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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#19496 Provide backports for obfs4proxy Debian packages new asn task Medium
#22026 Create new service to retrieve raw documents new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#23809 Add instructions for running a relay on a Raspberry Pi accepted hiro task Medium website redesign
#23941 Determine if a relay is eligible for a t-shirt and display on details page assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#24074 Refactor IRC connection and authentication into an IRCManager class assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#24076 Implement a MicroblogAccount interface that logs to the console assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#24077 Refactor microblog accounts setup and updates into a MicroblogManager assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#24412 Search parameter limit always returns 400 error reopened metrics-team defect Medium
#24422 Look at Information Architecture for Tor Metrics new metrics-team task Medium
#24830 Mashup GoodBadISPs with Onionoo to give indications of which providers are oversubscribed new metrics-team project Medium
#25210 Measure how often tor clients fetch the consensus new metrics-team project Medium
#25219 Reduce size of relay flags and align center in badges assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25240 Add an interface to the Metrics CSV files new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25283 Decide when we can turn off new metrics-team task Medium
#25404 Update design to use new styleguide (bootstrap 4) new metrics-team project Medium
#25537 Integrate Tor BSD Diversity Project's statistics into Tor Metrics new metrics-team project Medium
#25570 Allow autodiscovery of the news atom feed new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#25689 Provide a backport to stretch for checkstyle in Debian assigned metrics-team task Medium
#25775 Use OnionPerf to measure network partitioning new metrics-team project Medium
#25776 Extend OnionPerf to measure pluggable transports new metrics-team project Medium
#25777 Create a new service to help relay operators debug their relay new metrics-team project Medium
#26047 Create a static summary of the Tor Messenger statistics new metrics-team task Medium
#26597 Investigate and document additional overhead for first hop when not using guards new hiro defect Medium
#26669 Add a new icon for "Obsolete" needs_review hiro enhancement Medium
#26689 No support for an upstream proxy that uses NTLM authentication new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#26763 Generate tweets from Metrics news feed accepted irl enhancement Medium
#26836 Update and refresh the research portal new project Medium
#26837 Move the "research-ideas" tickets to research ideas page new enhancement Medium
#26838 Port the research portal content to Lektor accepted irl enhancement Medium
#27008 Remove ooniprobe and dependencies reopened irl task Medium
#27064 Batch merge for Relay Search patches reopened metrics-team task Medium
#27181 Avoid unnecessary disk writes new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#27187 Possible for inconsistency between summary and details with AS number new metrics-team defect Medium
#27716 Out of memory when loading in multiple years of relay descriptors new metrics-team defect Medium
#27840 Update translations needs_information metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28271 Check OnionPerf instances from Nagios accepted irl task Medium
#28401 stem.client does not fragment across relay cells when making dir requests over orports needs_information atagar defect Medium
#28465 Use or remove "package" lines from votes accepted irl enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#28495 Please provide a parser for detached signatures needs_information atagar enhancement Medium
#28502 Add the ability to add annotations to descriptors needs_information atagar enhancement Medium
#28503 Move annotation handling to the base Descriptor class needs_information atagar enhancement Medium
#29107 Please add op-ab to CollecTor accepted karsten task Medium
#23934 Add tweet templates for platform diversity assigned metrics-team enhancement Low
#23935 Add tweet templates for running versions assigned metrics-team enhancement Low
#23936 Add tweet templates about users of Tor assigned metrics-team enhancement Low
#23937 Add tweet templates about events in the Tor network assigned metrics-team enhancement Low
#24069 Maintain a copy of the previous details document assigned metrics-team enhancement Low
#24070 Generate an event if more than X relays join assigned metrics-team enhancement Low
#24071 Generate an event if the most used Tor version changed assigned metrics-team enhancement Low
#24073 Generate an event if there is a major relay outage assigned metrics-team enhancement Low
#24495 Add aggregated summary documents new metrics-team enhancement Low
#25571 Add an iCalendar feed of metrics events new metrics-team enhancement Low
#25589 Add test to ensure that output of ATOM feed is valid XML new metrics-team enhancement Low
#23939 Create an XMPP interface for querying relay/bridge details assigned metrics-team enhancement Very Low
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