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#22062 Bad requests do not add the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header closed metrics-team defect Medium 5 weeks ago cypherpunks metrics-2018
#8657 Bad russian exit node attacks connections to Wikipedia closed defect High 6 years ago cypherpunks bad-exit tor-auth
#32274 Bad screen-reader UX for Security Level/Shield button assigned pospeselr defect Medium 2 weeks ago pospeselr TorBrowserTeam202001, BugSmashFund ggus, tbb-team, pospeselr
#16381 Bad timestamp check when storing an HS descriptor on the client closed dgoulet defect High 4 years ago dgoulet tor-hs, TorCore201508, PostFreeze027, 2016-bug-retrospective
#2414 Bad torrc Crashes Arm [multiple myfamily entries] closed atagar defect Medium 9 years ago StrangeCharm
#27382 Bad valid-after time in 0.3.3 and 0.3.4 assigned defect Medium 9 months ago teor tor-auth, teor-unreached-2019-03-08
#9025 Badge portuguese translation closed dcf task Low 7 years ago eduardostalinho dcf
#20708 Baidu Anti-TBB or TBB Trojanic upgrade closed asn defect Very High 3 years ago agentchaos
#9482 Bandcamp downloads broken closed pde defect Medium 5 years ago cypherpunks httpse-ruleset-bug
#13630 Bandwidth Authority Renovation new project Medium 2 years ago aagbsn
#25869 Bandwidth List Format closed enhancement Medium 19 months ago juga bandwidth, bwauth, scanner, torflow
#26200 Bandwidth List format specification: add KeyValues counting errors in Bandwidth Lines closed enhancement Medium 18 months ago juga tor-bwauth, bwauth, specification, tor-spec teor
#7276 Bandwidth Question closed runa enhancement Very Low 7 years ago gibbyd420 Bandwidth
#30533 Bandwidth Unmeasured in Testing Tor Network closed defect Medium 7 months ago TBD.Chen Bandwiidth, Testing Tor Network
#24674 Bandwidth authorities should use geographically distributed bandwidth servers new tom task Medium 18 months ago teor tor-bwauth ln5, juga
#24176 Bandwidth authority complains that SETEVENTS EXTENDED is deprecated needs_review teor defect Medium 2 years ago teor
#7281 Bandwidth auths should publish average and weighted onionskin failure rates new enhancement Low 13 months ago mikeperry privcount aagbsn@…, juga
#24499 Bandwidth determination is flawed new tom defect Medium 19 months ago Hassprediger tor-bwauth juga
#26155 Bandwidth file Timestamp is the latest scanner result, not the file creation time closed teor defect Medium 18 months ago teor tor-spec, tor-bwauth juga, pastly
#186 Bandwidth graph auto-scale closed enhancement Low 14 years ago alien
#9747 Bandwidth graph not updating closed atagar defect Medium 6 years ago unixninja92
#18131 Bandwidth history closed atagar defect Medium 4 years ago Tinkerbeard doc
#13250 Bandwidth not being used by Tor on Gigabit dedicated server closed defect Medium 3 years ago apexio bandwidth slow utilization
#11053 Bandwidth not used by Tor on very fast connections closed defect Very High 4 years ago mcwerewolf
#90 Bandwidth rate schedules closed enhancement Low 7 years ago andrewmyers andrewmyers
#107 Bandwidth reporting/bootstrapping closed defect Low 7 years ago qbarf qbarf
#27048 Bandwidth scanner graphs are empty closed tom defect Medium 17 months ago teor metrics-team, juga
#22108 Bandwidth scanner page chooses yellow for moria1 closed tom defect Medium 3 years ago teor
#23512 Bandwidth stats info leak upon close of circuits with queued cells closed defect Medium 9 months ago asn tor-bug-bounty, congestion-attack, research, watermark, tor-stats, guard-discovery-stats, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328, 029-backport, 034-backport arma, pastly
#27571 Bandwidth values in top relays and relay view closed metrics-team defect Medium 15 months ago juga
#1294 Bandwidth weights absent when D=0 closed mikeperry defect Low 7 years ago mikeperry mikeperry, nickm, ilter
#2500 Bandwidth-graph setting partially not shown with some languages closed chiiph defect Low 9 years ago bastik
#802 BandwidthBurst rate being used constantly closed defect Low 7 years ago micah micah, nickm, arma
#29351 BandwidthFile TypeError when initializing or accessing attributes closed atagar defect Medium 10 months ago juga tor-bwauth
#2704 BandwidthObserved higher than BandwidthBurst closed Sebastian defect High 7 years ago keb bandwidth observed tor-relay
#15260 Banner for tutorials reopened atagar enhancement Low 3 months ago atagar website easy
#17565 Banner on about:tor page closed arthuredelstein defect High 4 years ago arthuredelstein funding, crowdfunding, donations, TorBrowserTeam201512R mrphs, Sebastian, isabela, brade, mcs
#9656 Barnes & Noble ruleset triggers MCB closed pde defect Medium 5 years ago cypherpunks httpse-ruleset-bug
#18400 Base Tor Messenger on ESR 45 closed task Medium 4 years ago boklm arlolra, sukhbir
#18203 Base direct user estimates on responses to directory requests, rather than responses assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium 2 years ago karsten metrics-2018 dcf
#28913 Base32_decode should return the length of its result. closed nickm defect Low 10 months ago nickm util tor-client base32 cleanup technical-debt 041-proposed asn-merge
#21894 Base32_encode: *actually* allow inputs of odd sizes closed nickm defect High 3 years ago nickm 030-backport dgoulet, catalyst
#15652 Base64 code cleanups. closed yawning enhancement Medium 5 years ago yawning tor-core
#6691 BaseFilter isn't really an abstract class... yet closed gsathya defect Very Low 7 years ago neena karsten
#21214 Based on measurement of #21205, write/analyze additional proposals and tickets for lowering bw usage for directory stuff closed task Medium 2 years ago nickm sponsor4
#21183 Basic Usability Issues closed defect Medium 12 months ago ninavizz ux-team, torbrowser arthuredelstein, micahlee, i139, antonela, brade, mcs, tseretni-rmd
#26700 Batch merge for Relay Search patches closed metrics-team task Medium 17 months ago irl
#26856 Batch merge for Relay Search patches closed metrics-team task Medium 17 months ago irl
#27064 Batch merge for Relay Search patches closed metrics-team task Medium 3 months ago irl
#19382 Batch-close all tickets in Metrics/Tor Weather and remove that component closed qbi task Medium 3 years ago karsten
#19070 Batch-modify notifications don't seem very useful new qbi defect Medium 4 years ago nickm
#4479 Be consistent with key pair names closed runa enhancement Medium 8 years ago runa
#7981 Be explicit about spaces in rend-spec closed defect Medium 7 years ago lunar spec
#10957 Be more aggressive about enabling Extended ORPort new task Low 3 years ago asn tor-pt, tor-bridge, needs-design, SponsorS-deferred extorport lunar, isis
#20525 Be more careful when deleting extraneous local descriptor files closed karsten defect Medium 3 years ago karsten iwakeh
#18057 Be more explicit about the certificate format in `tor-spec.txt` closed enhancement Medium 4 years ago herzi doc
#12773 Be more flexible when deciding if we should render RTL closed isis defect Medium 5 years ago cypherpunks bridgedb-https sysrqb, isis
#21306 Be more helpful in the "cannot connect to tor control" error case new tbb-team defect Medium 3 years ago arma brade, mcs, phoul
#6007 Be more strict about rejecting pre-handshake data in 0.2.2 closed defect High 7 years ago nickm tor-relay
#17634 Be more strict if applying double quotes around passwords closed brade defect Low 4 years ago gk mcs
#11553 Be more verbose when warning about not finding a circuit ID closed enhancement High 5 years ago ra tor-relay, 024-backport, 023-backport, andrea-review-0254, 025-triaged, nickm-backport-02422
#2628 Be smarter about launching connections to authorities to learn about clock skew new project Medium 6 months ago nickm tor-client clock-skew AffectsTails ioerror, adrelanos@…, catalyst, intrigeri
#31588 Be smarter about vendoring for Rust projects new tbb-team task Medium 4 weeks ago gk tbb-rbm, TorBrowserTeamTriaged
#4994 Be willing to use microdescs even if one bridge runs 0.2.2 closed enhancement High 7 years ago arma microdescriptors tor-client
#29255 Begin auditing android-components new tbb-team task Medium 11 months ago sysrqb tbb-mobile
#25853 Behavior for Controller.get_exit_policy() for tor client closed atagar defect Medium 17 months ago dmr controller easy
#27651 Behaviour of NoScript varies in "privileged" sites needs_information tbb-team defect Medium 15 months ago cypherpunks3
#20065 Being unable to load authority_signing_key should be an error closed defect Medium 3 years ago Sebastian
#2977 Benchmark mode for Tor closed ioerror enhancement Medium 8 years ago ioerror runa nickm
#10013 Better Reflect Existing Sponsorship Information on the Website closed phobos enhancement Medium 5 years ago cypherpunks financial-disclosure transparency sponsors www-team
#3978 Better TBB about:config settings(?); re: browsing and loading speed, etc. assigned enhancement Medium 6 months ago joyton tbb-pref jcrimby@…, mikeperry
#13803 Better and more efficient database schema closed hellais defect Medium 18 months ago otr archived-closed-2018-07-04 kudrom, hellais, otr
#2671 Better communication for authority operators, core developers in emergency situations assigned task Medium 5 months ago nickm
#7515 Better definition for ADDRMAP events closed defect Medium 7 years ago atagar tor-client spec
#3837 Better dialog for 3rd party auth closed tbb-team enhancement Medium 2 years ago mikeperry tbb-usability, ff52-esr-will-have gk
#11066 Better document how exit addresses are used in Onionoo closed enhancement Medium 6 years ago karsten arlolra
#15550 Better documentation for *Statistics options in torrc closed rl1987 task Medium 5 years ago qbi documentation manpage
#5847 Better error message on GETINFO desc/* when you only have MDs. closed defect Low 2 years ago mickeyc easy, tor-client, tor-control, review-group-18 atagar
#1821 Better error message when proxy is down closed defect High 21 months ago mikeperry ioerror
#159 Better failure notice on tor_resolve closed defect Low 7 years ago rm rm
#31109 Better gamify the UX for snowflake extension new enhancement Medium 2 months ago cohosh snowflake-webextension, ux-team, anti-censorship-roadmap-october arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf
#13650 Better handle vertical displays closed mikeperry defect High 5 years ago mikeperry tbb-fingerprinting-resolution, tbb-4.5-alpha, MikePerry201503, TorBrowserTeam201503 mcs, gk
#31707 Better handling and UX for missing and expired guard descriptors new defect Medium 2 months ago teor log, tor-guard, tor-bridge, tor-client catalyst
#24298 Better handling of DoS attacks on onion services closed defect Medium 8 months ago asn tor-hs, prop224, tor-dos, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328
#10107 Better handling of private policies closed atagar enhancement Low 5 years ago atagar controller, easy
#8993 Better hidden service support on Tor control interface closed project Medium 3 years ago arma tor-hs wfn
#9824 Better integration tests for Python-based obfsproxy closed asn task Medium 3 years ago asn
#524 Better refspoofing closed enhancement High 10 years ago mikeperry mikeperry, arma
#3473 Better signal handling for obfsproxy closed asn defect Medium 8 years ago asn
#16966 Better solution for an HS client descriptor cache entry to expire needs_information enhancement Medium 2 years ago dgoulet tor-hs, timing, needs-design stephan
#5563 Better support for ephemeral relay identity keys closed enhancement Medium 3 years ago mikeperry key-theft needs-proposal tor-relay path-bias prop220 mo, nusenu@…
#3634 Better support of multiple tor relays closed chiiph enhancement Medium 8 years ago joergent opensource@…
#29208 Better timeout and retry for Snowflake closed task High 7 months ago cohosh dcf, arlolra
#13638 Better tokening in the output json data format for bridge reachability visualisation closed hellais defect Medium 18 months ago hellais archived-closed-2018-07-04 asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, otr, shidash, david415, dawuud
#30686 Better warnings when minherit/madvise fails closed nickm defect Medium 6 months ago nickm 041-should diagnostic dgoulet-merge riastradh
#10495 Better way - Leftover tor gpg signing key in the local user's gpg keychain in the documentation closed enhancement Medium 5 years ago daffyduck
#9682 Better work queue implementation for cpuworkers closed enhancement High 5 years ago nickm tor-relay, performance, cpuworker, 026-triaged-0 nickm-patch iang
#9093 Better, fairer circuit OOM handling closed enhancement High 6 years ago nickm tor-relay 023-backport oom robgjansen, Flo, nickm, rpw
#3612 BinSearch rule missing domain closed pde defect Low 8 years ago threexk
#26926 Binaries should have manual pages (man) closed juga defect Medium 13 months ago juga sbws-1.0-must-closed-moved-20181128 pastly, juga, teor, juga@…
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