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#33677 Stop waiting a set time for onion service descriptors new enhancement Medium
#33683 Fenix fingerprinting new tbb-team defect Medium
#33690 Failed to decode the file. Either it is not in PKCS #12 format, has been corrupted, or the password you entered was incorrect. needs_information defect Medium
#33692 Add Git repository containing lots of large files new tor-gitadm task Medium
#33694 Allow setting up a locked update channel programatically new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#33695 Setup process for repeatedly check for exits that can't handle DNS queries new ggus task Medium
#33696 Integrate badexiting into the script assigned gk defect Medium
#33697 Investigate new Search Engine configuration new tbb-team defect Medium
#33699 Create an exitmap module for DNS exit checks assigned gk project Medium
#33700 audio- and video-conferencing considerations assigned gaba project High
#33701 Bug while saving a page. new tbb-team defect Medium
#33702 RSA_get0_d could not be located in the dynamic link library tor.exe assigned defect Medium
#33709 BridgeDB's deployment scripts are broken assigned phw defect Medium
#33715 Create a metrics-common role and ops doc accepted irl project Medium
#33717 Define metrics-common group vars to replace exit-scanner-sys role accepted irl defect Medium
#33718 Check in Nagios new metrics-team defect Medium
#33719 Check DNSEL in Nagios new metrics-team defect Medium
#33720 Check exit scanner in Nagios new metrics-team defect Medium
#33721 pdf viewer is not working in the safest security level new tbb-team defect Medium
#33724 Faild Background Update needs_information tbb-team enhancement Medium
#33725 Unexcpect Closed When Save a Page new tbb-team defect Immediate
#33727 Gmail marks emails from BridgeDB as spam new task Medium
#33728 Make tor-security@ non-schleuder; add tor-security-encrypted@ new hiro enhancement Medium
#33733 How do home directories work? assigned irl task Medium
#33734 Consider setting MOZ_NORMANDY=False new tbb-team defect Medium
#33735 Impossible to register on a site needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#33736 Update obfs4proxy package in debian assigned cohosh task Medium
#33737 Fix aboutDialog.js error for Firefox nightlies new tbb-team defect Medium
#33738 Circuit display broken in onboarding for #33533 new tbb-team defect Medium
#33744 Remove local LAN address ICE candidates from JS proxy answer new defect Very Low
#33746 Show users a bandwidth graph or activity spinner during slow loads new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#33748 crash on startup needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#33750 Hosting BTCPayserver assigned hiro defect Medium
#33755 not connecting new n8fr8 defect Medium
#33756 Hello, currently, in China, Tor Browser 9.5a8 still can't connect to Tor network through snowflake bridge. needs_information defect Immediate
#33758 Fix exitmap related bad relay tests assigned gk defect Medium
#33760 Update rbm.conf to match NDK 20 needs_review gk defect High
#33764 Unable to open browser new tbb-team defect Medium
#33766 DNS renumbering procedure fails if git server is unavailable needs_revision tpa defect High
#33769 Creating issues by email or commenting on merge requests by mail is not working in Gitlab new tor-gitadm defect Medium
#33770 GitLab tickets should go in their own component new tor-gitadm defect High
#33773 Add Tor Browser-specific licenses in about:license new tbb-team defect Medium
#33774 Waiting for tor to start.... needs_information tbb-team task Medium
#33784 Think about using `self._relays` in `_relays_with_flag()` and friends new enhancement Medium
#33785 ganeti allocator fails to allocate new instances assigned anarcat defect Medium
#33786 establish the "standard" virtual machine / instance size in Ganeti new tpa task Low
#33787 T-shirts for volunteers should be substituted, or supplemented, with socks new ggus enhancement Very Low
#33790 Does https-everywhere still use tor trac for bugtracker? new legind defect Medium
#33791 Evaluate Firefox tests new tbb-team defect Medium
#33795 Connection Failed new tbb-team defect Medium
#33797 Provide better logging for unit test runs in sbws new enhancement Medium
#33801 Upgrade Go Project to use new Android Toolchain merge_ready tbb-team defect High
#33803 Generate a second mar signing key for nightly accepted sysrqb task Medium
#33806 TOR BROWSER new tbb-team defect Medium
#33808 Release a new version of Tor Browser for Android based on Fenix. new tbb-team task Medium
#33809 Fast-Forward Tor Browser Versions new tbb-team task Medium
#33810 ganeti monitoring assigned anarcat task Low
#33814 Concerns about recent bug that allowed JavaScript to run in Tor Browser, even in the "safest" security setting new tbb-team defect Very High
#33820 Update from 9.0.7 to 9.0.8 segfaults needs_information tbb-team defect Very High
#33824 relay measures low / high on same network and same server new defect Medium
#33825 Make Environ handle "in" and "get()" like a dict needs_revision defect Medium
#33827 Tor Browser and certificates for onion services new tbb-team project Medium
#33830 Language Error new tbb-team defect Immediate
#33833 Upgrade Rust To Use Android NDK 20 needs_review gk defect High
#33835 Gmail's quoted response confuses BridgeDB's email autoresponder merge_ready agix defect Medium
#33836 Require Twisted 20.3.0 in gettor's requirements.txt new defect Medium
#33841 TorDNSEL not working new defect Medium
#33848 Disable Enhanced Tracking Protection (assuming we want it disabled) needs_review mcs defect Medium
#33849 Maybe disable Windows Hello assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#33851 Patch out Parental Controls detection and logging needs_review mcs defect Medium
#33852 Clean up about:logins (LockWise) to avoid mentioning sync, etc. assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#33855 Don't use site's icon as window icon in Windows when in private browsing mode assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#33859 The word "bridge" appeared as my entry (guard) node, for no apparent reason new tbb-team defect High
#33862 Fix usages of createTransport API merge_ready tbb-team defect Medium
#33863 Git onion service not working. assigned tor-gitadm defect Medium
#33865 Maybe disable all auto-play assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#33867 Disable password manager and password generation assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#33870 vanguards: Vanguards silently fail on certain condition assigned mikeperry defect Medium
#33876 Back Button on Tor Browser Android Closes App When Log is Open new tbb-team enhancement Low
#33878 Make URL DuckDuckGo search use POST method (in Safest security level) new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#33879 relay-search now gives wrong instructions when javascript is off new tbb-team defect Medium
#33881 Unable to change default directory location in Parrot OS needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#33882 Launch torbrowsers on the same host from different users needs_information tbb-team enhancement Medium
#33890 Rename .xul to .xhtml merge_ready tbb-team defect Medium
#33892 Add brandProductName to torbutton brand localization files merge_ready tbb-team defect Medium
#33893 Track down old GetTor mirrors and decide what to do with them new task Medium
#33895 Mirror personal git repos used for Pluggable Transports new defect Medium
#33896 Depictor: stop claiming so many digits of precision for clock skew new tom defect Medium
#33903 avc: denied { ioctl } for comm="" new tbb-team defect Medium
#33904 tba: tabs sometimes fail to rerender new tbb-team defect Medium
#33915 Compile Tor with Rust support on Android Nightly new tbb-team defect Medium
#33921 gitlab monitoring assigned hiro task Low
#33927 Add tor-browser-build project for fenix assigned gk defect High
#33930 Tor binary we build seems to not getting picked up in nightly builds new gk defect Medium
#33932 Improve steps for creating gradle dependencies lists for projects needs_review gk enhancement Medium
#33934 Fix Fenix reproducibility issues new tbb-team defect Medium
#33935 Fenix's classes5.dex files are not reproducible new tbb-team defect Medium
#33936 Make our fetch-gradle-dependencies script smarter regarding dependency location assigned gk defect Medium
#33938 tba: Out of memory after "Could not create search engine from name" new tbb-team defect Medium
#33939 Decide which components of Fenix to rip out, disable, or use new tbb-team task High
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