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Ticket Summary Milestone Status Owner Type Priority
#29174 Guard Node can eclipse the hidden service new defect Very High
#29204 Inspect circuit queue during padidng decisions new defect Very High
#29203 Add a way to specify machines as reduced circuit padding new defect High
#29070 shellcheck: torify issue merge_ready defect Medium
#29090 Tor Browser session resumption is very slow new defect Medium
#29112 PTs should pass user count events back to Tor new enhancement Medium
#29165 Unit-testing for handle_control_hsfetch() new enhancement Medium
#29209 Reduce visibility of more data type internals new task Medium
#29210 Distribute control.c functionality across various modules new task Medium
#29211 Distribute config.c functionality across more modules new task Medium
#29212 Create more modularity inside src/core new task Medium
#29213 Minimize the boundary between src/core and src/{feature,app} new defect Medium
#29214 Update 'tor-guts' archictecture documentation to describe current (actual, as-built) architecture. new task Medium
#29215 Document target, modular tor architecture new task Medium
#29216 Document how to make new files/modules in Tor new task Medium
#29217 Script to add new tor files and modules in rust and/or C new defect Medium
#29218 Revise "handles" to be opaque, safe. Document standard usage new defect Medium
#29219 Write (more) guidelines for Tor coding best practices new defect Medium
#29220 Update review guidelines to list best practices new task Medium
#29221 Tooling to track code-style/best-practices violations new defect Medium
#29222 Fix biggest violations of coding best-practices new task Medium
#29223 List canonical abbreviations to use in Tor functions and identifiers new task Medium
#29224 Abstractions and best practices for disabled modules new task Medium
#29225 Improve efficiency and flexibility of threadpool/workqueue API new task Medium
#29226 Automate application of C formatting to code new task Medium
#29227 Audit Tor roles (relay, bridge, etc) and remove needless dependencies where possible new defect Medium
#29228 Unify some or all of Tor's various message/event/work queues. new task Medium
#29240 if not present already, consider linking in Debian LTS builds new enhancement Medium
#29247 Channel padding statistics are incorrect assigned mikeperry defect Medium
#29298 Explicitly specify histogram bin endpoints/widths needs_review defect Medium
#29309 After download and clicking connect Tor loads half way and stops new defect Medium
#29331 A bridge's new identity is not actually ignored although we say so new defect Medium
#29338 restore HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient in v3 new defect Medium
#29339 Bind outbound ports new enhancement Medium
#29432 QuotedString and CString in control-spec.txt technically require escaping ascii 32 (space) new defect Medium
#29437 test-stem times out intermittently needs_information defect Medium
#29439 Refactoring: Make SOCKS server state machine explicitly defined new task Medium
#29494 Optimize interaction between circuitmux and circuitpadding assigned mikeperry enhancement Medium
#29496 DOS needs_information defect Medium
#29501 tor: Unhandled OpenSSL errors found new defect Medium
#29519 Tor from Git on FreeBSD: cc src/test/test-slow leads to "/usr/bin/ld: error: unable to find library -levent" needs_review neel defect Medium
#29520 Makefile: let target "micro-revision.i" be a prerequisite of the default target new defect Medium
#29499 permission error: nyx requires executable permission bit for `/var/lib/tor` new defect Very Low
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