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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#29206 New design for client -- server protocol for Snowflake needs_revision cohosh task Medium
#30579 Add more STUN servers to the default snowflake configuration in Tor Browser needs_information cohosh defect Medium
#30878 Set up snowbox to simulate censorship assigned cohosh task Medium
#31701 Reachability tests for new obfs4 bridges assigned cohosh defect Medium
#32545 Perform measurements to concretely understand snowflake throughput and network health assigned cohosh task Medium
#32657 Investigate Snowflake blocking in China needs_information cohosh defect High
#32870 Bump version of pion webrtc in Tor Browser needs_review cohosh task Medium
#32938 Have a way to test throughput of snowflake proxy assigned cohosh enhancement Medium
#33002 Localized binaries not working for some locales assigned cohosh defect High
#32569 Make sure dip gettor repo is up to date with gitweb assigned hiro defect Medium
#29269 Evaluation of bridge statistics assigned phw task Medium
#29277 Look into getting default Tor bridges scanned by external reachability tests assigned phw task Medium
#29285 Improve the PT spec and how PTs interface with Tor assigned phw project High
#32027 Bump version of Go to 1.13+ new tbb-team defect Medium
#29267 CI for pluggable transports new project Medium
#29274 Get developers using new PT alphas new project Medium
#29275 Get default bridges checked for reachability by OONI new task Medium
#29286 Maintain obfs4 proxy new task Medium
#29287 Have backup PT in pipeline new project Low
#29293 New Design for client -- broker protocol for Snowflake new task High
#29296 Look into alternatives for distributing bridge info to clients new project Medium
#29863 Add disk space monitoring for snowflake infrastructure merge_ready task Medium
#30289 Create a TapDance PT for Tor new project Medium
#30498 Proxy-go is receiving a lot of client timeouts new defect Medium
#30704 Plan for snowflake update versioning and backwards compatability new task Medium
#31109 Better gamify the UX for snowflake extension new enhancement Medium
#31151 Make pre-compiled binaries for proxy-go new task Medium
#31201 Allow webextension users to specify how many resources it uses new defect Medium
#31804 Authentication for proxy--bridge connections new defect Medium
#31847 Expand contribution guidelines for snowflake new defect Medium
#32117 Understand and document BridgeDB bot scraping attempts new project Medium
#32677 Find a way to notify deployed proxy-go instances of updates new task Medium
#32716 Understand where gettor distribution providers are blocked new task Medium
#33034 Gitlab soft deletes projects for 7 days new defect Medium
#33036 Revive Twitter responder new defect Medium
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