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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#30929 Need a new vm for snowflake monitoring assigned hiro defect Medium
#31114 Threading in blog comments is hardly visible and blog comment formatting is broken new hiro defect High
#31159 Monitor anti-censorship www services with prometheus assigned hiro task Medium
#31212 Document known long-term issues of Tor Browser new hiro enhancement Medium
#31216 In the list of onion services run by the Tor Project, a domain name and an .onion-address link misdirect to the same wrong Tor Project https page new hiro defect Medium
#31295 please server Tor signature files with Content-Disposition that encourages a download rather than inline viewing new hiro defect Medium
#31339 GitHub blocked in Iran affecting gettor circumvention assigned hiro enhancement Medium
#31722 make a new product assignment page new hiro task Medium
#31724 Localizations not working reopened hiro defect Medium
#31784 move majus off of moly assigned hiro task Medium
#31885 403 Error on HSv2 rqef5a5mebgq46y5.onion needs_information hiro defect Medium
#31957 automate upgrades assigned hiro project Medium
#31965 dev portal git repo and lektor instance new hiro task Medium
#31982 Make sure GetTor info pages and repositories are self-consistent and clear assigned hiro defect Medium
#32198 upgrade CRM* machines to buster assigned hiro task Medium
#32288 in our "Join the discussion" footer on our blog is giving a 404 new hiro defect Medium
#32390 decomission storm / bracteata on February 4, 2020 new hiro task Medium
#32460 download page has confusing flow, especially with donate banner new hiro defect High
#32569 Make sure dip gettor repo is up to date with gitweb assigned hiro defect Medium
#32574 set up mirror repo on GitHub torproject/jtorctl new hiro task Medium
#32749 Tor download button on your site does nothing when I click on it reopened hiro defect Very High
#32874 Tor blog tags not showing up on mobile new hiro defect Low
#32932 Allow browser Find (Ctrl+F) on new hiro defect Medium
#32933 Please adapt GeKo's core people entry new hiro defect Medium
#32946 Something in the jenkins setup is reverting the website to an older version new hiro defect Medium
#32949 Migrate dip from gitlab-01 to gitlab-02 assigned hiro defect Medium
#30250 we should retire the 'rpm packaging' trac component new hiviah enhancement Medium
#22150 Our website mirror community needs some love needs_information ilv enhancement Medium
#10061 Complete specification for generalised PT composition new infinity0 enhancement Medium
#10878 push obfs-flash Twisted improvements upstream new infinity0 task Medium
#10970 tor-bridge-relay Debian package new infinity0 project Medium
#8908 Tor systemd socket activation support needs_revision intgr enhancement Very Low Tor: unspecified
#10762 TorBridy should try both SOCKS port 9050 and 9150 needs_review ioerror defect Medium
#11728 Torbirdy shouldn't allow clearnet connections on startup if started in Transparent Torification mode needs_review ioerror defect High
#13607 TorBirdy should have an option to distrust all certificate authorities new ioerror enhancement Medium
#17427 Allow preseeding Enigmail options new ioerror, sukhbir defect Medium
#17101 Tests for connection_ap_handshake_rewrite_and_attach needs_revision ipazmino defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#31590 List page template for research ideas new irl task Medium
#32007 Add anti-censorship research ideas needs_review irl enhancement Medium
#32264 MS: Perform fetches of check.tpo in an exitmap plugin accepted irl task Medium
#32265 MS: Format an exit list from a previous exit list and exitmap output accepted irl task Medium
#21222 Main ticket for website redesign project assigned isabela project Very High website redesign
#24132 work assigned isabela defect Medium website redesign
#12952 PBS Video broken 6 months, "Crossdomain loading denied" assigned ivanovpetr defect Medium
#4173 When disabling a rule for the top-level page URL, reload as HTTP not HTTPS new jacobske87 enhancement Medium
#10218 Provide "users-per-transport-per-country" statistics for obfsbridges assigned joelanders enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#17605 Stop caches storing or modifying X-Your-Address-Is from Tor Directory documents needs_revision jryans defect High Tor: unspecified
#16559 bwauth code needs to be smarter about failed circuits assigned juga defect Medium sbws: unspecified
#19009 bandwidth testing circuits should be allowed to use our guards assigned juga defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#22453 Relays should regularly do a larger bandwidth self-test needs_information juga defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#25925 bwauth improvements (ex-parent ticket for SoP planned tasks) assigned juga defect Medium sbws: unspecified
#26906 Add sbws Debian package in deb.tpo assigned juga defect Medium
#28045 Start supporting python 3.7, python 3.8, and pypy3.5 accepted juga defect Medium sbws: 1.2.x-final
#28282 Refactor bandwidth file generation code assigned juga enhancement Medium sbws: unspecified
#28589 Open trac tickets for every open sbws GitHub issue assigned juga defect Medium sbws: unspecified
#28774 Stop the integration tests http server when the tests end needs_revision juga defect Medium sbws: unspecified
#29047 Improve code style following PEP8 and PEP257 assigned juga defect Medium sbws: unspecified
#29048 Remove unused code assigned juga defect Medium sbws: unspecified
#29057 Adapt bandwidth file classes to be compatible with stem (descriptors, etc) documents assigned juga defect Medium sbws: unspecified
#29294 Create an script to automate releases needs_revision juga defect Medium sbws: unspecified
#30406 Refactor bandwidth file header constants needs_revision juga defect Medium sbws: 1.2.x-final
#4509 Write blog posts on strategies to avoid risk and protect online identity assigned karen task Medium
#33065 metrics dirbytes graph either underreports or leaves out dir auths? accepted karsten enhancement Medium
#10677 Run unit tests for pluggable transports when building Tor Browser Bundle assigned kpdyer enhancement Medium
#12677 fteproxy server's response to malformed messages reopened kpdyer enhancement Medium
#21436 fteproxy does not work on Debian stretch / document fteproxy usage on Debian stretch new kpdyer defect Medium
#15965 * does not always support HTTPS assigned legind defect Medium
#16045 - New Rule assigned legind enhancement Medium
#16074 won't run properly with Https Everywhere running assigned legind defect Medium
#16123 No videos on with Brightcove HTTPS-E rule assigned legind defect Medium
#16187 Using GreD to get the path to libnss3.dylib is broken since Firefox 35 assigned legind defect Medium
#16256 Wowhead assigned legind defect Medium
#16569 doesn't work on https (the domain on the licence doesn't match) assigned legind defect Medium
#16609 Cloudfront rule stops Shareaholic icons from loading assigned legind defect Medium
#16681 HTTPS Everywhere: Faulty redirection from to assigned legind defect Medium
#16987 needs alternate short name assigned legind enhancement Medium
#17300 Form action on does not get rewritten assigned legind defect Medium
#17499 httpse-ruleset-bug enabling for cloudfront breaks assigned legind defect Medium
#17613 Add ruleset for Photography Is Not A Crime ( assigned legind enhancement Medium
#18347 bad ruleset / unusable assigned legind defect Medium
#18473 LongTail breaks certain jwplayer versions (flash and html5) assigned legind defect Medium
#18551 Duolingo speach recognition fails to load assigned legind defect Medium
#18748 GoogleApis breaks CBS Videos assigned legind defect Medium
#18830 Loop when accessing assigned legind defect Medium
#19713 pixiv's "ugoira" animations don't load with https everywhere assigned legind defect Medium
#19772 CNET videos won't load w/ https and uBlock Origin & Chrome assigned legind defect Medium
#19946 Lufthansa.xml not working for email-links from booking system assigned legind defect Medium
#19994 Forwards URLs with dedicated port number which causes breakage assigned legind defect Medium
#20099 filter silently breaks some forms assigned legind defect Medium
#20279 archives do not behave as expected assigned legind defect Medium
#20349 neocities blogs support https but extension doesn't redirect to https assigned legind defect Medium
#20485 new ruleset: Open Police Complaints assigned legind enhancement Medium
#20598 ssl-observatory.dtd spelling error assigned legind defect Medium
#21125 HTTPS Everywhere compleatly breaks assigned legind defect Medium
#21517 breaks website assigned legind defect Low HTTPS-E next Firefox dev release
#21618 assigned legind task Medium
#21690 ruleset is enabled but not DeviantArt, causing mixed content warnings assigned legind defect Medium
#21700 partially broken by Cloudfront rule assigned legind defect Medium
#21839 " (partial)" is partially broken assigned legind defect Medium
#22093 Ruleset for "" breaks features assigned legind defect Medium
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