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#5257 Translate the Chrome port of HTTPS-E assigned zyan task Immediate
#12412 Orbot broke using TransPort new n8fr8 defect Immediate
#15161 CTCP fingerprinting reopened sukhbir defect Immediate
#20787 Orbot failed to connect if I use bridges with proxy. new n8fr8 task Immediate
#21444 Webcam light flashes when I open NoScript menu needs_information tbb-team defect Immediate
#21961 should torbrowser enable network.IDN_show_punycode by default? needs_review tbb-team enhancement Immediate
#23000 HTTPS Everywhere does not work in current versions of SlimJet assigned legind defect Immediate
#24698 Torbrowser keeps hanging and freezing, plus it takes a very long time to load after hibernation needs_information tbb-team defect Immediate
#25970 Can not start nyx in a Raspberry pi 3 new atagar defect Immediate
#26320 Orfox 52.8.0esr-7.5-1 Crash needs_information tbb-team defect Immediate
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