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#17243 Google Chat in Gmail does not work in 5.0.3 (OS X 10.11) new tbb-team defect Medium
#17244 Low entropy PRNG usage in Tor Browser? needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#17253 Revise tests in test_tortls.c to not act intrusively on openssl internals new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#17254 Scalable HSes by splitting intro/rendezvous needs_revision TvdW enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17256 Make it smooth to run a relay with Tor Browser new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#17272 Finalize a proposal for postquantum circuit-extension assigned yawning task Medium Tor: unspecified
#17274 Some kind of append-only log for consensus documents and votes new ln5 enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17275 Package directory authority scripts for debian in compliant packages new task High Tor: unspecified
#17276 Make at least one authority script integrated with Chutney new defect Medium
#17278 Fix malleable relay crypto assigned defect High Tor: unspecified
#17279 Implement large/split create cells (proposal 249) new defect High Tor: unspecified
#17282 Chutney could use a HOWTO for writing new test cases, network tests, etc assigned enhancement High
#17284 Implement multiple new testing-focused controller features assigned yawning defect High Tor: unspecified
#17286 Implement a circuit-extension algorithm that can resist quantum computers new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#17288 High-priority areas of Tor have test coverage > 80% new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#17290 Include network tests with ill-behaved clients and servers new enhancement Medium
#17291 Module isolation in-use in Tor new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#17295 Route-selection and guard-selection logic completely replaced assigned enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17300 Form action on does not get rewritten assigned legind defect Medium
#17313 Crash in Canvas patch seen on OS X Tor Browser needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#17315 explain replay prevention in obfs4 spec new defect Medium
#17336 consider re-dzip'ing language packs new tbb-team defect Medium
#17343 Add torrc option OnionService* alias for HiddenService* new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17345 Cant untick "MmsService" in applications List new n8fr8 defect High
#17352 Please set keyword.enabled to false new tbb-team defect Medium
#17355 Investigate whether we should re-implement methods of JS Date to avoid fingerprinting new tbb-team defect Medium
#17356 Tor Browser crash on OS X while receiving Facebook notification in background new tbb-team defect Medium
#17359 __DisablePredictedCircuits causes bootstrap to hang at "Connecting to Tor Network" new defect Low Tor: unspecified
#17360 Hidden service option for the number of predicted circuits new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17366 Track consensus fetch times per country? new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17367 Swap files can contain evidence of browsing history new tbb-team defect Medium
#17374 Disable 1024-DH Encryption by default new tbb-team defect High
#17379 Using the same build process in Tor Browser and Tor Messenger new boklm task Medium
#17381 Adapting the gitian/*.sh release scripts new boklm task Medium
#17382 Using tor to download all build dependencies new boklm task Medium
#17387 ExtraRelayDescriptorFields needs proposal number new task Low Tor: unspecified
#17391 (Sandbox) Caught a bad syscall attempt (syscall time) (__NR_time not defined?) reopened defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#17393 Make the various javascript on Tor sites be LibreJS-compatible? needs_review traumschule enhancement Low WebsiteV3
#17394 Consolidate ThirdPartyUtil patches new tbb-team defect Medium
#17396 Add tor2web redirects to HTTPS-E in TBB new virgil enhancement Medium
#17400 Decide how to use the multi-lingual Tor Browser in the alpha/release series new tbb-team task Medium
#17407 about:tor is broken in unsupported locales in the multi-lingual Tor Browser new tbb-team defect Medium
#17412 High-precision timestamps in JS new tbb-team defect Medium
#17413 Usability of MacOS installation process needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium WebsiteV3
#17418 Values in about:config that aren't disabled new tbb-team defect Medium
#17425 Improve GetTor Signature Section assigned defect Medium
#17427 Allow preseeding Enigmail options new ioerror, sukhbir defect Medium
#17430 Add graph with top-10 countries by directly connecting users assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#17431 Investigate attacks in fingerprinting paper new tbb-team defect Medium
#17432 (.onion) Bookmarks and Data Forensics new tbb-team defect Medium
#17440 Please help: Orbot not working on CyanogenMod 12.1 (Lollipop) new n8fr8 defect Medium
#17449 Test bridges we ship in Tor Browser regularly new boklm defect Medium
#17451 Tor controller [ControlPort] - bruteforce defence measures & detailed logging when listening non-locally new enhancement Very Low Tor: unspecified
#17467 Add proposals to assigned tpa enhancement Medium
#17472 Tor Browser already running but not responding needs_information tbb-team defect High
#17482 The longer a bwauth runs, the slower it goes new defect Medium
#17491 Orbot crashes when App-mode is enabled new n8fr8 defect Medium
#17495 Unit-test launch_resolve() in dns.c new task Medium Tor: unspecified
#17499 httpse-ruleset-bug enabling for cloudfront breaks assigned legind defect Medium
#17505 UBSan is freezing Tor Browser needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#17507 LSan is crashing Tor Browser on shutdown new tbb-team task Medium
#17509 Write a patch for additional -ldl needed when compiling Tor Browser with ASan and GCC 5 new gk task Medium
#17520 Relax the rend cache failure cleanup timer needs_information neel enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17521 Support capsicum(4) on FreeBSD assigned shawn.webb enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17523 PT Spec v1 should document the ExtORPort new yawning task Medium
#17533 do not use keyserver-options in Whonix new sukhbir enhancement Medium
#17543 Bring some clarity to behavior of net_is_disabled() vs DisableNetwork vs we_are_hibernating() new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#17545 Cannot sign-in to Wunderlist on Tor Browser needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#17548 shows outdated keys assigned defect Medium
#17554 Addon to encrypt history and bookmarks new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#17558 Sanitize copying to clipboard needs_information tbb-team defect High
#17560 gvfs-metadata contains a list of downloaded URLs new tbb-team defect Medium
#17569 Add uBlock Origin to the Tor Browser reopened tbb-team defect Medium
#17579 Split tor-gencert into "make cert" and "sign" portions new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17584 Disable bookmark backups (easy fix) (!) new tbb-team defect High
#17591 Use channel padding to obscure circuit setup assigned enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17594 Please reopen existing tabs and windows after upgrade new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#17596 risk/benefit of 'startupCache' suggest eliminating it new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#17597 XMLHttpRequest::open throws an exception needs_information tbb-team defect Low
#17600 HTTPS Everywhere Breaks web page assigned legind defect Medium
#17601 Tracking users using inaudible sound new tbb-team defect Medium
#17605 Tell caches to remove X-Your-Address-Is from Tor Directory documents needs_revision jryans defect High Tor: unspecified
#17607 Clean up section 2 in control-spec assigned gk enhancement Very Low Tor: unspecified
#17613 Add ruleset for Photography Is Not A Crime ( assigned legind enhancement Medium
#17615 Tor Browser sets network.proxy.socks_port in an inappropriate way new tbb-team defect Medium
#17626 BridgeDB's email distributor doesn't work if the "get help" text is quoted assigned defect Medium
#17627 Add missing controller events so we can link every step of the HS dance new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17629 Create chutney templates that match public tor network timings new enhancement Medium
#17636 Can a single IPv6 bridge failure stop Tor connecting? new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#17640 Handle CREATE/CREATED cell processing gracefully under load. assigned yawning enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17641 Use NoScript ABE feature to disallow hidden services access to clearnet needs_review tbb-team enhancement Medium
#17656 New Tor Install / Network Connection needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#17662 Have a test to check that Tor Browser updater is working new boklm task Medium
#17665 Drop scheduler config options new defect Very Low Tor: unspecified
#17669 Old links to outdated versions of Tor Browser should redirect to a page with the latest version of Tor Browser needs_information hiro enhancement High WebsiteV3
#17673 circuit_handle_first_hop assumes all one-hop circuits are directory circuits new defect Low Tor: unspecified
#17684 Simplify directory_get_from_dirserver so it can be unit tested new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17689 Use extra-info fields for download times assigned tom defect Medium
#17692 Review every use of onehop_tunnel for assumptions that it's a directory connection new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#17703 Direct volunteers to the right projects new mrphs, ailanthus task Low
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