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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority Version Points
#2325 Document torrc format tor-relay, 027-triaged-1-in, SponsorS, TorCoreTeam201507 closed nickm task Low Tor: 0.2.7 small
#14175 chutney verify: report client, bridge, and HS performance tor-perf SponsorR SponsorS tor-hs tor-client tor-bridge TorCoreTeam201507 closed teor enhancement Medium
#15057 Write a proposal for removing RSA1024 identities tor-relay, needs-proposal, 027-triaged-1-in, SponsorU, TorCoreTeam201507 closed defect High Tor: 0.2.7 medium
#15220 Allow SocksSockets writable by arbitrary user 027-triaged-1-in, TorCoreTeam201507 closed enhancement High Tor: 0.2.7 small
#16162 spaces in Tor's systemd unit file causes issues systemd, TorCoreTeam201507 closed defect High
#16543 Retire VoteOnHidServDirectoriesV2 ? tor-auth, TorCoreTeam201507 closed nickm enhancement Medium
#16580 Reload keypins on SIGHUP? Or provide some other way to undo a single keypin? TorCoreTeam201507 closed nickm defect Very High
#16581 Always load public master ed25519 key from disk, check for match with signing cert TorCoreTeam201507 closed defect Very High
#16582 Distinguish ENOENT from other error cases when loading keys. TorCoreTeam201507 closed defect Very High
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