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#23875 new Facebook's onion site is a single hop onion, but clicking on the Tor onion icon shows that it is a 6 hop circuit. tbb-team Dbryrtfbcbhgf
#12672 new Tor log should be accessible while Tor Browser is starting up brade Envite
#14923 needs_information Tor Launcher should have accessibility support. brade Sherief
#10399 new Tor Browser should be visually distinguished from Firefox to prevent user error tbb-team ageisp0lis
#25025 assigned Add icon for next-generation onions in the style guide antonela ahf
#25764 new TBA - Activity 4.1: Improve how circuits are displayed to the user tbb-team antonela
#27399 new Leading Orfox users to Tor Browser Android tbb-team antonela
#28629 assigned Add Graphs section to the Styleguide hiro antonela
#29664 new Create release notes page at hiro antonela
#29873 new TBA 60.6.0 UI breaks proxy compatibility tbb-team april
#22774 needs_information Figure out how much of each blog post to display on the index (front) page hiro arma
#25580 new Torbutton should trigger Tor Browser auto update when it starts and it knows it's out of date tbb-team arma
#25713 new "DisableNetwork is set" log message in Tor Browser scares/confuses users arma
#28015 new Brainstorm improved ux for orgs that want to give bridges to their people tbb-team arma
#28526 assigned Document how NGOs can run private obfs4 bridges, and get some doing it ggus arma
#28556 new Detect other installed circumvention tools and offer them as transports tbb-team arma
#20842 assigned Proposal: Improve Tor Browser font whitelist / bundled fonts tbb-team arthuredelstein
#20843 new Tor Browser: How do we help users to use higher security? arthuredelstein
#22981 new Don't block audio/video on https sites under Medium Security tbb-team arthuredelstein
#22982 new Introduce a single "adjust security" toolbar button for security slider and noscript options tbb-team arthuredelstein
#22985 new Can we simplify and clarify click-to-play of audio/video? tbb-team arthuredelstein
#25795 new Decide which settings to hide in Tor Browser tbb-team arthuredelstein
#26765 new Add Tor Browser indicator where Firefox PB indicator is tbb-team arthuredelstein
#27098 new 2018 "Monthly Giving" Tor Browser banner tbb-team arthuredelstein
#27476 new Remove gap between Tor Launcher window and main browser window tbb-team arthuredelstein
#28163 new Make "new window" and "new tab" menu item labels consistent tbb-team arthuredelstein
#28259 new Is not saving history hurting Tor Browser retention rates? tbb-team arthuredelstein
#14389 needs_revision Improve TBB UI of hidden service client authorization tbb-team asn
#23545 new UX improvement: Tor Browser should handle bogus HSv3 addresses tbb-team asn
#24638 needs_information Welcome dialog missing protocol from link brade atagar
#20314 new Make SVG click-to-play and support fallback tbb-team bugzilla
#22842 accepted Create a knowledge base that's more in-depth than FAQs hiro catalyst
#27104 assigned report intermediate status when building application circuits catalyst catalyst
#27308 assigned report bootstrap phase when we actually start, not just unblock something catalyst catalyst
#27691 new reset bootstrap progress when enough things change catalyst
#28381 new Oreo adaptive icon shape tbb-team cepxuo
#29695 new The captcha displayed while authenticating connecting to a tor bridge is unreadable tbb-team csk
#10888 new Mozilla trademarks still remain in some about: urls tbb-team cypherpunks
#17413 needs_review Usability of MacOS installation process traumschule cypherpunks
#19251 new TorBrowser might want to have an error page specific to when .onion links fail tbb-team cypherpunks
#23721 needs_information Put a banner when detecting old versions of the Tor Browser on the website advising to update hiro cypherpunks
#23735 new Put a banner when detecting Tor exit node but with a non-Tor Browser on the website advising to use TB instead hiro cypherpunks
#25204 new Switch security.insecure_connection_* prefs to warn users about insecure HTTP in FF60-esr tbb-team cypherpunks
#26491 new Onion+cert UI text is black with Tor Browser 8.0a9 - it should be green tbb-team cypherpunks
#27385 new is confusing cypherpunks3
#27483 new Onboarding: dialog closure is effectively treated as "read", causing screen advancement tbb-team dmr
#27484 new Onboarding: unintuitive not-navigation buttons, starting with "Circuit Display" / "See My Path" tbb-team dmr
#29849 assigned first text is duplicated when browsing /about/* subpages hiro emmapeel
#29850 assigned localize sublinks so you stay on the current language hiro emmapeel
#17400 new Decide how to use the multi-lingual Tor Browser in the alpha/release series tbb-team gk
#24452 new Firewall option is visible behind Tor Network Settings... but not during start-up brade gk
#27657 new Show .onion icon on Identity drop down? tbb-team gk
#28044 needs_review Integrate Tor Launcher into tor-browser brade gk
#28800 needs_information Implement New Identity functionality for Tor Browser on Android tbb-team gk
#29590 new Smarter bootstrapping for Tor Browser on Android taking censorship into account tbb-team gk
#6444 assigned custom firefox theme for TBB tbb-team greg
#24527 new Inform users in Tor Launcher of which settings are best for them based on their country brade hellais
#27028 new UX: Indicate current download progress tbb-team huertanix
#25404 new Update design to use new styleguide (bootstrap 4) metrics-team irl
#25570 new Allow autodiscovery of the news atom feed metrics-team irl
#26836 new Update and refresh the research portal irl
#26837 new Move the "research-ideas" tickets to research ideas page irl
#26838 accepted Port the research portal content to Hugo irl irl
#21222 assigned Main ticket for website redesign project isabela isabela
#23376 assigned Build survey form for Onion Browser branding research hiro isabela
#23486 new nice icons for the progress bar brade isabela
#24129 assigned work isabela isabela
#24131 assigned work hiro isabela
#24132 assigned work isabela isabela
#24133 assigned work pili isabela
#24376 assigned Search backend for websites - Test and deploy Solr hiro isabela
#24845 assigned update Limesurvey theme and logo to follow hiro isabela
#25640 needs_review coding hiro isabela
#25641 assigned content for isabela isabela
#25642 assigned translation of emmapeel isabela
#25658 needs_information Activity 2.1: Improve user understanding and user control by clarifying Tor Browser's security features antonela isabela
#19774 assigned could use a favicon antonela isis
#27511 reopened Add New identity button to toolbar tbb-team isnaiter
#29200 new Make more accessible Core Tor documentation antonela juga
#21951 new Helping censored users bootstrap to Tor: Tor launcher improvements and automation linda linda
#21952 reopened .Onion everywhere?: increasing the use of onion services through automatic redirects and aliasing linda linda
#22785 new Show an alternative icon for features that are blocked and not broken. tbb-team linda
#23150 new Re-evaluating tor browser's security controls: let's have one place to adjust all per-tab, global, persistent, and per-session security preferences. linda linda
#23266 new Carryover Tasks linda
#23267 new Cross-platform brand and features consistency: make Android and iOS browsers as good as TBB tbb-team linda
#27590 new Display .onion alt-svc route in the circuit display tbb-team mahrud
#23971 new implement multi-step progress bar for new Tor Launcher UI brade mcs
#29506 new <noscript> tag doesn't work when JS is blocked by security slider at Safer tbb-team micahlee
#3667 needs_information Toolbar icons non-deterministic? tbb-team mikeperry
#14686 needs_review Consolidate or de-emphasize our many download pages traumschule mikeperry
#19757 new Make a menu to add onion and auth-cookie to TB tbb-team mrphs
#22809 new Tor Browser does not provide red security warning for downloading executable in HTTP tbb-team naif
#16546 assigned Should we move anonbib to the Tor website? cypherpunks nickm
#17805 needs_review The website should support "stable" and "oldstable" tor releases cypherpunks nickm
#27032 assigned Survey: Tor Users Demographics - Applications antonela nyinz
#27119 assigned Usability Testing: Support Portal antonela nyinz
#27636 new .onion indicator for non-self-signed but non-trusted sites tbb-team o--
#23888 new Creating a Snowflake WebExtension addon oarel
#25431 new "Tor is censored in my country" does not cover some scenarios brade oneandonly
#11569 new Consider making donations part of the download process phobos
#28622 needs_information Update Tor Browser Icon for Android tbb-team pili
#25165 new Remove "Start " in "Start Tor Browser" shortcut tbb-team scootergrisen
#24440 needs_review Match blog title post spacing to archive post title spacing hiro steph
#24520 new Change menu capitalization on blog hiro steph
#24981 reopened Update trac identity to match styleguide hiro steph
#26061 reopened Add blog posts to contributor pages hiro steph
#26314 needs_information Create "Learn More" Landing Page for TBA sysrqb
#28329 needs_revision Design TBA+Orbot configuration UI/UX tbb-team sysrqb
#13410 reopened Disable self-signed certificate warnings when visiting .onion sites tbb-team tom
#27132 new find Tor-friendly payment site traumschule
#28532 new Map link changes from current tpo to lektor projects traumschule
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