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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#29770 mails relayed from lists.tpo to bounces assigned tpa defect Medium
#29846 fstrim script makes noises on some servers new tpa defect Low
#30770 consider alternatives to the puppet mono-repo new tpa defect Medium
#31051 bungei running out of space new tpa defect Medium
#31226 add validation checks in puppet new tpa enhancement Medium
#31239 automate installs new tpa enhancement Medium
#31244 long term prometheus metrics new tpa enhancement Medium
#31633 publish HTML documentation of our puppet source new tpa enhancement Low
#29671 evaluate possible options for OpenPGP keyring maintenance assigned tpa task Low
#29677 evaluate password management options assigned tpa task Low
#29816 replace "Tor VM hosts" spreadsheet with Grafana dashboard assigned tpa task Medium
#30023 improve grafana authentication new tpa task Medium
#30880 document backup/restore procedures accepted anarcat task Medium
#30881 answer the opsreportcard questionnaire, AKA the "limoncelli test" assigned anarcat task Medium
#31214 audit account-keyring new tpa task Medium
#31242 switch root@ aliases and possibly other torproject-admin@ aliases to RT assigned anarcat task Medium
#31243 2. define how users get support, what's an emergency and what is supported new tpa task Medium
#31261 cleanup services inventories in the wiki assigned anarcat task Medium
#31722 make a new product assignment page new hiro task Medium
#31723 design help documents for the help service and provide support for new users new ggus task Medium
#29864 consider replacing nagios with prometheus new tpa project Low
#29974 move critical services off, and then replace, moly assigned anarcat project Medium
#29987 clear out unowned files on servers new tpa project Low
#30009 consider trocla for secrets management in puppet assigned anarcat project Low
#30020 switch from our custom YAML implementation to Hiera accepted anarcat project Medium
#30026 move grafana in a docker container assigned hiro project Low
#30273 improve inventory of hardware resources new tpa project Low
#30857 migrate (some projects? everything?) from trac to gitlab new project Medium
#31686 retire textile new tpa project Medium
#31690 study archival possibilities new qbi project Medium
#31700 decomission jabber server assigned anarcat project Medium
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