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#22013 Migrate blog.tpo assigned hiro defect Medium
#23674 Symbolic link not allowed error in apache/trac assigned hiro defect Medium
#28065 Tor web docs accepted hiro defect Medium
#28340 Package gettor for Debian new defect Medium
#29901 Point to tpo repository assigned hiro defect Medium
#30929 Need a new vm for snowflake monitoring assigned hiro defect Medium
#31994 localize gettor website assigned emmapeel task Medium
#32090 Blog status and where to go new tpa defect Medium
#32197 Gitlab throwing 503 when creating a Merge Request from a forked repository new tor-gitadm defect Medium
#32730 Status of and migration from ansible to the omnibus package new tor-gitadm defect Medium
#32781 Investigate alternative method to share bridges and Tor Browser bundles based on social network protocols new defect Medium
#33037 Does civi handle bounces? new tpa defect Medium
#33106 Deploy solr on tor project infra new tpa defect Medium
#33107 Install a web metrics solution new defect Medium
#33115 Migrating the blog to a static web site with Lektor new hiro defect Medium
#33705 Add header to redirect websites visitors using tor-browser to the .onion address assigned hiro defect Medium
#33750 Hosting BTCPayserver assigned hiro defect Medium
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