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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#12208 Make it possible to use an IP address as a front (no DNS request and no SNI) assigned dcf enhancement Medium
#25065 goptlib doesn't allow optimistic SOCKS data assigned dcf enhancement Medium
#25723 Multiplex - one client splits traffic across multiple proxies assigned dcf defect Low
#26092 Split broker into components assigned dcf project Low
#28726 Loosen restrictions on message sizes in WebSocket server assigned arlolra defect Medium
#29125 Make websocket server tolerant of HTTP/2 assigned arlolra defect Medium
#31455 Redeploy meek-server instances using Go 1.11.13+ / 1.12.8+ assigned inf0 defect High
#31497 Link Cupcake from assigned dcf enhancement Medium
#31890 Redeploy meek-server instances using Go 1.12.10+ / 1.13.1+ assigned inf0 task High
#32032 Assertion mp->conf_state == PT_PROTO_COMPLETED failed in managed_proxy_stdout_callback assigned ahf defect Medium Tor: 0.4.2.x-final
#32129 Increase Snowflake proxy poll interval to 300 s needs_review enhancement Medium
#32131 `SetDeadline not implemented` errors in proxy-go output needs_review defect Medium
#25598 Let the broker inform proxies how often to poll needs_revision enhancement Medium
#28672 Android reproducible build of Snowflake needs_revision project Medium
#11013 Windows installer's language should default to the bundle's language new tbb-team defect Medium
#12428 Make it possible to have multiple requests and responses in flight new dcf enhancement Medium
#12857 Use streaming downloads new dcf enhancement High
#13470 Windows installer is missing Vietnamese as a language option new tbb-team defect Medium
#13770 BusyBox-style bundling of Go programs can save space new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#18077 meek-server logging client IP addresses in some situations new dcf defect High
#18141 Tame "reading from ORPort" error logs in meek-server new dcf enhancement Medium
#19001 Tor Browser with Snowflake new project Very High
#19026 Remove local LAN address ICE candidates new enhancement Medium
#19669 `log_prefix_` maybe getting weird output from strftime new defect Low Tor: unspecified
#20025 document.characterSet leaks locale when HTML page does not specify its own encoding new tbb-team defect Medium
#22945 End-to-end confidentiality for Snowflake client registrations new enhancement Medium
#25528 When ClientTransportPlugin is missing, tor connects directly to bridge addresses, even if they have a transport name new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#25874 DNS-based rendezvous for Snowflake new project Medium
#26151 Snowflake rendezvous using Amazon SQS new project Medium
#29364 Tone down [WARN] log messages resulting from meek-client output new dcf enhancement Medium
#29432 QuotedString and CString in control-spec.txt technically require escaping ascii 32 (space) new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#29525 Allow proxy credentials in `meek-client --helper` new dcf enhancement Low
#29526 Allow https proxies in `meek-client --helper` new dcf enhancement Low
#30510 Share access to the Snowflake domain front CDN configuration new task Medium
#32034 tor reads PT protocol messages from stderr new defect Medium Tor: 0.4.3.x-final
#12774 "Firefox is already running" when you select meek after bootstrapping reopened dcf defect Medium
#13469 Windows 32bit installer is missing many languages from the NSIS file reopened tbb-team defect Medium
#20348 Allot Communications blocking of vanilla Tor, obfs4, and meek in Kazakhstan, starting 2016-06 reopened project Medium
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