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#28544 about:tor onion along the bottom have inconsistent widths assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#28561 Migrate custom 'About Tor Browser' dialog from torbutton to tor-browser branding assigned pospeselr defect Medium
#28809 Create build-specific installer for macOS assigned pospeselr defect Medium
#28810 Have tor operate on different ports by default for alpha, release and nightly Tor Browser builds assigned pospeselr defect Medium
#28996 Tor Browser on Windows creates a file in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\CustomDestinations containing the Tor Browser install location assigned pospeselr defect Medium
#29657 Change the 'Learn More' links in the securitylevel component to point to new documentation assigned pospeselr defect Medium
#29825 Intelligently insert the Security Level button to the user's taskbar rather than resetting to default on upgrade needs_review pospeselr defect Medium
#29868 tor-browser-build fails in container-image-windows-i686 attempting to install package python-future new tbb-team defect Medium
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