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#25784 Misleading error message when asking for IPv6 in a network with no IPv6-capable exits new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#26675 Incorrect ancillory data presented on Torflow guard relay "update" vote lines new tom defect Medium
#26921 Sometimes randomly start new n8fr8 defect Low Tor: unspecified
#27446 hs: Report configuration error on the control port new defect Low Tor: unspecified
#27483 Onboarding: dialog closure is effectively treated as "read", causing screen advancement new tbb-team defect Medium
#27501 Local color override broken with 8.0 update new tbb-team defect Medium
#29000 Let torsocks run from source directory new enhancement Very Low
#29364 Tone down [WARN] log messages resulting from meek-client output new dcf enhancement Medium
#29520 Makefile: let target "micro-revision.i" be a prerequisite of the default target new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#29525 Allow proxy credentials in `meek-client --helper` new dcf enhancement Low
#29526 Allow https proxies in `meek-client --helper` new dcf enhancement Low
#29621 Systemd Tor service starts too early new defect Low
#29642 Free Windows library handles when we free_all in a module new enhancement Low Tor: unspecified
#29741 Work out how to fail chutney travis jobs when the tor repository is out of date or missing new defect Low
#29987 clear out unowned files on servers new tpa project Low
#30085 Bug: Unexpectedly high use successes counts (101.500000/100.000000) for guard new defect Very Low Tor: unspecified
#30134 reEnable IPv6 routing by Orbot add back Route to handle IPv6 new n8fr8 defect High
#30352 Tor fails to recover if it was started with incorrect date settings new defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#30416 Enforce cooperation sanity new alison defect Low
#30474 RFC: Tor should warn about expiring keys much earlier (and leass annoying) new enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#30723 Work out why no measurements are excluded because they are too old new defect Low sbws: 1.1.x-final
#30724 Work out why relay_in_recent_consensus_count is 13 days for some relays new defect Low sbws: 1.1.x-final
#30858 Load geoip and geoip6 files during the unit tests new defect Low Tor: unspecified
#30969 Add timestamp, country, and commit keys to the directory list header and log new enhancement Low
#31156 Add support of TBytes keyword to torrc for AccountingMax setting (and maybe others) new enhancement Low Tor: unspecified
#31536 Allow using Kerberos ticket new tbb-team task Medium
#31719 obfs4proxy should be more helpful if state file is empty new enhancement Low
#31832 Coverage flapping in hs_get_responsible_hsdirs() new defect Low Tor: unspecified
#32168 Add CORS wildcard to check API new hiro enhancement Medium
#32491 Build fails with uClibc (and maybe some other non-standard libc's) sometimes new defect Medium
#32654 Torbrowser overides user disabling tor proxy after restart new brade defect Low
#32821 Is it possible to implement the "Block media elements larger than x KB" feature from uBO in NoScript or TBB? new tbb-team enhancement Low
#32982 Unable to install Android Tor aarch64 on Galaxy A10e (model SM-A102U) new tbb-team defect Medium
#33112 snowflake-webextension "Could not connect to the bridge." new defect Medium
#33136 Setting TOR_TRANSPROXY=0 is the same as TOR_TRANSPROXY=1 new tbb-team defect Low
#33147 Let users exit the Tor browser on Android without connecting to Tor. new n8fr8 enhancement Medium
#33741 Format code blocks inside markdown files (documentation) new enhancement Very Low Tor: unspecified
#33742 Add information about design paper and anonbib inside README.1st new enhancement Very Low Tor: unspecified
#33786 establish the "standard" virtual machine / instance size in Ganeti new tpa task Low
#33943 bandwidth-shaping script link Path not found new ggus defect Low
#34253 GetTor should set In-Reply-To when responding to email new enhancement Medium
#34435 Update bug-reporting links for gitlab new defect Medium
#19208 add searx search engine reopened tbb-team enhancement Low
#20600 meek-client-torbrowser should always use TOR_BROWSER_TOR_DATA_DIR reopened dcf defect Medium
#22632 The scrollbar in TBB is enabled and disabled based on a setting in macOS system preferences reopened tbb-team defect Low
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