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#27330 @get_tor on twitter not responding needs_review hiro defect High
#26061 Add blog posts to contributor pages reopened hiro defect Medium
#29504 Add keywords to website new hiro defect Medium
#29937 Cannot choose language on mobile accepted antonela defect Medium
#28411 Cannot view or edit tags on blog posts new hiro defect Medium
#24520 Change menu capitalization on blog new hiro defect Medium
#26066 Include clip of post summaries in sidebar new hiro defect Medium
#24440 Match blog title post spacing to archive post title spacing needs_review hiro defect Medium
#26912 Pull blog post "Summary" into "Recent Updates" preview text new hiro defect High
#25660 Remove "New Private Window" option from Tor Browser or make it a separate session reopened tbb-team defect Medium
#24981 Update trac identity to match styleguide reopened hiro defect Medium
#26775 Upload image to new hiro defect Medium
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