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#30551 Android - Use different port numbers new tbb-team defect Medium 7 months ago sysrqb tbb-mobile sisbell
#27438 Android Gradle Build Downloads closed tbb-team defect Medium 12 months ago sisbell tbb-rbm, tbb-mobile, TorBrowserTeam201810R sisbell
#30666 Android Q Arm Testing on Emulator closed tbb-team task Medium 8 weeks ago sisbell tbb-mobile gk, sysrqb, n8fr8
#32023 Android Tor Browser closed tbb-team task Very High 2 months ago Anonymous75
#32001 Android Tor Browser 60esr-based doesn't work on Android 10 (Q) closed defect Medium 2 months ago sysrqb tbb-mobile
#32723 Android Tor Browser startup stalls at "Opened HTTP tunnel listener on" new tbb-team defect Medium 27 hours ago asmx tbb-mobile
#28587 Android app has stopped finding servers. new n8fr8 defect High 13 months ago T014y88 T014y88
#31564 Android bundles based on ESR 68 are not built reproducibly anymore closed tbb-team defect Very High 2 months ago gk tbb-9.0-must-alpha, GeorgKoppen201909, TorBrowserTeam201910R sisbell, boklm
#13954 Android fonepad new n8fr8 defect Medium 2 years ago stockman
#15321 Android libight beta closed hellais task Medium 2 years ago sbs
#15322 Android libight release closed hellais task Medium 2 years ago sbs
#2424 Android purges firewall rules after network disable/airplane mode. accepted n8fr8 defect High 4 years ago cypherpunks n8fr8
#28672 Android reproducible build of Snowflake needs_revision project Medium 3 months ago dcf tbb-mobile, tbb-rbm, GeorgKoppen201904, ex-sponsor-19, TorBrowserTeam201907, anti-censorship-roadmap-august, snowflake dcf, arlolra, eighthave, gk, cohosh
#27256 Android specific about:config preferences closed tbb-team defect High 12 months ago towiw tbb-mobile, TBA-a2, TorBrowserTeam201811R mtristan
#13333 Android users visiting sites using Tor leave all kinds of incriminating evidence in the logs assigned n8fr8 defect Medium 2 years ago cypherpunks
#30756 Android: Begin bootstrapping immediately after success new tbb-team enhancement Medium 6 months ago sysrqb tbb-mobile, ux-team
#32535 Android: Cleanup Cache closed tbb-team defect Medium 3 weeks ago sisbell tbb-mobile, TorBrowserTeam201911 gk, sysrqb
#30854 Android: Downloads are confusing new tbb-team defect Medium 6 months ago sysrqb tbb-mobile, ux-team antonela
#30856 Android: Downloads are forgotten new tbb-team defect Medium 6 months ago sysrqb tbb-mobile
#30855 Android: Downloads are saved in the shared storage new tbb-team defect Medium 6 months ago sysrqb tbb-mobile
#5482 Annotate and sort the social-network bridge pools by stability and reachability closed aagbsn project Medium 7 years ago karsten SponsorF20121101 SponsorL
#11860 Annotate on-disk reports with whether they've been successfully uploaded to the collector closed hellais enhancement Medium 5 years ago arma
#5651 Annotation header with descriptor types closed karsten enhancement Medium 8 years ago atagar
#2153 Annotation rules not adequately enforced. closed defect High 7 years ago nickm
#28067 Annotations should be documented in dir-spec.txt new enhancement Medium 3 months ago rl1987 irl, karsten
#14161 Announce Tor Messenger to the public closed task Medium 14 months ago sukhbir arlolra, boklm
#2953 Announce intent to EOL Torbutton on tor-talk closed mikeperry task Medium 9 years ago mikeperry MikePerryIterationFIres20110417
#2960 Announce intent to EOL torbutton on the blog closed mikeperry task Medium 9 years ago mikeperry MikePerryIteration20110501
#22285 Announce new list of fallback directory mirrors in 0.3.1 closed teor task Medium 3 years ago teor
#29093 Announce the new fallback list, and tell downstream maintainers that it has changed closed teor task Medium 5 months ago teor fallback teor
#1642 Announce to other researchers what data and tools we have closed karsten task Medium 9 years ago karsten
#3844 Anomalies in info/names results closed defect Very Low 7 years ago atagar easy controller spec tor-client
#19108 Anomally in inner window sizes closed tbb-team defect Medium 4 years ago ynona configuration,tor-browser-bundle
#3469 Anomalous Ports in Exit Policies closed chiiph defect High 18 months ago atagar archived-closed-2018-07-04
#16344 Anomalous tor-reports@ subscription requests closed weasel defect Medium 4 years ago atagar qbi
#8928 Anonymity has been abruptly unmasked closed tbb-team defect Very High 3 years ago shogun
#18682 Anonymous IRC client closed tbb-team project Medium 4 years ago cypherpunks
#5921 Anonymous donation available? closed phobos task Medium 8 years ago cypherpunks
#28948 Anonymous/private HTTP alternative. new alison project Medium 12 months ago nrG9pBu HTTP ggus
#19279 Another EXIT node tempering HTTP webpage closed task Medium 3 years ago ikurua22
#5144 Another libpng security hole closed erinn defect Immediate 2 years ago rransom Sebastian
#794 Another minor leak closed nickm defect Low 7 years ago arma arma, nickm
#2767 Another possible directory-handling bug closed defect Medium 6 years ago rransom spec-conformance easy tor-relay tor-spec
#16093 Another related expense: $1500 or a bit more for Sambuddha, who wants to work on Stem closed isabela task Medium 5 years ago isabela
#16095 Another related expense: $4k for two more videos by Kajart closed isabela task Medium 3 years ago isabela mrphs
#16094 Another related expense: hidden service meeting in July for Memex. closed isabela task High 5 years ago isabela
#11486 Another unit test for parse_bridge_line() closed defect Low 6 years ago asn tor-client tor-pt
#18142 Anti-Automated-Scanning: Support "marking" with iptables TCP connections differently "for each circuits" new enhancement Low 2 years ago naif needs-design maybe-bad-idea tor-relay problematic-privacy
#10717 Anti-abuse for webchat support system closed Sherief defect Medium 6 years ago phoul SponsorO mttp, mrphs, lunar, Sherief, phoul
#11740 Anti-spam plugins needed for Trac closed erinn defect High 4 years ago cypherpunks
#8321 Antivirus warning (Gen.Variant.Kazy) with TBB 2.3.25-4 closed erinn defect Medium 5 years ago helpinghand virus, needs-triage
#24647 Any last words on FCC's anti-net neutrality law as an American organization? closed hiro defect High 2 years ago cypherpunks
#17350 Anycast Resolution in OONI measurements closed hellais, anadahz enhancement High 18 months ago willscott anycast, measurement, archived-closed-2018-07-04
#22186 Apache HTTP Server closed tpa defect Medium 3 years ago sainslie scott@…
#30419 Apache's server-status page accessible via TPO onion services closed anarcat defect Medium 7 months ago Parckwart
#13121 App Conflict new n8fr8 defect Low 4 years ago dlmr
#32214 App dies after some time on Android 9 needs_information tbb-team defect High 7 weeks ago sysrqb tbb-crash, TorBrowserTeam201910, tbb-9.0-issues
#31607 App menu items stop working closed tbb-team defect High 10 days ago mcs ff68-esr, tbb-9.0-must-alpha, BugSmashFund, TorBrowserTeam201910R acat, upsuper, baddles
#26528 App stores should not be allowed to use UpdateService closed tbb-team task Medium 12 months ago igt0 tbb-mobile, TorBrowserTeam201807R sysrqb, gk
#24203 AppArmor default config blocks Snowflake from running with system tor closed defect Medium 21 months ago cypherpunks snowflake dcf, arlolra
#17693 AppArmor profile denies access to run/systemd/notify closed weasel defect High 4 years ago regar42 AppArmor systemd/notify
#6560 AppArmor, SELinux and other protections new tbb-team enhancement Medium 15 months ago ioerror needs-triage, apparmor intrigeri, adrelanos@…, erinn, nicoo
#8570 AppCrash_vidalia.exe closed chiiph defect Very High 4 years ago 45millions
#12112 AppData for arm closed atagar enhancement Low 4 years ago atagar
#9274 AppNexus ruleset breaks photobucket image display closed MB defect Medium 6 years ago pde httpse-ruleset-bug
#27996 Apparent race condition when recalculating relay priority closed defect Medium 13 months ago pastly sbws-1.0-must-closed-moved-20181128 pastly, juga, teor
#31643 Apparently NumEntryGuards is not considered if we add it after we already have a state file that indicates otherwise closed defect Medium 3 months ago s7r tor-guard, tor-client, state-file
#1574 Apparently we break Request Policy closed pde defect High 7 years ago pde jsamuel, mikeperry, keb
#2295 Apparently we break some FasterFox features closed pde defect Medium 8 years ago pde
#611 Apparently, we can use more than 15000 connections closed defect Low 7 years ago nickm nickm
#26181 Apparmor + systemd failures when loading included service files + DisableAllSwap Fix new defect Very High 15 months ago d3m0nkingx apparmor, 035-removed-20180711
#18370 Apparmor prevents last tor build from starting closed defect Medium 4 years ago Ricky_Martin weasel
#27794 Apparmor profile whitelist /etc/torrc.d/ and /usr/local/etc/torrc.d/ closed defect Medium 15 months ago adrelanos apparmor weasel, whonix-devel@…
#11521 Appears vulnerable to Heartbleed closed mikeperry defect Medium 6 years ago Richard
#3905 Append "&uptodate=1" to browser.startup.homepage closed erinn defect High 8 years ago mikeperry
#20228 Append all votes with same valid-after time to a single file in `recent/` assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium 22 months ago karsten iwakeh
#9764 Apple Search Bug closed pde defect Medium 5 years ago cypherpunks
#8982 Apple System Log (ASL) files contain traces of the Tor Browser Bundle new tbb-team defect Medium 2 years ago runa tbb-disk-leak, needs-triage runa
#13777 Apple iOS IPSW downloads broken on Akamai new zyan defect Medium 4 years ago t3hub3rk1tten httpse-ruleset-bug
#687 Application Crash When BitTorrent Client Launched closed phobos defect Low 7 years ago HANtwister HANtwister, nickm
#2137 Application Error when closing tbb-firefox.exe closed erinn defect Low 7 years ago cypherpunks
#3711 Application support for optimistic data: Torsocks needs_revision sysrqb task Medium 2 years ago nickm performance roundtrip iang@…, mwenge, Matthew.Finkel@…, dgoulet@…
#314 Application uses IP warning when that IP is mapped through MapAddress to a hostname closed arma defect Low 7 years ago AstralStorm AstralStorm, arma
#23277 ApplicationControlSocket: the way for apps to control Tor new enhancement Medium 2 years ago yurivict271
#3890 Applications should start using optimistic data closed tbb-team enhancement High 5 years ago nickm SponsorZ, needs-triage iang@…, rransom, arma, t55wang@…, ln5
#14626 Apply OpenPGP Best Practices for Tor Browser Developers Signing Key closed tbb-team enhancement Medium 5 years ago proper u@…, proper
#23383 Apply Tor style guide to redesigned Tor Metrics website closed metrics-team enhancement Medium 2 years ago karsten ux-team linda, isabela, antonela, stephw
#23632 Apply Tor trademark for anon-connection-wizard new alison task Low 2 years ago iry arma, adrelanos, brade, mcs
#22936 Apply Windows Tor build patch for VS2015 new defect Medium 2 years ago teor windows, build, 032-unreached
#13987 Apply laplace noise to other statistics new enhancement Medium 3 years ago nickm research, stats, privcount-may-obsolete need-design karsten, asn, dgoulet
#13033 Apply mixed content blocking patch? new tbb-team task Medium 2 years ago mikeperry tbb-security arthuredelstein, gk
#19731 Apply more static code analysis to Java projects closed iwakeh enhancement Medium 2 years ago iwakeh java, code, quality, metrics-2017
#3508 Apply new SafeCache patch closed mikeperry enhancement High 8 years ago mikeperry MikePerryIterationFires20110630
#3414 Apply referer policy to window.name closed mikeperry defect High 8 years ago mikeperry MikePerryIterationFires20110828 g.koppen@…
#2669 Apply same-origin policy to window.name? closed mikeperry enhancement Medium 8 years ago mikeperry the.magical.kat@…
#24653 Apply security slider improvements made on desktop back to mobile closed tbb-team enhancement Medium 3 months ago gk tbb-mobile, tbb-torbutton, tbb-security-slider, tbb-parity, TorBrowserTeam201909R
#11085 Approval designer proposal for 2013 Annual Report closed task Medium 4 months ago Kelley annual-report marketing
#26979 Appveyor CI IRC shows the wrong branch for pull requests closed teor defect Medium 16 months ago teor tor-ci, appveyor, windows, fast-fix, 034-backport
#26986 Appveyor CI fails on master due to #19506 closed teor defect Medium 17 months ago teor fast-fix, tor-ci, regression, 035-must
#28659 Appveyor CI: error removing temporary directories - permission denied new defect Medium 6 months ago rl1987 appveyor, ci, 035-backport, 040-backport
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