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#17011 chutney doesn't verify using IPv6 addresses new defect High
#17282 Chutney could use a HOWTO for writing new test cases, network tests, etc assigned nickm enhancement High
#9086 Rewrite network testing using asyncore/asynchat new enhancement Medium
#10155 Allow delayed node start needs_information enhancement Medium
#10156 Replace DirServer with DirAuthority in torrc new enhancement Medium
#11115 use argparse for chutney when debian squeeze hits end-of-life new enhancement Medium
#11374 fix tor lockfile checking bug needs_revision dave2008 defect Medium
#13887 Pick a reporting format for Chutney new defect Medium
#14332 Use new string formatting interface needs_review cypherpunks defect Medium
#14954 Chutney: add control socket to torrc templates needs_revision dgoulet enhancement Medium
#15229 Design document for chutney2 new defect Medium
#15231 Prototype implementation for the main ideas for chutney2 new enhancement Medium
#15418 chutney: add debug command-line flag assigned andrea enhancement Medium
#15419 chutney: on failure, explain which connection failed new enhancement Medium
#16386 Chutney generates network with no bandwidth weights needs_information defect Medium
#16454 chutney's "tor does not support this option" is unclear new defect Medium
#16806 Chutney/integration tests for DNS server/client functionality new defect Medium
#16807 Framework for Clients And Relays that Do Bad Things new enhancement Medium
#16904 chutney fails to work with python3 assigned cypherpunks enhancement Medium
#16949 Make Chutney Easier to Use & More Functional, Write Guide new task Medium
#16954 Refactor chutney networks: increase configurability, reduce code duplication new enhancement Medium
#17002 chutney start could tell users how to kill old chutney tors new enhancement Medium
#17013 Does chutney need to test various rare IPv6/IPv4 combinations? new enhancement Medium
#17014 chutney: automate discovery and use of different tor versions new enhancement Medium
#17015 chutney should try harder to find a stable/different version of tor new enhancement Medium
#17276 Make at least one authority script integrated with Chutney new defect Medium
#17290 Include network tests with ill-behaved clients and servers new enhancement Medium
#17629 Create chutney templates that match public tor network timings new enhancement Medium
#17712 Add chutney support for FallbackDirs new enhancement Medium
#18482 Add fallback directory test schedules to chutney new teor defect Medium
#18822 Add fallback dir schedule to chutney common template new enhancement Medium
#18932 Re-launching chutney with cached descriptors sometimes fails new defect Medium
#19019 When chutney fails because of ports, tell the user new defect Medium
#19033 Write a chutney test for #19032 new teor enhancement Medium
#19573 Use from dnslib in chutney new teor enhancement Medium
#19694 Add a leekspin mode to chutney new teor enhancement Medium
#20036 Chutney should allow single onion and tor2web modes on any HS / client new teor enhancement Medium
#20067 Chutney should verify IPv6 SOCKSPorts new teor enhancement Medium
#20068 Chutney tests for IPv6-only bridge clients new teor defect Medium
#20091 When chutney fails, make the last message "Do you have the latest chutney version from ...?" new teor enhancement Medium
#20142 chutney IPv6 HiddenServicePort tests new teor enhancement Medium
#20343 Write a for chutney new teor enhancement Medium
#20344 Do chutney releases with semantic versioning new teor enhancement Medium
#20409 When some chutney tors die, clean up the rest new teor enhancement Medium
#20473 Fix Chutney Nodes that don't bootstrap new teor defect Medium
#20513 Use public tor network directory authority options in chutney new teor enhancement Medium
#20607 Revise chutney download schedules for exponential backoff new teor enhancement Medium
#20655 Run the chutney "mixed" network tests in multiple ways new teor enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#21000 Make chutney select different options depending on the tor version new teor enhancement Medium
#21001 Test that recent tor clients can use microdescriptors when configured to only use IPv6 new teor defect Medium
#21466 Get chutney's scripts working with standard shell script checking options new teor enhancement Medium
#21543 Make chutney use a different base port new teor enhancement Medium
#21544 Make chutney use sockets rather than ports new teor enhancement Medium
#21632 "Couldn't set up any working nameservers. Network not up yet? Will try again soon." new teor defect Medium
#21901 Make tor clean up before terminating a chutney network new teor enhancement Medium
#21903 Disable DNS in chutney by default, and add an option to enable it new teor defect Medium
#15353 Some chutney tests fail when localhost is the only available IP reopened nickm defect Low
#21463 Chutney creates keys directory for clients new teor defect Very Low
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