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#6692 Displaying more information when using 'group by' feature closed enhancement Medium 7 years ago cypherpunks gsathya
#20676 Disposable Exit Nodes new enhancement Low 3 years ago madystar research-program, needs-design tor-relay
#31152 Disqus broken again closed tbb-team defect Medium 6 months ago mwolfe
#16582 Distinguish ENOENT from other error cases when loading keys. closed defect Very High 5 years ago nickm TorCoreTeam201507
#21724 Distinguish between Tor Browser and Firefox when macOS opens documents closed tbb-team defect Medium 2 years ago teor TorBrowserTeam201703R, tbb-no-uplift brade, mcs
#8667 Distinguish between permanent and temporary Onionoo errors assigned metrics-team enhancement Low 22 months ago karsten metrics-2018 gsathya, nusenu@…
#11826 Distinguish between permanent and temporary Onionoo errors closed isis enhancement Medium 4 years ago karsten
#6355 Distinguish between running relays and non-running relays which last had the Running flag closed RaBe enhancement High 3 years ago karsten rndm, nusenu@…
#24470 Distinguish point events from ongoing events in metrics timeline closed metrics-team enhancement Medium 2 years ago dcf metrics-timeline
#6031 Distinguish when a Tor HS is "not found" vs "not reachable" (exists / does not exists) closed enhancement Medium 4 years ago naif tor-hs nickm, sebastian, rransom
#23236 Distribute 1/3 of all bridges' addr:port+some_bytes_of_data in captcha like format closed isis enhancement Medium 2 years ago cypherpunks
#26542 Distribute IPv6 bridges through bridges.torproject.org closed phw defect High 5 months ago teor anti-censorship-roadmap-october jan@…
#18304 Distribute Orbot over GetTor closed ilv enhancement Medium 4 years ago ilv n8fr8
#7583 Distribute Tor Browser version and other information through consensus and internal mapaddress + JSON/XML object closed defect Medium 3 years ago proper tor-client, needs-proposal, mike-0.2.5 proper, mikeperry, hellais, weasel, sysrqb, nickm, phobos
#18464 Distribute Tor Messenger ChangeLog file in the builds closed defect Medium 15 months ago boklm sukhbir, arlolra
#20500 Distribute as a wheel closed atagar enhancement Low 5 weeks ago atagar packaging
#29211 Distribute config.c functionality across more modules assigned nickm task Medium 4 weeks ago nickm network-team-roadmap-2020Q1 nickm, teor, gaba
#29210 Distribute control.c functionality across various modules closed catalyst task Medium 5 weeks ago nickm network-team-roadmap-september, 042-deferred-20190918 catalyst, teor
#13132 Distributing Onionoo binaries via dist.torproject.org closed task Medium 5 years ago karsten phobos
#8936 Distributing Tor with TorBirdy closed ioerror enhancement Medium 6 years ago sukhbir SponsorT adrelanos@…
#29628 Distrust DarkMatter Intermediate CAs new tbb-team defect Medium 11 months ago nsuchy
#7486 Divergent behavior for over-long length on begin cells new defect Low 3 years ago nickm tor-relay protocol easy spec-compliance
#2567 Diversion time closed mikeperry task Medium 9 years ago mikeperry
#31770 Divide connection_edge.c into separate files. assigned nickm task Medium 4 months ago nickm 042-can
#26749 Divide router.c into logical pieces new defect Medium 19 months ago nickm
#29527 Division by zero: undefined behaviour in circuitpadding/circuitpadding_sample_distribution test closed teor defect High 10 months ago teor was-merged-to-041-after-29298, nickm-merge, teor-merge, regression, tor-ci, tor-test, 040-must, 040-backport, asn-merge mikeperry, asn, riastradh
#18171 Dlls brokenness with Windows10 Build 14251 closed tbb-team defect High 4 years ago Coh_t bounty-party borkenward-compatibility loneliness bug-no-bounty tbb-crash TorBrowserTeam201602 fuck-mingw nickm
#21184 Do a better job of killing/cleaning up bwrap children. closed yawning defect Medium 3 years ago yawning
#31391 Do a reachability check before polling for clients closed arlolra defect Medium 3 months ago cypherpunks arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf
#8933 Do a security audit of Onion Browser closed project Medium 4 years ago mttp Phoul, arma, ioerror, nickm, n8fr8, phobos, mike@…
#31870 Do an informal usability study on the "get bridges" process new task Medium 3 months ago phw ux, s30-o22a1, usability, s30-o21a2 cohosh, phw, ggus
#22473 Do any controllers still use getinfo network-status? new defect Medium 2 years ago arma 032-unreached atagar, meejah, mcs, brade
#23412 Do bandwidth authorities reset history when the relay fingerprint changes? closed defect Medium 21 months ago Dbryrtfbcbhgf bwauth, security-low
#20344 Do chutney releases with semantic versioning new enhancement Medium 13 months ago teor egypcio
#17716 Do clients need to do authority clock checks? closed enhancement Medium 4 years ago teor
#26578 Do clients request new consensus documents more often than we expect? new defect Medium 11 months ago arma 040-deferred-20190220
#7947 Do handle TRUNCATE command properly if circuit pending still closed defect Medium 5 years ago cypherpunks tor-relay 023-backport
#1913 Do new IP tests on HUP. closed enhancement Low 7 years ago cypherpunks dynamic IP discovery reload tor-relay
#21658 Do not attempt to plot graphs when the actual request for bandwidth data failed closed irl defect Low 2 years ago irl metrics-2017
#26537 Do not build the NSIS uninstaller for Firefox during `mach build stage-package` new tbb-team defect Medium 19 months ago sukhbir ff60-esr
#30021 Do not cache cipher list classification if cipher list is not yet available. closed nickm defect High 8 months ago nickm tor-ci-fail-sometimes, ci, stem, ssl, 029-backport, 034-backport, 035-backport, asn-merge teor, atagar
#8625 Do not call networkstatus_reset_download_failures() hourly closed andrea defect High 3 years ago nickm tor-client, tor-dos, TorCoreTeam201608, review-group-6
#27154 Do not display "AS0" in results or details pages assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium 8 months ago nusenu metrics-team
#9012 Do not display the missing plugin information bar closed mikeperry defect Medium 6 years ago cypherpunks tbb-pref, tbb-usability, MikePerry201310
#18739 Do not have git ignore files that are also tracked closed defect Low 4 years ago cypherpunks review-group-2 TorCoreTeam201505
#26275 Do not in-place upgrade to TBB v8 (ESR60) closed tbb-team task Medium 19 months ago cypherpunks
#21736 Do not keep account/timestamp when copy-pasting message containing an URL closed huyvq defect Medium 3 years ago dgoulet
#20376 Do not mark circs for close again after relay_send_command_from_edge() closed twim defect Medium 3 years ago twim review-group-11
#19220 Do not override Makefile user variables new defect Medium 21 months ago cypherpunks gcc-warnings, lorax, 031-deferred-20170425, 032-unreached alex_y_xu@…
#2725 Do not overwrite custom added exit policies closed chiiph defect Medium 8 years ago chiiph
#19553 Do not plot empty graphs closed irl defect Medium 3 years ago twim iwakeh, irl@…
#16517 Do not remove "Reload Image" menu item closed tbb-team task Low 5 years ago InvalidType mcs
#22168 Do not return empty objects closed metrics-team defect Medium 3 years ago cypherpunks
#30274 Do not scale relays' bandwidth when there is not descriptor new defect Medium 8 months ago juga generate juga
#8297 Do not start reading connection if any blocking reason still present closed defect Medium 3 years ago cypherpunks easy, tor-relay
#8298 Do not start write to connection if blocked on bw needs_revision defect Low 2 years ago cypherpunks kludgy, tor-relay, nickm-patch
#1957 Do not start/stop tor when touch on log view closed n8fr8 defect High 9 years ago pen9u1n
#19050 Do not use a single static mirror for setting up build environments closed weasel defect Medium 4 years ago cypherpunks
#24317 Do not use same country in the Tor circuits closed task High 8 weeks ago cypherpunks
#12299 Do not verify inputs if no policy is specified closed hellais defect Medium 19 months ago hellais archived-closed-2018-07-04
#30190 Do not warn about compatible OpenSSL upgrades closed defect Medium 5 months ago teor openssl ux usability 035-backport 040-backport dgoulet-merge
#26077 Do not write out footnotes if nothing is footnoted closed tom defect Medium 20 months ago tom metrics-team
#966 Do positive DNS tests reopened defect Low 2 years ago Sebastian dns tor-relay Sebastian, arma, nickm
#7110 Do real parsing of boolean query string parameters closed dcf defect Low 7 years ago dcf
#21345 Do relays count dir reqs as completed before they're complete? new task Medium 3 years ago arma triaged-out-20170308 tor-relay directory metrics teor, karsten, dgoulet
#24867 Do relays keep more than one canonical connection when they extend over IPv6? new defect Medium 22 months ago teor ipv6, tor-relay, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328
#5336 Do simulations of initial proposal 182 patch closed task Medium 7 years ago arma robgjansen, kevin, tschorsch@…
#30706 Do some simple BridgeDB housekeeping closed phw defect Low 8 months ago phw
#8197 Do something about policies_parse_exit_policy()'s arguments closed rl1987 defect Medium 5 years ago arma tor-client easy refactor
#3863 Do something smarter with Windows Tor crash dumps reopened tbb-team task Medium 5 weeks ago arma windows
#29330 Do something with advertised bandwidth distribution graphs new metrics-team enhancement Medium 11 months ago karsten metrics-team, arma
#27633 Do subscribed feeds adhere to first party isolation? new tbb-team defect Medium 17 months ago gk tbb-linkability
#2763 Do we collect descriptors that don't get into the consensus? closed task Medium 7 years ago arma tor-auth
#13484 Do we have edge cases with rend_consider_descriptor_republication()? Can we refactor it to be cleaner? new task Low 3 years ago arma tor-hs, prop224 asn, dgoulet
#5506 Do we just keep downloading a consensus if our clock is wrong? closed defect High 3 years ago arma tor-client
#16358 Do we keep the bridge networkstatus documents? closed task Medium 5 years ago arma isis
#17056 Do we need ExitPolicy private[4|6]:... ? new enhancement Very Low 3 years ago teor lorax, tor-relay exit-policy
#20346 Do we need Tor unstable binary releases for Windows, OS X, BSD? new enhancement Medium 3 years ago teor testing, qa, integration-tests
#3121 Do we need to check https URLs for rewrites? closed pde defect Low 9 years ago pde
#18562 Do we need to chown AF_UNIX sockets? new defect Medium 3 years ago nickm tor-client unix-socket needs-analysis posix
#21674 Do we need to set network.dns.blockDotOnion to false in ESR 52? closed tbb-team task Medium 2 years ago gk ff52-esr, tbb-7.0-must, TorBrowserTeam201712
#28851 Do we really need to check our hardwired DH primes at startup? closed nickm defect Medium 11 months ago nickm startup performance 035-backport
#28449 Do we really need to run retry_listeners_callback so often? new defect Medium 14 months ago nickm mainloop
#2867 Do we use automake's dependency tracking? closed enhancement Low 7 years ago Sebastian tor-client
#532 Do we use non-Running routers in scary places? closed defect Low 7 years ago arma arma, nickm
#23573 Do we want to close all connections when tor closes? needs_revision enhancement High 12 months ago teor shutdown, privcount, correctness, chutney-wants, review-group-24, 034-triage-20180328, 034-included20180401, 035-roadmap-subtask, 035-triaged-in-20180711, 035-deferred-20190115, 041-proposed
#31540 Do we want to run a NextCloud instance? closed tpa task Medium 3 months ago ln5 gk
#16986 Do you know any popular servers that could automatically generate padding from your tab? Other popular solutions? closed tbb-team defect Very High 4 years ago cypherpunks
#21722 Do you want to move the old torbrowser to git attic? closed tor-gitadm enhancement Medium 2 years ago teor
#2664 DoS and failure resistence improvements new enhancement Medium 8 months ago mikeperry SponsorZ-large, tor-dirauth, tor-dos ln5
#26359 DoS and timed attacks via unencrypted network time protocols new defect Medium 17 months ago time_attacker time, NTP, DoS, attack, clock-skew catalyst, intrigeri
#25248 DoS mitgation: improve documentation closed dgoulet enhancement Medium 22 months ago cypherpunks tor-dos, manpage, tor-doc, 033-triage-20180320, fast-fix, 033-included-20180326
#9901 DoS of TBB when no Content-Type header and more than 512 bytes of content are sent closed mikeperry defect Medium 6 years ago sqrt2 tbb-usability, interview, tbb-crash, MikePerry201402R gk
#219 Doc assumes that user will have a properly function setup before this is neccesarily true closed phobos enhancement Low 14 years ago BryKKan BryKKan
#17556 Doc or implementation error in NTor handshake closed defect Medium 4 years ago awick
#85 Doc/Installer mismatch on MacOS X closed defect Low 7 years ago adam667 adam667
#22040 DocShell is null for every tab during New Identity on Win 7 new tbb-team defect Medium 7 weeks ago cypherpunks ff52-esr, tbb-newnym, tbb-e10s, tbb-7.0-issues, tbb-regression
#9523 DocTor doesn't track that tor26 is a bandwidth authority closed defect Very Low 6 years ago atagar
#17434 DocTor should understand the shared randomness protocol closed atagar enhancement Medium 3 years ago asn dgoulet
#27343 Dockerfile for sbws basic install needs_revision enhancement Medium 14 months ago gabe pastly, juga, teor
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