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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#564 Implement correct status reporting assigned enhancement 1.4 High
#664 Torbutton should not present custom certs if tor is enabled assigned tbb-team enhancement High
#975 Torbutton prevents PKCS#12 import/export assigned tbb-team defect High
#992 Torbutton reset toolbar's settings new defect High
#1224 Torbutton Disables Clear Fields new defect High
#1247 bootstrap hickups when network is down new enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#1354 Configuring Tor with --with*dir gives wrong directories assigned nickm defect Tor: unspecified High
#1392 Torbutton Addon interferes with toolbar buttons for add-ons (including its own) new defect Torbutton: 1.2.5 High
#1620 Cross-site HTTPS links cause errors when TorButton is used with NoScript. assigned defect High
#1622 Torbutton should jar DOM Storage data assigned enhancement High
#1623 Block protocol handler enumeration new tbb-team enhancement TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable High
#1749 Split relay and link crypto across multiple CPU cores accepted nickm project Tor: unspecified High
#1821 Better error message when proxy is down assigned defect High
#1839 Rotate available bridges over time new isis enhancement High
#1907 Unbalanced bandwidth reported in extra-info new defect Tor: unspecified High
#2099 TorButton breaks S3Fox uploads assigned defect High
#2160 Document rule review process new schoen enhancement High
#2161 Allow subscription to external rule feeds accepted mikeperry enhancement High
#2224 Provide some kind of UI indication for disabled tabs assigned koryk enhancement High
#2227 Investigate new tab APIs assigned enhancement High
#2424 Android purges firewall rules after network disable/airplane mode. accepted n8fr8 defect High
#2640 Make tor:// urls safe (and enable them by default) assigned enhancement High
#2665 Create a dirauth DoS response procedure new task Tor: unspecified High
#2764 analyze security tradeoffs from using a socks proxy vs a bridge to reach the Tor network assigned arma task High
#2878 Don't bootstrap from an old consensus if we're about to replace it new enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#2940 Adapt browser time based on tor's notion of clock skew... new tbb-team enhancement High
#3021 Make the microdesc format a little more flexible, with optional TAP key assigned nickm defect Tor: unspecified High
#3440 Split bwauth children more equally assigned aagbsn enhancement High
#3469 Anomalous Ports in Exit Policies needs_review chiiph defect High
#3511 Automatically chosen published ports should be stable assigned blackpaw enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#3595 Connections with IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses bypass transproxy accepted n8fr8 defect High
#3600 Prevent redirects from transmitting+storing cookies+identifiers new tbb-team defect High
#3652 Export clock skew opinion as getinfo command needs_revision nickm enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#3667 Toolbar icons non-deterministic? needs_information tbb-team defect High
#3677 Inactive TB cause dead hang on assigned defect High
#3701 PyTorCtl shouldn't os.kill() itself new defect High
#3723 Report version of bwscanners in votes assigned aagbsn enhancement High
#4015 BwAuthority postgres scanner freezes with changes from #3679 TorCtl Event Parsing Rewrite reopened aagbsn defect High
#4187 A verified unverified-consensus should be renamed to cached-consensus assigned defect Tor: unspecified High
#4229 smartlist_len returns a (signed) int new defect Tor: unspecified High
#4260 [PATCH] Update TOR build instructions for mingw assigned erinn enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#4271 Perform some integrity checking in bw auth fetches assigned aagbsn defect High
#4286 We cannot detect JavaScript redirection loops new pde enhancement High
#4320 Audit functions called during options_act_reversible() new defect Tor: unspecified High
#4338 TBB creates Mozilla folder in user folder needs_revision mikeperry defect High
#4379 workaround for setting socks port to 9050 on OS X does NOT work reopened chiiph defect High
#4445 Gather WARN and ERROR log lines from bwauth children in assigned aagbsn enhancement High
#4522 Add privilege separation for bundled browser assigned tbb-team enhancement High
#4580 Some Tor clients go nuts requesting the consensus if there is no recent enough consensus new defect Tor: unspecified High
#4581 Dir auths should defend themselves from too many begindir requests per address needs_revision andrea defect Tor: unspecified High
#4708 Implement bwauth cap for latency assigned aagbsn enhancement High
#4709 Implement bwauth cap for TCP socket exhaustion assigned aagbsn enhancement High
#4730 Bwauth: Use only "slow" measurements for positive feedback assigned aagbsn defect High
#4767 torbutton disables the possibility to drag and save shortcut links assigned defect High
#4806 Detect and warn when running IPv6-using client without IPv6 address privacy needs_revision enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#4810 Weird screen sizes reported by Panopticlick needs_revision mikeperry enhancement High
#4909 bwscan never cleans up log files assigned aagbsn defect High
#4967 Hint new users on how the toolbar button works new pde enhancement High
#5186 Show streams on circuits new atagar enhancement High
#5211 Discuss other ways for the bridge authority to run bridge reachability tests assigned isis task Tor: unspecified High
#5219 Intelligently use capabilities/privileges and drop what we don't need for all possible platforms new enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#5221 Intelligently use capabilities/privileges and drop what we don't need for Windows new project Tor: unspecified High
#5222 Intelligently use capabilities/privileges and drop what we don't need for Mac OS X new nickm enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#5278 torbutton blocks image titles even when tor mode is off. new mikeperry defect High
#5291 Re-test TBB on dual-stacked IPv6 machine assigned boklm task High
#5292 Build a (manual) TBB test suite assigned boklm task High
#5294 Make human summary of TBB design doc new task High
#5393 orbot relay bug - orbot is not setting the relay values into torrc properly causing orbot to not work when set as relay accepted n8fr8 defect High
#5426 Facilitator: remember client registrations new dcf task High
#5456 Defend against path bias and tagging attacks new project Tor: unspecified High
#5457 Bw auths don't count circuit failures in descriptor mode new mikeperry defect High
#5459 Exit scanner should scan for Guard <-> Exit reachability assigned aagbsn defect High
#5464 Decentralized measurement for network load balancing assigned arma enhancement High
#5636 Vidalia is frozen and unresponsive. needs_information chiiph defect High
#5666 Hook MediaElement for Full Screen Mode new tbb-team defect High
#5685 Publish node best practices doc and scripts new mikeperry task Tor: unspecified High
#5798 Improve persistence and WebFont compatibility of font patch new tbb-team defect High
#5816 Unintentional connections by TBB to Google and Yahoo servers new tbb-team defect High
#5885 is not attaching the bad content file new aagbsn defect High
#5968 Improve onion key and TLS management new enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#6005 Secure download of videos from YouTube new tbb-team enhancement High
#6311 Migrate TOR_SEARCH_LIBRARY to use pkg-config new enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#6459 error starting transparent proxy new n8fr8 defect High
#6474 Don't prompt for Offline Storage unless disk activity is enabled new tbb-team defect High
#6548 Improve the Usability of Tor Browser Bundle new tbb-team project High
#6549 Implement "Do Not Track" as privacy-by-design new tbb-team project High
#6622 Tor link against static zlib broken by -pie switch new defect Tor: unspecified High
#6676 Nuke ‘MyFamily’ new task Tor: unspecified High
#6767 tor crashes with Assertion smartlist_get(rl->old_routers, idx) == sd failed new defect Tor: 0.3.2.x-final High
#6837 More fine-grained modular decomposition new enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#6877 Finally replace all char[] buffers with uint8_t[] buffers new defect Tor: unspecified High
#6885 vidalia was unable to authenticate to the tor software needs_information chiiph defect High
#6939 Missing IPv6 ORPort reachability check needs_revision defect Tor: unspecified High
#7003 Wipe relay key material from memory on common crash conditions new enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#7025 Support Tor 0.2.3.x control port event keyword reordering new aagbsn defect High
#7027 Defend against Website Traffic Fingerprinting new enhancement Tor: unspecified High
#7075 Automated reporting of buggy rulesets? assigned zyan enhancement HTTPS-E 4 stable High
#7118 add Thandy support for censored areas to Thandy Design new nickm task High
#7144 Implement Bridge Guards and other anti-enumeration defenses needs_revision isis project Tor: unspecified High
#7148 Even better parameter voting protocol new defect Tor: unspecified High
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