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#22181 new What can we do for mirror operator community Samdney
#19911 new Whonix project official licensee of The trademarks adrelanos
#22079 new Community governance documents alison alison
#22081 new Add to trainings page on Community Team wiki community-team alison
#25513 new Add instructions on how to print Tor stickers alison anadahz
#5236 needs_information Make a deb of the Torbrowser and add to repository cypherpunks
#24569 new Let's use .onion in many situations officially alison cypherpunks
#24727 new Add onion service for and use it alison cypherpunks
#22965 new Please adopt torbrowser-launcher on alison d3vid
#19794 reopened Tor Project Corporate Document FOI Request grarpamp
#23632 new Apply Tor trademark for anon-connection-wizard alison iry
#13703 accepted Adding doc/HARDENING Jaruga mmcc
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