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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#940 Multiple Identity Support assigned tbb-team enhancement Medium
#952 Torbutton does not block access to non-default Tor-related ports new defect Medium
#1136 When Tor is offline, it doesn't quite run out of relays, so doesn't realize it's offline assigned mikeperry defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#1299 Tor should verify signatures before parsing new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#1593 Implement test (-t switch) functionality assigned kaner task Medium
#1889 Contradictory bandwidth reports in overlapping extra-info descriptors new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#1939 Trac Homepage should be a dev landing page new defect Medium
#1966 Need to handle non-ISO-639-1 language codes assigned n8fr8 defect Medium
#1969 Full i18n in preference new n8fr8 enhancement Medium
#2003 Hibernation Soft and Hard Limits Reached Simultaneously assigned Sebastian enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#2069 Orbot fails to start if configured as a relay new n8fr8 defect Medium
#2077 Overwriting files can fail on Windows needs_information nickm defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#2084 Convert torcheck to git reopened defect Medium
#2162 Support alternate authentication models assigned mikeperry enhancement Medium
#2179 Stream fairness: Stop packaging inbufs onto circuits greedily new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#2180 We should test for fairness on entry and exit connections new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#2259 The "new ticket" page should contain good advice on how to write good tickets. new erinn enhancement Medium
#2282 Publish router descriptors rejected by the authorities or omitted from the consensus new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#2395 Break Wed and Wee weights into two classes each assigned mikeperry enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#2455 Log IP of wrongly replying DNS-Server(s) needs_revision enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#2506 Design and implement a more compact GeoIP file format assigned endian7000 enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#2542 Problem with downloading attachments in Tor Browser for OS X needs_information mikeperry defect Medium
#2550 bwauth should reschedule quicker bandwidth test when bandwidthrate changes? new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#2609 Make trac send less mail new erinn enhancement Medium
#2628 Be smarter about launching connections to authorities to learn about clock skew new project Tor: unspecified Medium
#2664 DoS and failure resistence improvements new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#2667 Exits should block reentry into the tor network new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#2671 Better communication for authority operators, core developers in emergency situations assigned nickm task Medium
#2681 brainstorm ways to let Tor clients use yesterday's consensus more safely new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#2693 Design and implement improved algorithm for choosing consensus method new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#2715 Is rephist-calculated uptime the right metric for HSDir assignment? new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#2739 Clear Memory-Only Intermeditate Cert Store new tbb-team defect Medium
#2743 safelogging should cover hidden service name and intro-points too assigned rransom defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#2761 Orbot Service not shutting down accepted n8fr8 defect Medium
#2877 Prevent TLS state from accumulating in Tor Browser new tbb-team defect Medium
#2888 Testing framework/dataset for bw auths new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#2914 Tor should truncate log file if loglevel < notice needs_revision defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#2967 bad pidfile handling on ENOSPC new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#2981 Progress bar in an infinite loop while loading reopened n8fr8 defect Medium
#2983 Errant circuit creation beyond MAPADDRESS validity new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#2991 Confusing log messages when a DA starts using a new key new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#2998 If your bridge is near your exit, Tor might surprise you by failing your circuit new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#3029 We should save received documents before parsing them new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#3037 Internal checks to detect client streams/circuits whose sock request vanished new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#3080 Bug: The application request to "":5222 has launched 10 circuits without finding one it likes. new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#3081 Orbot start up problem/looping dialog new n8fr8 defect Medium
#3082 Orbot problems on rooted x10 with jit installed. assigned n8fr8 defect Medium
#3145 excludeexitnodes by ip misleading when exit relay uses outboundbindaddress new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#3217 When bridges change, only close the circuits for the bridges we stopped using new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#3241 Seeing lots of "crypto error while reading public key from string" on DA new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#3322 We don't retry our bridges if we have an unconfigured bridge that's up new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#3509 Torbutton won't display as a text box in the add-on bar. new tbb-team defect Medium
#3520 CIRC FAILED REASON=DESTROYED events do not specify which hop sent the RELAY_TRUNCATED cell new rransom enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#3544 Add to menu option for TBB new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#3546 Disabling Third party cookies breaks some REcaptcha-using sites assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#3555 Pin *'s certs in TBB reopened tbb-team enhancement Medium
#3572 Disable Orbot transparent redirect for rfc1918 & localhost assigned n8fr8 defect Medium
#3587 Accounting should work with pluggable transports new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#3591 We must implement the whole pluggable transports thing new asn project Medium
#3663 Fatal error on Mixminion accepted nito defect Medium
#3685 Restore status panel visibility with FF4+ needs_review mikeperry enhancement Medium
#3711 Application support for optimistic data: Torsocks needs_revision sysrqb task Medium
#3733 Tor should abandon rendezvous circuits that cause a client request to time out accepted dgoulet defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#3767 Allow Tor to listen on a specific interface for ORPort new ioerror enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#3775 Permission error on Orbot accepted n8fr8 defect Medium
#3777 Should not generate mixed-content warnings if rewriting all http to https accepted pde defect Medium
#3780 GetTor and BridgeDB should share email processing code new kaner enhancement Medium
#3781 Write a spec for GetTor assigned kaner task Medium
#3782 Add native chroot support to Tor new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#3799 Investigate methods for translating strings in Unixoid shell scripts needs_review traumschule task Medium
#3847 Provide ability to round robin outgoing exit connections on multiple interfaces new enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#3863 Do something smarter with Windows Tor crash dumps new tbb-team task Medium
#3893 Verifying-signatures needs some work needs_review arma enhancement website redesign Medium
#3974 Disable flash's "allow cookies" pref somehow new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#3978 Better TBB about:config settings(?); re: browsing and loading speed, etc. needs_information mikeperry enhancement Medium
#3980 gettor should have a way to mail you sha1sums of our packages needs_review kaner enhancement Medium
#3982 MAPADDRESS for IP ranges (CIDR, etc) reopened enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#3994 Get TorBrowser in Debian new task Medium
#4079 Comb bw auth logs and fix or demote frequent ERRORs and WARNs new enhancement Medium
#4132 Email Cookie Monster author about better 3rd party support new mikeperry task Medium
#4152 Implement Bottom Up Randomization (Windows platform) assigned tbb-team enhancement Medium
#4173 When disabling a rule for the top-level page URL, reload as HTTP not HTTPS new jacobske87 enhancement Medium
#4193 make trac timeline be the frontpage for assigned qbi enhancement Medium
#4233 Exact addition/summation and memory allocation needs_revision enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#4269 Improve slice handling in bw auths new mikeperry defect Medium
#4270 Provide optimized postgres config for bw scanners new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#4271 Perform some integrity checking in bw auth fetches new defect Medium
#4278 MSDN navigation breakage (due to Origin: header omission?) accepted pde defect Medium
#4280 build changes for TBB assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#4310 Reorder tor manpage entries within sections new task Tor: unspecified Medium
#4335 Per-urlbar domain plugin control new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#4359 Minimize time between new relay appearing and having some bw vote for it new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#4363 Dirauths should save a copy of a consensus that didn't get enough signatures needs_revision enhancement Tor: unspecified Medium
#4385 Wizard comes up when you try to exit orbot needs_review n8fr8 defect Medium
#4386 Requesting better "too slow" warning message new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#4391 `GETINFO ns/all` doesn't return 'p' lines -- make something that does! new defect Tor: unspecified Medium
#4408 HTTPS Everywhere breaks the YouTube JS API new pde defect Medium
#4423 Orbot flushes all foreign iptables rules assigned n8fr8 defect Medium
#4445 Gather WARN and ERROR log lines from bwauth children in new enhancement Medium
#4446 Twitter timelines sometimes fail to load new mikeperry defect Medium
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