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#23565 document signs of client clock skew to ease troubleshooting

Ticket #23508 describes some ways that clock skews during client bootstrapping can often cause stalls without any useful user feedback. Document some signs of this behavior (e.g., specific message patterns in log files, Tor Launcher messages when stalled) so we can better help users who aren't running a modern enough release to mitigate these issues.

#19057 Prohibit modifications of doc/EmailProvider

Someone have created doc/EmailProvider and constantly removes my notes from there. Creating such a list, especially on torproject official website, can be harmful, because it reduces the cost of discovering such services to law enforcement. The fact users are not identified are flaws in a state, and states will fix them. Those unfixed services are really rare. Creating such a public list will allow law enforcement to fix them all. All the law enforcement will have to do is to monitor such lists and enforce services` owners.

So I propose to lock the page to prevent addition of services and make an official statement about it.

#13677 Update Tor Browser 4.x videos Sherief

Sponsor O requires support (just me) to add Tor Browser videos showing verification, installation and usage. But we're swapping Erinn's key soon and recording videos showing her key will confuse users.

#12842 Helpdesk needs a PGP key to be able to receive encrypted help queries phoul

Couple days ago sherief mentioned we need a PGP key to be able to receive and handle encrypted help queries via RT.

I think it's a great idea as protecting our users' sensitive information is and always should be our first priority at support team.

This ticket is to help us remember we need to make this happen (hopefully in near future)

Once we have the pgp, we should start advertising and encouraging our users to use encryption if possible.

#10966 Define a process on how new support assistants can be accepted in the team phoul

The switch from having a single person handling all support request to a team was made through recruiting support assistants as a contracting position. It would be good to define a process on how new people can get accepted in the team. It's mostly a question of trust and probably we need to define a vouching process and a set of people that need to ack the decision.

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