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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#21515 Add auxiliary data on Tor relays and bridges to CollecTor new metrics-team Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#22834 Decide what to do with UnparseableDescriptors while synchronizing from another instance needs_information metrics-team Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#23421 Use persistence functionality throughout all modules assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#24431 Provide fallback mirror lists new metrics-team Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#25307 Use `persist` package for writing bridge descriptors in sanitization module assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#25309 Use java8 datetime classes in bridgedesc module new metrics-team Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#26089 collect and archive DNS resolver data of tor exits new metrics-team Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#28003 Consider refactoring various code that makes descriptors persistent new metrics-team Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#31695 Allow pushing Metrics to CollecTor from trusted endpoints new metrics-team Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#33061 archived bandwidth scanner files lack explicit source attibution needs_information metrics-team Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#33502 Do not let appended descriptor files grow too large new karsten Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#17689 Use extra-info fields for download times assigned tom Medium Metrics/Consensus Health
#18163 Consensus health doesn't track direct connection timings new tom Medium Metrics/Consensus Health
#20403 Make it easier for relay operators to find their observed bandwidth new tom Medium Metrics/Consensus Health
#21993 Consensus Health: are an authority's measurements higher or lower than others? reopened tom Low Metrics/Consensus Health
#21994 Consensus Health: what is the distribution of a bandwidth authority's measurements? new tom Very Low Metrics/Consensus Health
#24344 Add an "UnreachableIPv6" flag to relays in consensus health new tom Medium Metrics/Consensus Health
#24811 Add Hibernating Pseudo-Flag new tom Medium Metrics/Consensus Health
#24865 Use icons on Consensus Health new tom Low Metrics/Consensus Health
#33266 Prop 313: 7.2. Show IPv6 Relay Counts on Consensus Health new tom Medium Metrics/Consensus Health
#33649 Show progress towards flags on consensus health new tom Medium Metrics/Consensus Health
#24112 Update ExoneraTor's README file new metrics-team Medium Metrics/ExoneraTor
#24365 Make ExoneraTor testable new metrics-team Medium Metrics/ExoneraTor
#24542 Improve logging for Exonerator accepted karsten Medium Metrics/ExoneraTor
#27714 support more recent lookups new metrics-team Medium Metrics/ExoneraTor
#27715 support relative time in timestamp parameter new metrics-team Medium Metrics/ExoneraTor
#27840 Update translations needs_information metrics-team Medium Metrics/ExoneraTor
#31071 Add a notice if we're missing data for a lookup reopened metrics-team Medium Metrics/ExoneraTor
#10223 Add BGP route attack email notification service to metrics utilities / tools as descriptor endpoints are announced assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Ideas
#22026 Create new service to retrieve raw documents new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Ideas
#25542 Find an alternative to MaxMind's GeoLite2 City database new metrics-team Low Metrics/Ideas
#28276 towards an Exception Reports framework new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Ideas
#32126 Add OONI's Vanilla Tor measurement data to Tor Metrics new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Ideas
#16225 Unify exception/error handling in metrics-lib assigned metrics-team Medium metrics-lib 3.0.0 Metrics/Library
#17861 Consider adding a new interface RelayNetworkStatusMicrodescConsensus assigned metrics-team Low Metrics/Library
#18797 Create a DescriptorGenerator for testing and maybe other purposes assigned metrics-team Low Metrics/Library
#20430 Define common log levels assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#22140 Store raw descriptor contents as UTF-8 encoded Strings rather than byte[] new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#22196 Configure descriptor sources using method chaining assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#22208 Provide lines containing extra, unrecognized arguments new metrics-team Medium metrics-lib 3.0.0 Metrics/Library
#22512 Add enums for keywords used in exit lists, Torperf measurement results, bridge pool assignments, and soon sanitized web logs new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#22583 Replace code where we iterate over a directory using a Stack with FileVisitor new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#22678 Look into existing Java Collections classes as replacement for BlockingIteratorImpl assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#22696 Create a test collection for the entire API new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#22733 Use parameterized tests instead of repeated methods new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#24028 Provide a modernized API for metrics-lib assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#24166 Make descriptor reading stoppable new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#24293 Create new metrics-lib package with generally useful classes and functions new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#24434 Provide fallback list parser new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#26699 Use temporary files for storing descriptor files fetched from remote CollecTor server new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#28114 Improve getter names for boolean fields in metrics-lib new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Library
#9778 Add votes document type assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#11430 Add new field last_running for "seen in a network status with the Running flag" in addition to last_seen for "seen in a network status" assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#11573 Store pre-generated response parts in a database rather than in plain files assigned metrics-team Low Metrics/Onionoo
#13137 Provide more historical data to facilitate debugging network problems assigned metrics-team Low Metrics/Onionoo
#13424 Add new `descriptor` parameter that returns relays or bridges by digest of recently published descriptors assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#13425 Add new document type `debug` that includes digests of recently published descriptors and statuses they're referenced from assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#13562 Add more detailed logging to backend and frontend components assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#15844 Develop database schema to support Onionoo's search parameter efficiently assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#15848 Update details documents in a single, atomic step assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#16843 Add all bwauth measurements (from votes) assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#19650 Keep non-printable characters out of details documents assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#21171 Write a test for NodeDetailsStatusUpdater new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#21354 Reduce memory overhead for storing uptimes new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#21389 Support searches for effective family (strict and non strict maching) new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#21909 Add metadata about used geoip data assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#23348 Update all documentation markdown files assigned metrics-team Medium Onionoo 2.0.0 Metrics/Onionoo
#23829 Add support for search term negation assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#23913 Allow parameters and qualified search terms to be specified more than once assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#23984 Extend Onionoo's nagios script to all known frontends new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#24412 Provide single parameter that accepts all other parameters as qualified search terms reopened metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#24436 Provide fallback mirror information new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#24458 Specify Onionoo's query and search syntax new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#24495 Add aggregated summary documents new metrics-team Low Metrics/Onionoo
#24837 Allow Relay Searches for Additional Flags new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#24870 Use java 8 date-time functionality in Onionoo new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#25176 Combine fixed-time history objects into a single object with an x axis for time new metrics-team Low Metrics/Onionoo
#25274 Consolidate Onionoo's API new metrics-team Low Metrics/Onionoo
#25742 add more metadata about relays: #1 DNSSEC validation, #2 DNS server new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#26091 add tor exit DNS resolver data to onionoo new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#26585 improve AS number and name coverage (switch maxmind to RIPE Stat) new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#26898 add parameters for verified_host_names and unverified_host_names needs_information metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#27153 add ipv6_as and ipv6_as_name new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#27155 Include BGP prefix information in details documents new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#27235 add route_origin_rpki_validity field new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#28048 Metrics: Allow to search for relays per continent new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#28963 Please add option to search for relays with fingerprint and nickname. new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#28271 Check OnionPerf instances from Nagios assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#30362 OnionPerf TGen parser needs reworking assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#30798 Develop and deploy tgen model resembling ping reopened metrics-team High Metrics/Onionperf
#33257 Add CDF-DL graph needs_review karsten Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33259 Store measurements in a local database to reduce plotting time new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33260 Add option to filter graphed OnionPerf results by relay fingerprint new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33391 Add new metadata fields and definitions needs_review metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33392 Add new metadata fields to json output new metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33399 Measure static guard nodes with OnionPerf accepted karsten Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33420 Add CBT events to Onionperf result files assigned metrics-team Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33421 Track which Guard is used for experimental measurements accepted karsten Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33432 Multiple downloads for oneshot mode assigned phw Medium Metrics/Onionperf
#33974 Update OnionPerf to TGen 1.0.0 accepted acute Medium Metrics/Onionperf
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