox using all CPU in 'top' when this happens. Behaves a little better when 'renice -n10' is used to lower FF's priority.

Seems to me the behavior should be to block-wait and that other Firefox windows should remain responsive while one window is blocked waiting for a reply that will never arrive.

Have set 'tor' threads to run realtime priority, RR class at -27 per 'top', which might affect the behavior here, though it really shouldn't matter.

#9924 Firefox queries the A record of the hostname of the machine it is running on. new tbb-team defect normal

When Firefox starts, it does a DNS query for the A record of the hostname of the machine it is running on.

If that hostname resolves to a public IP address, then Firefox will have information that could be used to deanonymize the user, and it is unclear what Firefox is doing with that information or why it needs to collect it.

This query is not done via Tor, it uses the system resolver, even when using TBB. This was discovered by configuring BIND to log queries and running tail -f on the query log while starting TBB Firefox and regular Firefox, which each exhibit this behavior shortly after starting.

Some quick google searching seems to indicate that I am not the only person who has noticed this. Many people seem to have trouble getting Firefox to start if their machine's hostname does not resolve. I found one bug in the Mozilla bug tracker (sorry, I can't find it back again to note the number), where someone was complaining of exactly this, but the response was a denial that the behavior was happening.

This should be looked into and it should be confirmed that nothing nefarious or negligent is being done with the result of that DNS query.

#9925 Directory Authorities can crash client/relay needs_revision defect normal Tor: 0.2.7.x-final

A malicious/misbehaving set of directory authorities can cause a client to fail an assertion if they create a consensus that swaps descriptor digests between router entries and a client already has the descriptors for those routers.

in update_consensus_router_descriptor_downloads()

  SMARTLIST_FOREACH_BEGIN(consensus->routerstatus_list, void *, rsp) {
      routerstatus_t *rs =
        is_vote ? &(((vote_routerstatus_t *)rsp)->status) : rsp;
      signed_descriptor_t *sd;
      if ((sd = router_get_by_descriptor_digest(rs->descriptor_digest))) {
        const routerinfo_t *ri;
        if (!(ri = router_get_by_id_digest(rs->identity_digest)) ||
                   sd->signed_descriptor_digest, DIGEST_LEN)) {

If rs && sd && ri && the descriptor digests are not equal, then

in routerlist_remove_old()

  tor_assert(0 <= idx && idx < smartlist_len(rl->old_routers));
  /* XXXX edmanm's bridge relay triggered the following assert while
   * running  If anybody triggers this again, see if we
   * can get a backtrace. */
  tor_assert(smartlist_get(rl->old_routers, idx) == sd);

Both assertions are triggerable because sd is assumed to be in old_routers. If the consensus specifies a valid but wrong descriptor digest for a router (i.e. they swap two of them), then the client will compare that new digest to the one it already has in the routerinfo. They will be different, so the client will assume it already has a new descriptor and that it previously moved the old descriptor into rl->old_routers (despite the fact that clients don't cache them and old_routers is empty). When we try to retrieve the cached descriptor, we assert.

If we're a relay, then we probably have descriptors in old_routers but not the one we're looking for. Therefore, these assumption are false, because we're comparing two different routers, thus resulting in the crash.

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood cat.

#9929 compass doesn't display more than 10 relays in a given AS new gsathya defect normal

this occurs with the -1 option set and when the number to display is manually changed to a number greater than 10

replicated across browser configs, inside and outside of tor, etc.

#9935 Vidalia trashes 'tor' different host config if 'vidalia.conf' not preserved in TBB update new chiiph defect normal

If one configures 'tor' on a different host but uses TBB+Vidalia to monitor 'tor' and browse, forgetting to preserve the 'vidalia.conf' file when updating TBB results in Vidalia trashing the 'tor' relay configuration. Thankfully I had a backup.

Vidalia should first attempt to download the existing config when the IP of an remote system 'tor' is entered.

This is true for




#9936 TBB TorButton 'New Identity' with remote 'tor' says "It does not have access to the Tor Control Port." new tbb-team defect normal

Full message is

Torbutton cannot safely give you a new identity. It does not have access to the Tor Control Port. Are you running Tor Browser Bundle?

version 1.5.2

Looked at code and wrote this script:

export TOR_CONTROL_PORT="9151"


cd /home/tor/tor-browser_en-US
/home/tor/tor-browser_en-US/App/Firefox/firefox -no-remote -profile /home/tor/tor-browser_en-US/Data/profile

Which clearly demonstrates the values are correct and the "SIGNAL NEWNYM" command works as it should and that Firefox ESR 17.0.9 with TorButton 1.5.2 fails here.

See changes, perhaps fixes, have been made to the related logic but the newer code is not yet in either the stable or development release and I could not easily test it. The related Vidalia code in src/chrome/content/torbutton.js looks ok. Thought it might be hex-encoding the password and tried that but it made no difference.

Tried with




#9945 Disable download manager alert on complete new tbb-team defect minor

Can we get this preference on Tor Browser?

pref("", false);

1- It is annoying

2- Don't know if it leaks any information to disk or registry (maybe the times when files were downloaded?)

But tested TBB 3.0 on KDE and it flooded the notification system after every single file.

#9953 Unique Browser Fingerprint, Even After Fresh Install new defect minor

How is it possible that I have a unique user agent after a completely fresh install of the latest Tor Browser Bundle? I even deleted the old preferences file associated with the TBB. I'm running the 64 bit version on a mac, and have the screen maximized to the size of a 13" display. I can't see how I've done anything identifying.

#9954 Replace broadcast voting protocol with something more robust new defect normal Tor: unspecified

While discussing #8244, Aniket Kate had some comments about our voting protocol:

The only modification I would like to suggest is to replace your broadcast protocol in the voting round. It is not secure against what is called "dangerous chain of failures" in distributed computing research ; i.e., if one authority crash in per sub-phase (1A, 1B, ...), then at least one working (or correct) authority might have more votes than others.

To explain it, I am attaching Lorenzo Alvisi's (UT-Austin) notes along with email. I thought those will be easy to understand than a research paper. In these notes,

  • Dangerous chain is explained on page 7
  • Two protocols that overcome this (possibly extremely unlikely situation) problem are available on page 12
  • I would encourage you to incorporate the early stopping protocol as, in absence of any failure, it completes in the exactly same manner as your current protocol. I think it will not add too much to your current broadcast code, but at the same time take care of gradual failures of directory authorities.
  • The protocol description does not mention signatures as they are defined for non-malicious setting. Nevertheless, it will be easy for me to include signatures to the description at appropriate places if you choose to use it.

I replied with:

I'll check this out, but I'm not sure whether the change is worth it in this case. If I understand correctly, the failure mode here is no consensus is generated if crashes happen at exactly the wrong times, or sends votes to others at exactly the wrong times. But our protocol can tolerate up to 24/48 hours worth of non-generated consensuses. (Our usual approach when this happens has been "Just debug it".)

I'll check out the complexity of the stepping protocol, though.

Still, more minds should think on this.

I'm investigating whether I have permission to post Lorenzo Alvisi's slies, or whether they're already online.

#9957 Tor should consider stderr output of transport proxies assigned yawning defect trivial Tor: 0.2.7.x-final

Currently, Tor cares about what transport proxies (e.g. obfsproxy) say over stdout (it echoes stdout in its log, etc.) Not so with stderr, the reason being, as far as I can tell, the presumed/standard signaling channel for transport proxies to communicate with Tor is their standard output stream, as per design.

It so happens that as of now, obfsproxy may complain about some things (e.g. it not being able to write to its own log file) over stderr. If one runs obfsproxy as intended (using the ServerTransportPlugin directive in torrc), obfsproxy may exit (Tor will report this, of course) without any verbal explanation.

Using the "run a transport proxy manually (without Tor) to figure out what's wrong" method (which some bridge operators have (had) to resort to (that is, at least me and someone else who talked with asn)) in order to debug things seems suboptimal.

Three ways out, as I see it:

  1. Make sure all transport proxies adhere to the "use stdout to complain about things" protocol.
  1. Have Tor treat both stdout and stderr streams of transport proxies as meaningful, and include their contents in log. This requires changing the design in regards to transport proxy <-> Tor signaling channels.
  1. Care about stderr instead of stdout (most easy in terms of code changes, I think; not sure if makes much sense / is elegant, though.)

Are there any specific design-level nuances that block option 2?

For option 2, the tor_get_lines_from_handle() function seems to be overall more or less handle-type-agnostic; it uses variable names like "stdout_buf", but it all really depends on what's passed via "handle", which could be any kind of stream.

configure_proxy() in or/transports.c is what would need changing. Depending on design changes, the streams would have to be combined, or (simply) stderr would have to be used instead of stdout (so to remain clean, there'd need to be a tor_process_get_stderr_pipe(), which would simply return process_handle->stderr_pipe).

#9964 client registrations should expire new dcf defect normal

Currently client registrations are kept forever. It would be better to expire them automatically after some time.

For example, if I try to run flashproxy-client then obfs-flash-client on the same port a few hours later, it doesn't work because the facilitator still has the old client registration.

#9970 HTTPS preventing Firefox to opene new windows needs_information pde defect normal

I was troubleshooting a problem I had with opening new windows in Firefox. I disabled add=ons and found that disabling HTTPS everywhere fixes the problem.

#9971 for_discovery option in add_an_entry_guard() is confusingly named needs_revision defect trivial Tor: 0.2.7.x-final

In #9946 I added a new argument "for_discovery" to add_an_entry_guard(). Nick prefers "provisional" or "probationary".

In parallel, I think we should probably rename the made_contact field in entry guard t, to be *why* we're remembering that we've made contact, rather than simply that we have.

And lastly, we should do something about the godawful number of int arguments that add_an_entry_guard() now takes.

#9972 Failed to find node for hop 0 of our path. Discarding this circuit. needs_revision nickm defect normal Tor: 0.2.???

When I introduce EntryNodes restrictions in my torrc file (also having StrictNodes 1) and then start tor, I get the following rather bizarre sequence going:

[notice] {DIR} We now have enough directory information to build circuits. [notice] {CONTROL} Bootstrapped 80%: Connecting to the Tor network. [warn] {CIRC} Failed to find node for hop 0 of our path. Discarding this circuit. [ nauseum...]

If, at this point, I shut down tor and then start it again, without changing anything at all, the bootstrap completes (100% done) and I have no further problems.

My EntryNodes statement isn't very restrictive (something like {DE},{SE},{AT},{EU}), but even if it is, I don't think it should prevent tor from bootstrapping properly.

#9976 flashproxy-client needs to pass args to reg-methods new dcf defect normal

At the moment it's not possible to (e.g.) give an email address to flashproxy-client for use in reg-email.

One possibility is to have args like --reg-email-arg=x --reg-email-arg=y then [x, y] gets passed as args to reg-email. This is similar to what I have implemented in obfs-flash, where --fp-arg=x gets passed to flashproxy-client.

#9981 Google APIs rule breaks a tool for a python class new pde defect normal

This website has a browser-based python interpreter for a Coursera python class:

The Google APIs rule causes an error where "Unable to load file:" is alerted. Disabling the rule fixes it.

#9982 Use a better password-based KDF for controller passwords, authority identity key encryption, and more new defect normal Tor: 0.2.???

With the ed25519 key transition, we'll want to start bringing offline identity keys to regular relay operators (and ideally hidden service operators too somehow, if we can figure out a non-stupid way for it to interact with #8106).

As we do this, we'll want a better password-based KDF. Right now we have the very silly "NID_pbe_WithSHA1And3_Key_TripleDES_CBC" for protecting authority keys, and the very silly OpenPGP KDF for hashing controller passwords. Let's do something from the 21st century.

This is a bikeshed discussion. I nominate: "Derive keys with scrypt-jane, with salsa20/8 and SHA512."

#9985 Linux 64-bit Tor Browser Bundle fails every time on Knoppix 64 new chiiph defect normal TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable

The latest Linux 64-bit Tor Browser Bundle fails every time on Knoppix 64:

Here's how to reproduce:

  1. Download the latest 64-bit TOR Browser Bundle for Linux.
  2. Boot to a Knoppix 64 bit disk (I tested this on a Lenovo W510 laptop).
  3. Try to start the TBB and you will fail every single time.

Here's how I booted to a Knoppix DVD on my 64-bit Lenovo W510 laptop (with Nvidia graphics):

knoppix64 xmodule=nv acpi=off

knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ uname -a Linux Microknoppix 3.6.11-64 #10 SMP PREEMPT Wed Dec 19 23:51:48 CET 2012 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Here's a log of the bug in the latest build of TOR such that it fails every single time on Knoppix.

The question is why doesn't the TBB work on 64-bit Knoppix?

knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ script /tmp/foo.log Script started on Tue 15 Oct 2013 04:25:31 PM UTC ... knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ cd /media/sdb1/portable ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable$ ls archive readthis.txt tor-browser-2.3.25-13_en-US_windows.exe tor-browser_en-US tor-browser-gnu-linux-i686-2.3.25-13-dev-en-US.tar.gz tor-browser-gnu-linux-x86_64-2.3.25-13-dev-en-US.tar ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable$ file tor-browser_en-US tor-browser_en-US: directory ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable$ tor-browser_en-US knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US$ ls App Data Docs Lib start-tor-browser tmp ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US$ file start-tor- brow ser start-tor-browser: POSIX shell script, ASCII text executable ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US$ ./start-tor- browser Launching Tor Browser Bundle for Linux in /media/sdb1/portable/tor- browser_en-US ./start-tor-browser: line 228: ./App/vidalia: No such file or directory Vidalia exited abnormally. Exit code: 127 ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US$ whoami knoppix ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US$ file ./App/vidalia ./App/vidalia: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.18, BuildID[sha1]=0x98bf0995b1cabbe1f955a8064421e400906e50e5, stripped ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US$ ls -l ./App/vidalia -rwxrwxrwx 1 knoppix knoppix 6234920 Sep 19 19:05 ./App/vidalia ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US$ uname -m x86_64 ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US$ pwd /media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US$ ./App/vidalia bash: ./App/vidalia: No such file or directory ... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US$ touch !$ touch ./App/vidalia ... $ objdump -s -j .interp ./App/vidalia

App/vidalia: file format elf64-x86-64 Contents of section .interp:

400200 2f6c6962 36342f6c 642d6c69 6e75782d /lib64/ld-linux- 400210 7838362d 36342e73 6f2e3200

... knoppix@Microknoppix:/media/sdb1/portable/tor-browser_en-US$ exit exit ... Script done on Tue 15 Oct 2013 04:27:33 PM UTC

Bug: TBB does not work on 64-bit Knoppix.

#9986 Circuit completed hop while network was not live needs_information defect minor Tor: unspecified

After re-starting Tor from the Vidalia Control Panel for my Vidalia relay bundle, I received the following message in the message log:

[Wed Oct 16 19:01:32 2013] Tor Software Error - The Tor software encountered an internal bug. Please report the following error message to the Tor developers at "circuit_build_times_network_close(): Bug: Circuit somehow completed a hop while the network was not live. Network was last live at 2013-10-16 19:00:58, but circuit launched at 2013-10-16 19:00:59. It's now 2013-10-16 19:01:32."

I received a second, almost identical message right after, the only differences are the timestamps:

[Wed Oct 16 19:02:33 2013] Tor Software Error - The Tor software encountered an internal bug. Please report the following error message to the Tor developers at "circuit_build_times_network_close(): Bug: Circuit somehow completed a hop while the network was not live. Network was last live at 2013-10-16 19:01:59, but circuit launched at 2013-10-16 19:02:00. It's now 2013-10-16 19:02:33."

Note: this didn't seem to affect relay performance, it continued to work properly, and I got no further messages, I just figured I'd send the information along.

#9989 Orbot stucks on 25% new n8fr8 defect major

Im trying to start orbot on my samsung galaxy note 2 but it stucks on 25%

im using android 4.1.1, here are logs

Orbot is starting… Orbot is starting… (re)Setting permission on Tor binary (re)Setting permission on Privoxy binary (re)Setting permission on Obfsproxy binary Orbot is starting… got tor proc id: 3317 Tor process id=3317 Connecting to control port: 9051 SUCCESS connected to control port SUCCESS authenticated to control port Starting Tor client… complete. adding control port event handler SUCCESS added control port event handler NOTICE: Bootstrapped 10%: Finishing handshake with directory server. NOTICE: We weren't able to find support for all of the TLS ciphersuites that we wanted to advertise. This won't hurt security, but it might make your Tor (if run as a client) more easy for censors to block. NOTICE: To correct this, use a more recent OpenSSL, built without disabling any secure ciphers or features. Starting privoxy process /data/data/ /data/data/ & Privoxy is running on port:8118 Privoxy process id=3370 NOTICE: Bootstrapped 15%: Establishing an encrypted directory connection. orConnStatus (wau): CONNECTED

NOTICE: Bootstrapped 20%: Asking for networkstatus consensus. Circuit (1) BUILT: wau NOTICE: Bootstrapped 25%: Loading networkstatus consensus.

#9990 Internal error new chiiph defect normal

Error message: "set_options(): Bug: Acting on config options left us in a broken state. Dying."

Using tor browser bundle on 32-bit Linux Mint 13 Maya. Tor v0.2.3.25 (git-17c24b3118224d65) running on Linux.

I was trying to relay traffic internally (non-exit node). Contact Info was blank. Tor browser was still open at the time.

Vidalia Message Log:

Oct 17 04:04:38.325 [Notice] Your ContactInfo config option is not set. Please consider setting it, so we can contact you if your server is misconfigured or something else goes wrong. Oct 17 04:04:38.325 [Notice] Opening Directory listener on Oct 17 04:04:38.326 [Notice] Opening OR listener on Oct 17 04:04:38.326 [Notice] Your Tor server's identity key fingerprint is 'Tortuga BFC0F3F7182593053E4981E3A581D7F38D8F39FB' Oct 17 04:04:38.347 [Notice] Now checking whether ORPort <redacted>:9001 and DirPort <redacted>:9030 are reachable... (this may take up to 20 minutes -- look for log messages indicating success) Oct 17 04:04:38.348 [Warning] Unable to stat resolver configuration in '/etc/resolv.conf': No such file or directory Oct 17 04:04:38.403 [Error] set_options(): Bug: Acting on config options left us in a broken state. Dying.

#9995 keyboard doesn't work when vidalia/tor loads new chiiph defect major

everything worked perfectly prior to running vidalia/tor. if I exit from vidalia /tor everything works fine.

#10001 Unable to bookmark / reload a resultpage new gsathya defect normal

Probably caused by putting all parameters in the anchor; when bookmarking or reloading a result-page; you end up on the default form with no results.

It would be nice if the parameters would be put in the form and results were shown.

A (obvious) non-working example is

#10014 tor browser relies on external glib/dbus installation new tbb-team defect normal

using latest stable tor from today: Error loading shared library No such file or directory (needed by ./App/Firefox/

dbus is not a hard requirement for a fully working linux desktop, so it is highly undesirable to make tbb dependant on it.

according to the dependancy can easily be removed by adding ac_add_options --disable-dbus to mozconfig file.

#10025 TBB 3.x's ChangeLog pretends the world started at TBB 3.0a1 assigned mikeperry defect normal

Docs/ChangeLog.txt in tbb 3.0a4 has only four entries in it.

If our goal is to replace TBB 2.x, we will at some point want to import its whole changelog.

(A changelog is used a) for learning what changed in the newest version, and b) for answering questions like "when did tbb change feature x?")

#10027 Tor Windows service should be installed with the NetworkService account new defect normal Tor: 0.2.???
<GITNE> nickm: I have checked running Tor under the NetworkService account.
Works fine. The problem I had the last time was a missing write permission on
the log file.
<GITNE> nickm: So it should probably be safe to change GENSRV_USERACCT to "NT
> gitne: was that because the log file was trying to go somewhere it
shouldn't? or what
> gitne: also, does that change work for every windows, or only some of them?
<GITNE> armadev: those three predefinded accounts LocalSystem, LocalService,
and NetworkService are available since Windows 2000 so Tor should be safe
with that.
#10029 Icon for HTTPS-Everywhere can't be added to Add-on Toolbar new pde defect normal

HTTPS-Everywhere 3.4.2 Firefox ESR 17.0.9 Slackware64 14.0

To reproduce:

  • right click on the add-on toolbar to open the popup menu
  • click Customize
  • a window will open, containing icons related to misc Firefox actions or to Firefox add-ons
  • there's no icon for HTTPS-Everywhere

Note: when HTTPS-Everywhere gets installed - it adds an icon to the Navigation Toolbar only. This is inconvenient for me because my Navigation Toolbar is always hidden (I am using the Pentadactyl addon). Being able to have a HTTPS-Everywhere icon in the Add-ons Toolbar would be very handy.

#10034 TB breaks if control settings are changed needs_information erinn defect normal

In Vidalia -> settings -> advanced there is the possibility to change the 'tor control' settings. This might be done to connect using the Stem library. Changing any of these settings breaks the tb, and gives the message "The proxy server is refusing connections - Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections." Although tb can not connect, it is possible to connect to tor using the Stem library. Restart of the tb doesn't help. Quit the tb before changing the settings doesn't help. Changing the settings back to their original value doesn't help. TBB has to be removed and another has to be downloaded.

I'm using Tor Browser Bundle for 64-Bit Mac Version 2.3.25-13 - OS X (64-Bit) (10.6+) running on osx 10.7.5

#10035 Infomaniak-Network: video from are not available needs_information pde defect normal


First, thank you for developing this project!

When using HTTPS EveryWhere (3.4.2) with Firefox (24), videos from are not available. It seems that it's due to the rules linked to 'Infomaniak-Network'.

How to reproduce this bug

With Firefox and HTTPS EveryWhere plugin:

Now disable 'Infomaniak-Network' rules and we can see the video.

#10037 binary packages for oneiric missing from repo new defect normal

At least tor itself, and possibly others, are not packaged for the 'oneiric' distro properly - the .deb is missing from pool.

Please see for context.

#10040 Cannot Edit LinkedIn Profile With HTTPS Everywhere Enabled In Chrome new pde defect normal

Even after turning off the default rulesets triggered for a LinkedIn profile page, clicking on the "edit profile" button only spins, not allowing the user to actually enter profile editing mode.

Only disabling HTTPS Everywhere completely re-enables profile editing.

Chrome 30.0.1599.101 on Win 7 x64. Extension is up to date.

#10053 vidalia-0.2.20: 2 * bad if test ? new chiiph defect normal

I just compiled vidalia-0.2.20 with extra gcc compiler flag -Wlogical-op

It said


vidalia-0.2.20/src/torcontrol/Circuit.cpp:82:17: warning: logical 'and' of mutually exclusive tests is always false [-Wlogical-op]

Source code is

if (c < '0' && c > '9' && c < 'A' && c > 'Z' && c < 'a' && c > 'z')

Suggest swap && for


vidalia-0.2.20/src/torcontrol/Stream.cpp:92:17: warning: logical 'and' of mutually exclusive tests is always false [-Wlogical-op]


#10059 capture tor log messages before control connection is opened new nickm defect normal Tor: 0.2.???

While working on ticket #9675, Kathy Brade and I discovered that the tor log warnings regarding clock skew are sometimes generated very early as tor starts up. Unfortunately, there is a known problem in Tor Launcher where tor log messages are not captured until Tor Launcher is able to connect to the control port and issue a SETEVENTS command (the Mozilla process control APIs do not provide a way to capture stdout or stderr).

One solution is for tor to provide a way to retrieve old log messages (e.g., a new getinfo command) or otherwise provide a way to capture messages that are generated before a control connection is opened. Another option for this specific scenario would be to modify tor to ensure that clock skew is always reported via the status/bootstrap-phase mechanism.

#10062 Spamming history with "http" urls, maybe performance/security issue new pde defect normal

Hi! I've had this problem ever since I started using this addon. When I click a link or press enter in the url-bar before the page is loaded in HTTPS the HTTP url is stored in the history. Which is of curse a problem because it has a negative effect on performance, increases the database size, and makes searching more difficult. Couldn't this be prevented?

Also, if the http urls get in the history doesn't it mean that a http connection is established first. Isn't that a security/performance issue?

#10068 TBB shows HTTPS Everywhere popup new tbb-team defect major

When you start TBB for the first time, you'll get a fade-in popup up below the url bar. Saying:

HTTPS Everywhere is now active. You can toggle it on a site-by-site basis by clicking the icon in the address bar.

And when you close it, it opens

This might be ok for users who installed HTTPS Everywhere manually into Firefox, but when it comes bundled with TBB, this message is confusing.

Please disable this fade-in popup by default. You did a similar thing in #5300 already.

#10073 Update signature verification page assigned erinn defect normal

The signature verification page at needs some work. A number of users have written the help desk to say they found the instructions confusing. The bash commands can be simplified, for example, by removing the full filepath in front of gpg.exe (since GnuPG's filepath gets added to your PATH variable anyway upon installation). The screenshots Sherief made for could also be added.

#10074 Make presentation slides on using Tails new runa defect normal

We have some public-facing information on how to use Tor Browser Bundle. There is much less public-facing information on how to use Tails. We need good Tails-related resources available for trainings and cryptoparties. Besides being useful for Tor Project outreach, the Tails website indicates that Tails folks would also benefit from having something like this.

#10084 Secure Connection Failure new tbb-team defect normal

On every https: site I have tried so far, with the latest version of the TBB (Linux, 64-bit) I receive the following error message:

Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to

SSL peer reports incorrect Message Authentication Code.

(Error code: ssl_error_bad_mac_alert)

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.

Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem. Alternatively, use the command found in the help menu to report this broken site.

#10093 network map not working on - geoip new chiiph defect normal

vidalia-relay-bundle- on XP

on Tor Network Map:

No connections show in the panel under the map no points or routes show on the map The country flag column is all "?"

#10097 flashproxy-reg-appspot should support custom domains new dcf defect normal

At the moment, the main facilitator is hardcoded. Should be pretty simple to have this as a CLI option.

#10105 start-tor-browser reports an error on start new tbb-team defect normal

"start-tor-browser: 122: [: -ne: argument expected"

tor browser starts as expected.

This is debian 64-bit.

#10114 tbb-firefox.exe crashes on startup needs_information erinn defect normal TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable

Whenever I start tbb-firefox.exe (whether through Vidalia or the .exe itself), it instantly crashes and prompts me with "tbb-firefox.exe has stopped working". This didn't happen in previous releases.

AppName: tbb-firefox.exe AppVer: ModName: nspr4.dll ModVer: Offset: 000012b2

I'm running on a WinXP and can give more information (e.g. DxDiag) if necessary.

#10117 documents do not load new pde defect normal

In firefox documents will not display. It gives a "document not found" error. If I disable Amazon Web Services in the https-everywhere menu then the page will load properly. I have also reported this with

#10118 cant conect to the internet new tbb-team defect minor

my torbrowser says it is:

"Unable to find the proxy server

Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that can't be found.

Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct. Check to make sure your computer has a working network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure

that TorBrowser is permitted to access the Web."

What does this mean and how do i fix it?

#10128 Search and family very limited reopened hellais defect normal

Seems that search is very limited (maybe intentional?) I get no results in the following cases:

And it goes totally haywire (backend error) if try:

  • to search for a hostname with 2 subdomains
  • put the data from a 'Contact' into the search field (sysdev {at} leap {dot} se)

I took all data from

#10137 ESR24 won't work without ctypes being enabled new tbb-team defect normal

While trying to get a working cross-compiler for ESR24 on Mac OS X we found that Firefox is either crashing right after start-up or highly unusable if it is built with --disable-ctypes (see: comment 69ff. in #9829). Other platforms were not tested, so it might be an OSX only problem although I doubt that.

#10140 More locales for Tor Browser Bundle (esp Japanese) new defect normal

Someone asked the help desk when the Tor Project expected to release a Japanese Tor Browser Bundle. Runa says we have all the translations we need. Is there any reason we can't make this happen?

#10144 TOR 2.3.25-14: "Attempted to access image data on a canvas ..." ID security breach enabled in release -14 needs_information mikeperry defect major

Dear Tor Developer, I've visited "Jesse's Cafe Americain" using Tor browser at this address for several years and always get the warning from Tor that this website "attempted to access image data on a canvas" (an ID security breach). At the bottom of the warning box there is a selection button allowing me to choose to "allow" this behavior or to "never allow" this behavior. I always choose "never allow" and that has always worked until my recent upgrade to Tor 2.3.25-14. Now, the warning still appears, the selection box still appears with both options, but the "never allow" option can't actually be activated. When I click "never allow" the "allow" default doesn't change and the warning box disappears with the "allow" option unchanged. As part of the fix, I suggest you change the warning box option to default on "never allow" and force users to select "allow" at their own risk. Thank you for all you do,

  • L. H. Melvin
#10165 Torbrowser surf localhost through Tor new tbb-team defect normal TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable


I have a big problem. Yesterday I installed a program called xampp. I typed in the address bar of the TOR browser and it's working. However, I would need the localhost is reached, but this does not work. Why? Someone can help me?

#10167 Uploading files to direct to S3 from another site using CORS failes if HTTPS Everywhere is installed new pde defect normal

Version: 3.4.2 on Firefox 25

Many sites have a file upload feature that uses AWS S3's ability upload files directly to S3 using CORS. There is a jquery library that makes this easy.

If HTTPS everywhere is installed on Firefox 25 the OPTION request is never made. If HTTPS Everywhere is disabled and firefox is restarted the upload will work.

#10180 Vidalia connects to Tor, but doesn't launch Firefox new tbb-team defect normal TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable

I'm running the spanish Version 2.3.25-14 - Linux, Unix, BSD I start Vidalia and everything is fine, it connects to Tor network and then the only step left is to launch firefox, but that never happens. The record of messages doesn't show anything wrong. And i don't know what to do for vidalia launch the browser.

#10184 Atlas should validate search input assigned phw defect minor

If I search for "sysdev {at} leap {dot} se" (which is an invalid search term to Onionoo), Atlas tells me there's a backend error with this search. Onionoo returns a 400 error, so Atlas shouldn't blame Onionoo. Or Atlas could validate search input before sending it to Onionoo. Reported in #10128.

#10187 Cannot upload photos to Facebook new pde defect normal

With default HTTPS Everywhere settings, one cannot upload photos via Facebook's new interface. Clicking the "Add photos" button does nothing. Disabling HTTPS Everywhere allows this functionality to work.

HTTPS Everywhere 3.4.2 (This isn't in the dropdown?) Firefox 25.0

#10214 HTTPS Everywhere Breaks Amazon mp3 Previews new pde defect normal

Sweet, this has been puzzling me for a while...

Repro Steps:

Platform: Firefox 25.0.1, Ubuntu Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS with HTTPS Everywhere enabled

  1. Go to any amazon mp3 page, for instance this.
  2. Click either 'Preview all songs' or the play icon next to any song.


Sample preview.


Fails with 'Error 3'.

This issue is related to the CloudFront rule (disabling that makes the page work).

Cheers! -Damian

PS. On a side note we should rename the HTTPS Everywhere components to be consistent. We have both 'EFF-HTTPS Everywhere' and 'HTTPS Everywhere: Chrome'. They're sorted alphabetically so they should start with the same prefix.

#10240 Additional unit tests for obfsproxy/test/ new asn defect minor

obfsproxy uses the Python csv module to parse SOCKS parameters. That causes it to inherit some behavior involving quotes that's not in pt-spec.txt.

Here are some tests that fail.

        socks_args = socks.split_socks_args("key=value\na=b")
        self.assertListEqual(socks_args, ["key=value\na=b"])

        socks_args = socks.split_socks_args("key=\"value\";\"key\"=value;\"key=value\";key=\"\"value\"\"")
        self.assertListEqual(socks_args, ["key=\"value\"", "\"key\"=value", "\"key=value\"", "key=\"\"value\"\""])

        # ValueError? I dunno.
        self.assertRaises(ValueError, socks.split_socks_args, "key=endingescape\\")
        self.assertRaises(ValueError, socks.split_socks_args, "=value")
#10247 on first launch, when i choose 'connect', the old window is still there but unusable new defect minor

Download TBB 3.0rc1. In my case it was 32-bit linux English. Unpack it, run it.

You'll get the "connect" or "configure" dialog page.

Choose 'connect'. A new page will pop up, which is the "bootstrapping Tor status bar" page.

But the old 'connect or configure' page remains open too, and there's a "quit" option still visible. If I click it, it doesn't quit. Eventually my Tor bootstraps, and then both windows *do* vanish ("ok, I guess it did quit"), but then a Tor Browser appears.

Seems like the smarter thing to do for usability would be to vanish the 'connect or configure' page once they've picked one and it's no longer needed.

#10250 Disable RC4 in TBB Firefox new tbb-team defect normal

Attacks against RC4 have recently been reported as plausible, and Microsoft, among other groups, have recommended avoiding RC4 for symmetric-key encryption. I would recommend blacklisting cipher suites that rely upon RC4 so that other stronger algorithms, such as AES, will be preferred instead, so as to avoid these attacks. For example, I have disabled 0x9c, 0x35, 0x5, 0x4, 0x2f, and 0xa in Chromium because they do not provide perfect forward secrecy, and 0xc007, 0xc011, and 0x66 because they rely on RC4 but do provide perfect forward secrecy.

#10254 Tor-Browser Crashes Regularly needs_information tbb-team defect major TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable

The 2.3.25-15 and its predecessors often crash on Windows XP. I can't reproduce it perfectly. It can involve lists and scrolling during page-loading, though. It happens on Amazon, sometimes, too.

Even with un-commenting in torrc, the logs don't work, so no logs available.

#10255 about:tor page in torbrowser features futile link to "run a Tor relay node" new defect trivial

It seemingly is not possible to do this in 3.0, or at least not in the way the linked tutorial page describes. Potentially confusing and frustrating for newbies.

#10257 Enabling Amazon Web Services causing Issuu publications to break new defect normal

I'm not very familiar with this project, but just thought I'd report an error I noticed: The site is a digital publishing platform, and I noticed all publications break when the rule for Amazon Web Services is enabled. If you disable the Amazon Web Services rule, the site's publications will work as normal. I've attached two screenshots in case it's helpful.

#10282 Free tier for Amazon EC2 exceeded because of outdated instructions on Torcloud setup page new defect normal

According to the instructions at there is no change necessary in the size of the storage used for the Tor cloud instance. If following the current instructions, Amazon creates an EC2 instance with 1 TBit storage which by far exceeds the maximum free tier storage. The default 1 TBit storage is billed at 36 USD per month, even though the torcloud instance only requires 615 MB according to the current (outdated) screenshots on the Tor cloud setup page.

I suggest someone updates the screenshots to make clear what the correct storage volume size of the tor cloud instance should be in order to remain within the free tier.

#10286 Touch events leak absolute screen coordinates new defect major

In Firefox 24esr, Touch events are now available: Unfortunately, these events contain absolute screen coodinates for touch event positions. We should report content-window relative coordinates for these fields.

#10290 Tor Browser History settings broken! new tbb-team defect normal TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable

I'm on latest 2.3.25-16 Linux 64-bit version...

Every time I go the preferences and switch History settings from "Use Custom Settings" to "Never Remember History", it doesn't seem to be saving the change.

After closing the preferences window and opening it up again, settings are still on "Use Custom Settings".

That's somewhat an important problem. Privacy of many users can have been compromised by this bug.

#10292 Vidalia shows tor is down after the control port is closed new defect normal

I noticed this several times: when underlying network interface is reset (down/up or 'netif restart'), vidalia shows that tor isn't running (crossed over icon). But tor itself recovers from network loss fine and keeps running in such case. Restart of vidalia brings it to connected state.

Vidalia's connection to tor control socket shouldn't die when network goes down and up.

tor- vidalia-0.2.21 FreeBSD 9.2

#10295 Images and photos not loading in Tor needs_information defect normal

I have been using Tor for several months now with few problems. Suddenly I have had trouble with Tor loading and usually have to do so in safe mode. Also starting today, whenever I open a page with links to images, they do not load and when I click on the image link it takes me to an error message page that says the image is not found.

I deleted and reinstalled the Tor bundle but am still having the same issues.

Can you please give me an idea of what might be wrong or where I can go for help?

Thank you. Frank

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