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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#28526 Document how NGOs can run private obfs4 bridges, and get some doing it assigned ggus project Medium
#28541 Exit accepted Jkee299 project Immediate
#28556 Detect other installed circumvention tools and offer them as transports new tbb-team project Medium
#28948 Anonymous/private HTTP alternative. new alison project Medium
#29038 Security of host device and OS using Tor in Virtual Monitor new project High
#29096 Run Moat using ptadapter new project Low
#29114 Extended ORPort and TransportControlPort spec (#196) is "Finished" but not "Closed" new project Low Tor: unspecified
#29267 CI for pluggable transports new project Medium
#29285 Improve the PT spec and how PTs interface with Tor assigned phw project High
#29296 Look into alternatives for distributing bridge info to clients new project Medium
#29304 Manage the lifecycle of systems new tpa project Medium
#29318 Drop mingw-w64/gcc toolchain new tbb-team project High
#29400 Set up a Gitlab instance assigned tpa project Medium
#29448 Provide a dir-spec implementation that serves sanitised descriptors new sysrqb project Low
#29590 Smarter bootstrapping for Tor Browser taking censorship into account new tbb-team project Medium
#29650 Rewrite exit scanner to produce exit lists according to new format new metrics-team project Medium
#29864 consider replacing nagios with prometheus new tpa project Low
#29974 move critical services off, and then replace, moly assigned weasel project Medium
#29987 clear out unowned files on servers new tpa project Low
#30009 consider trocla for secrets management in puppet needs_review anarcat project Low
#30020 switch from our custom YAML implementation to Hiera accepted anarcat project Medium
#30026 move grafana in a docker container assigned hiro project Low
#30037 Optimizing and clarifying warnings and notifications new antonela project Medium
#30273 improve inventory of hardware resources new tpa project Low
#30289 Create a TapDance PT for Tor new project Medium
#30471 Improve UX for obfs4 bridge operation new project Medium
#30559 Tor won't start up properly needs_information tbb-team project Medium
#30857 migrate (some projects? everything?) from trac to gitlab new project Medium
#30872 Test BridgeDB's distribution channels in controlled experiment new dcf project Medium
#30939 Use Firefox's Tracking Protection as a means for performance improvements new tbb-team project Medium
#30986 Understand the "long tail" of unclassifiable network traffic assigned phw project Medium
#31052 Guest accounts in the ticketing system new qbi project Medium
#31153 Create a "tor-bridge" Debian meta package new project Medium
#31265 Sponsor 30 master ticket new project Medium
#31266 Objective 1: Support censorship circumvention through the improvement of network measurement methodologies aimed at detecting the blocking of circumvention tools. new project Medium
#31268 Objective O2: Ensure users in target countries have access to the best Tor bridge options for circumventing censorship. new project Medium
#31269 Objective O3: Improve Tor Browser experience for human rights defenders under censorship. assigned antonela project Medium
#31270 O1.2 - Analyze collected censorship circumvention tool test results and integrate them into OONI Explorer and the OONI API. new project Medium
#31271 O1.3 - Improve censorship circumvention tool methodology to include metrics that are also related to the performance of the tool. new project Medium
#31272 O1.4 - Make OONI Probe’s reporting logic more resilient to censorship. new project Medium
#31273 O1.5 - Develop OONI Probe orchestration logic that is specific to circumvention tool testing. new project Medium
#31274 O2.1 - Create an evaluation framework and collect data to better monitor and evaluate current bridge selection and distribution processes. new project Medium
#31279 O2.2 - Improve user experience and user interface of new project Medium
#31280 O2.3 - Develop new and/or improve existing bridge selection and distribution strategies. new project Medium
#31281 O2.4 - Boost security by increasing the number of bridges run by volunteers and collective entities through improvements to onboarding and better communications. new project Medium
#31282 O3.1 - Research different scenarios of how human rights defenders experience censorship. new antonela project Medium
#31283 O3.2 - Design the flow of how our users can bypass the scenarios of O3.1. new antonela project Medium
#31284 O3.3 - Implement final design of user flows created on O3.2. new tbb-team project Medium
#31434 Write ANTLR parsers for dir-spec descriptors and benchmark new metrics-team project Medium
#31435 Emulate different Fast/Guard cutoffs in historical consensuses new metrics-team project Medium
#31864 Provide Tor Browser for Windows arm64 new tbb-team project Medium
#31871 Identify what bridge selection and distribution methods are most used​ in targeted regions new project Medium
#31873 Create new bridge distribution mechanisms new project High
#31957 automate upgrades reopened hiro project Medium
#31969 deploy a puppet dashboard assigned anarcat project Medium
#32025 Stop using corpsvn and disable it as a service new tor-gitadm project Medium
#32117 Understand and document BridgeDB bot scraping attempts new project Medium
#32293 Make slides@tpo team, to collect and organize presentations and slides assigned ahf project Medium
#32355 Tor Browser for Linux/ARMv7 (x86_64 build arch) needs_review tbb-team project Medium
#32379 Use RLBox for sandboxing third-party libraries new tbb-team project Medium
#32740 Implement a feedback loop between BridgeDB and OONI assigned phw project Medium
#32872 New https-proxy implementation for shared hosting needs_information Nusenu project Medium
#32900 Reimplement and generalise BridgeDB? new project Medium
#32901 puppetize Nagios assigned anarcat project Low
#33044 Outreachy internship timeline assigned PROTechThor project Very Low
#33045 Increase the number of Tor network relays that support IPv6 new project Medium
#33048 O1.1 - Propose and implement IPv6 ORPort reachability checks on relays new project Medium
#33049 O1.2 - Make relays figure out their own IPv6 address new project Medium
#33050 O1.3 - Integration test Tor relays over IPv6 using chutney new project Medium
#33051 O1.4 - Measure the number of Tor relays that support IPv6 reachability checks new project Medium
#33052 O1.5 - Measure the number of connections, and consumed bandwidth, using IPv4 and IPv6 new project Medium
#33174 We want to have som automation to detect relay problems (both malicious and accidental) new ggus project Medium
#33291 Making the tor library size smaller assigned dgoulet project Medium
#33318 O1.1 Improve monitoring: We will produce a Nagios plugin for monitoring OnionPerf instances to ensure that they are operating correctly. new metrics-team project Medium
#33319 O1.2 Improve ease of deployment and maintenance: We will produce Ansible tasks for deploying and managing deployments of OnionPerf instances, which also allow for performing upgrades and custom configuration changes. new metrics-team project Medium
#33320 Objective 1: Make operational improvements to existing OnionPerf deployments and make it easier to deploy new OnionPerf instances new metrics-team project Medium
#33321 O1.3 Make OnionPerf more accessible to researchers and developers new metrics-team project Medium
#33322 Objective 2: Expand the kinds of measurements OnionPerf can take by making improvements to its codebase. new metrics-team project Medium
#33323 O2.1 Add instance metadata: We need a way to distinguish our current four long-term OnionPerf measurements that are automatically published to the Metrics portal from short-term experimental measurements. new metrics-team project Medium
#33324 O2.2 Develop at least one new OnionPerf model: An OnionPerf model defines the pattern of traffic that is generated by the instances for conducting a measurement. new metrics-team project Medium
#33325 O2.3 Implement static guard node support for OnionPerf. new metrics-team project Medium
#33326 Objective 3: Make improvements to the way we analyze performance metrics. new metrics-team project Medium
#33327 O3.1 Develop developer-facing tooling to quickly graph baseline performance metrics. new metrics-team project Medium
#33328 O3.2 Include additional OnionPerf filters. new metrics-team project Medium
#33406 automate reboots accepted anarcat project Low
#33438 OnionPerf: Scalability, Performance, Establishing Baseline Metrics new metrics-team project Medium
#33497 Translation on new metrics-team project Medium
#33588 migrate to puppetserver and Puppet 6 before EOL new tpa project Low
#33653 [S58] Objective 1: Build the infrastructure and processes to enable us to migrate Tor Browser for Android away from Fennec and onto Fenix new tbb-team project Medium
#33654 [S58] O1.1 - Set up QA and regression test infrastructure new tbb-team project Medium
#33656 [S58] O1.2: Update infrastructure to automatically rebase tor-browser.git patches onto Firefox-beta so they can be used in nightly builds. new tbb-team project Medium
#33657 [S58] Objective 2: Migrate Tor Browser for Android onto Fenix and away from Fennec new tbb-team project Medium
#33658 [S58] O2.1: Evaluate and address Fennec vs. Fenix UI changes. new tbb-team project Medium
#33659 [S58] O2.2: Update build system for Fenix migration. new tbb-team project Medium
#33660 [S58] O2.3: Update existing QA and regression test infrastructure for Fenix. new tbb-team project Medium
#33661 [S58] O2.4: Migrate Tor Browser for Android from ESR68 to Fenix. new tbb-team project Medium
#33664 Sponsor 58: Migrate Tor Browser for Android to Firefox’s Fenix new tbb-team project Medium
#33699 Create an exitmap module for DNS exit checks assigned gk project Medium
#33700 audio- and video-conferencing considerations assigned gaba project High
#33715 Create a metrics-common role and ops doc accepted irl project Medium
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