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#28284 Arabic version for Gettor assigned enhancement Medium
#28282 Refactor bandwidth file generation code assigned juga enhancement Medium sbws: unspecified
#28280 control: Add a key to GETINFO to get the DoS subsystem stats needs_revision enhancement Low Tor: 0.4.3.x-final
#28279 control: Add a key to GETINFO to fetch the circuit onion handshake rephist values new enhancement Low Tor: unspecified
#28278 Connect to tor new defect High
#28276 towards an Exception Reports framework new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28259 Is not saving history hurting Tor Browser retention rates? new tbb-team defect Medium
#28256 Add tests for UTF-8 encoded torrcs on Windows new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28252 Firefox Multi-Account Containers don't work needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#28251 Unable to download from determinated sites assigned tbb-team defect High
#28250 "___UsingTestNetworkDefaults" not in "GETINFO config/names" new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#28248 Add comments around rust compilation flags assigned enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#28247 Use in place of test_linking_hack needs_revision defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28246 Use rust stable in Travis new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28244 Followup tasks for Rust asan CI fixes new defect High Tor: unspecified
#28243 Add home button to toolbar in Tor Browser new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#28241 Corrupt cached consensus and microdescs needs_information defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28240 Think about using mingw-w64 with dwarf exception support for rustc cross-compilation for 32bit Windows new tbb-team task Medium
#28235 Generate screenshots for the Tor Browser manual assigned arthuredelstein task Medium
#28233 Translate GetTor messages assigned project Medium
#28232 Revive GetTor assigned project Medium
#28231 Provide more Gettor distribution methods assigned project Medium
#28229 Possible race condition opening SOCKS Port in new rl1987 defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28228 In Chutney's debug mode, dump all tor warning logs to stderr as soon as they appear assigned enhancement Medium
#28222 Confusing checkbox in about:preferences#privacy needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#28220 Create a chutney network with a single authority, and make sure it bootstraps new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#28208 Run bridges+hs-v23 for make test-network in 0.4.2 and later assigned defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28207 Cleanup duplicate and near-duplicate chutney networks new enhancement Medium
#28206 Add a chutney network where the HS connects via a bridge new defect Medium
#28204 Make chutney log the verify progress for each circuit new defect Medium
#28201 about:support shows "Firefox" new tbb-team defect Medium
#28200 Update downloader does not automatically retry when connection is interrupted needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#28195 TB fails to restart updating 8.5a3 needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#28190 Hidden service v2 exceeded launch limit with 11 intro points in the last 37 seconds new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28188 firefox.exe has moved or changed needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#28186 HS v3 suggestion as to how to generate a secure service client authentication key pair new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#28183 tor- unexpected stop bug: (Sandbox) Caught a bad syscall attempt (syscall shutdown) needs_information defect High Tor: 0.3.5.x-final
#28176 Cleanup and add the testsuite to tor-browser-build.git assigned boklm task Medium
#28175 Add commands to upload bundles to virustotal new tbb-team task Medium
#28174 Block non-.onion subresources on .onion websites? new tbb-team defect Medium
#28172 Javascript "ON" warnings given on .onion sites!!! new defect High
#28170 Test stem pull requests against all supported tor versions, and tor nightly builds new enhancement Medium
#28167 Delayed loading of pages needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#28166 Add info on how to prevent logging of IP addresses needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#28165 Add needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#28164 Add "Read More" links to blog post teasers new hiro defect Medium
#28163 Make "new window" and "new tab" menu item labels consistent new tbb-team defect Medium
#28158 Vote for relay bandwidths even if the min percentage has not been reached new enhancement Medium sbws: 1.2.x-final
#28156 Start building Tor with NSS support in Tor Browser new tbb-team enhancement High
#28149 Limit or Restrict GetAndroidSystemInfo new tbb-team defect Medium
#28148 Limit or Restrict PTCPSocket and PUDPSocket IPC mechanisms new tbb-team defect Medium
#28147 [meta] Improve Tor Browser Content Process Sandbox new tbb-team defect Medium
#28146 [meta] Improve Tor Browser Sandbox new tbb-team defect Medium
#28145 TBA: Add support/Tor Browser Manual links and mission statement new tbb-team task Medium
#28143 Tor Browser forgets DuckDuckGo's search when going back on navigation history new tbb-team defect Medium
#28124 Show Tor Browser icon as macOS volume icon new tbb-team defect Medium
#28117 Some URLs can't be downloaded with LC_ALL=C new boklm defect Medium
#28114 Improve getter names for boolean fields in metrics-lib new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28113 notify systemd if shutdown will be longer than 30 seconds needs_revision Hello71 defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28107 Tor Browser 8.0 turns off VP9 videos when detects low fps needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#28106 Change integration tests from bash to shell new defect Medium sbws: unspecified
#28102 Make sure we pick the exact same compile environment for Tor Browser builds new tbb-team defect High
#28097 Get the actual Windows version from Kernel32.dll new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28095 dirauth key pinning can be bypassed sometimes? new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28092 Gettor: offer OMEMO encryption for XMPP new enhancement Medium
#28090 Keepalive padding cell bypasses the cell scheduler new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28087 Investigate circuit timeout times and if sbws is properly cleaning up circuits when it gives up on them new defect Medium sbws: unspecified
#28084 Proposed "Best Practices" for running Tor public network services new enhancement Medium
#28083 Sort website mirror list by region needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#28081 rust protover discards all votes if one is not UTF-8 new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28079 Stop returning the empty string when the cstr! macro fails new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#28069 64-bit TOR Browser will not open needs_information tbb-team defect High
#28068 Tor not reopening on USB needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#28067 Annotations should be documented in dir-spec.txt new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#28065 Tor web docs accepted hiro defect Medium
#28057 When randomly choosing IPv4 or IPv6, log better IPv6 preference info new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#28048 Metrics: Allow to search for relays per continent new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28047 Add needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#28045 Start supporting python 3.7, python 3.8, and pypy3.5 accepted juga defect Medium sbws: 1.2.x-final
#28037 Document how to fix or disable failing CI assigned enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#28036 Launch tests inside a single dirauth instance new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28021 Run the Tor Browser test suite as part of the Tails test suite assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#28015 Brainstorm improved ux for orgs that want to give bridges to their people new tbb-team defect Medium
#28014 Windows support for Travis CI new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#28005 Officially support onions in HTTPS-Everywhere new legind defect Medium
#28003 Consider refactoring various code that makes descriptors persistent new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28000 Add support for performing signing operations using ssh-agent assigned ln5 task Medium Tor: unspecified
#27999 Allow for long-running signing operations assigned ln5 enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#27997 Remove failing mirrors needs_review traumschule defect Medium
#27987 Add setting for enabling/disabling flag_secure in Android browser needs_information tbb-team enhancement Medium
#27984 bridgedb verifyHostname doesn't check subjectAltName extension assigned defect Medium
#27981 3 days young relay is not shown in 1-month graph, but in 6-month graph new metrics-team defect Medium
#27980 Missing server descriptors in recent/ but not in out/ assigned metrics-team defect Medium
#27974 Make SEARX the Default Search Engine new tbb-team enhancement High
#27972 GetTor IPFS Provider new enhancement Medium
#27971 Still supports 1024 bit keys needs_revision defect High Tor: unspecified
#27961 browser size issue with tor browser 8.0.2 needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#27956 Tor browser not opening needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#27955 wont let me load up tor at all new tbb-team defect Immediate
#27953 Authorization types for v3 onion service have to be clarified in documentation reopened defect Medium Tor: unspecified
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