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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#30247 Understand GetTor usage new enhancement High
#30716 Improve the obfs4 obfuscation protocol needs_revision phw task High
#31873 Create new bridge distribution mechanisms new project High
#19183 Add sybilhunter's visualisations to Metrics website assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#30121 Create authoritative, parseable list of Tor Browser's default bridges assigned phw task Medium
#30872 Test BridgeDB's distribution channels in controlled experiment new dcf project Medium
#30986 Understand the "long tail" of unclassifiable network traffic assigned phw project Medium
#31009 Tor lets transports advertise private IP addresses in descriptor new enhancement Medium Tor: 0.4.5.x-final
#31103 Support ORPort picking a random port that persists across restarts new enhancement Medium
#31153 Create a "tor-bridge" Debian meta package new project Medium
#31228 Support spawning multiple transport instances new enhancement Medium
#31377 Create a GetTor survival guide new task Medium
#31422 Make BridgeDB report internal metrics needs_information phw enhancement Medium
#31426 Update BridgeDB's specification new task Medium
#31523 Recruit potential default bridges from set of long-running bridges new task Medium
#31870 Do an informal usability study on the "get bridges" process new task Medium
#31871 Identify what bridge selection and distribution methods are most used​ in targeted regions new project Medium
#31874 Automatically test the PTs of bridges assigned phw defect Medium
#31875 BridgeDB should consider a user's location new task Medium
#31876 Overhaul BridgeDB's documentation and specification assigned juggy task Medium
#31877 Promote workshops on how to set up a bridge at relay operator meetups new ggus task Medium
#31878 Make BridgeDB and bridge authority more resilient new task Medium
#31990 How should we proceed with website mirrors? new ggus task Medium
#32007 Add anti-censorship research ideas new irl enhancement Medium
#32035 Only use translations that are >=80% complete new enhancement Medium
#32064 Make web searches for Tor Browser more useful new ggus task Medium
#32095 Analyse the "Carbon Reductor DPI X" DPI system new task Medium
#32622 Fix misleading STATUS_CLIENT warning message assigned nickm defect Medium Tor: 0.4.4.x-final
#32740 Implement a feedback loop between BridgeDB and OONI assigned phw project Medium
#32900 Reimplement and generalise BridgeDB? new project Medium
#33047 How can we optimise the anti-censorship suite for mobile? new task Medium
#33088 Offer obfs4 docker image for additional architectures new enhancement Medium
#33122 GetTor should provide download links even if email request is invalid new enhancement Medium
#33145 Go through process of distributing private bridges new task Medium
#33153 Make obfs4 Docker image support private bridges new enhancement Medium
#33162 Create a "torproject" Docker organisation assigned phw task Medium
#33709 BridgeDB's deployment scripts are broken assigned phw defect Medium
#33727 Gmail marks emails from BridgeDB as spam new task Medium
#33835 Gmail's quoted response confuses BridgeDB's email autoresponder merge_ready agix defect Medium
#34148 Create a monit configuration file and set up an instance assigned phw task Medium
#34153 Use emma to learn where our bridge distribution mechanisms (don't) work new task Medium
#34195 Make wolpertinger create usage metrics assigned phw enhancement Medium
#34212 Set up a domain-fronted end point for wolpertinger assigned phw task Medium
#34253 GetTor should set In-Reply-To when responding to email new enhancement Medium
#34258 Create a shim that hooks up wolpertinger with bridgestrap assigned phw task Medium
#34259 Make wolpertinger fetch OONI's test results from raw data cans assigned phw enhancement Medium
#34260 Make BridgeDB take into account its BlockedBridges table new enhancement Medium
#34318 BridgeDB doesn't like non-UTF8 encoded requests assigned agix defect Medium
#34322 Make BridgeDB's web interface look like new enhancement Medium
#17703 Direct volunteers to the right projects new mrphs, ailanthus task Low
#30500 Can the GFW still do DPI for "new" vanilla Tor? new task Low
#31719 obfs4proxy should be more helpful if state file is empty new enhancement Low
#32276 Help BridgeDB see client IP addresses of moat requests new enhancement Low
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