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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#5304 Obfsproxy should respect OutboundBindAddress in torrc reopened defect normal Obfsproxy
#6264 obfsproxy: Add support for dropping privileges and chrooting new enhancement normal Obfsproxy
#6996 Problems with starting managed Obfsproxy server when installed via debian package and with Tor as service reopened defect normal Obfsproxy
#9822 obfsproxy: Don't read authcookie file for every new connection new defect normal Obfsproxy
#9823 obfsproxy: validate_external_mode_cli() does not abort new defect normal Obfsproxy
#9824 Better integration tests for Python-based obfsproxy new task normal Obfsproxy
#9878 Mention the pyptlib version in obfsproxy's starting log new task normal Obfsproxy
#9902 need separate Obfsproxy Windows binary new defect normal Obfsproxy
#10134 Create bananaphone transport for obfsproxy new task normal Obfsproxy
#10242 obfs-flash-client does not reconnect well when browser proxy reconnects new defect normal Obfsproxy
#10371 Obfsproxy memory leak needs_information defect normal Obfsproxy
#10782 Improve the spec of UniformDH new task normal Obfsproxy
#10887 ScrambleSuit should make it easy for bridge admins to learn password needs_revision enhancement normal Obfsproxy
#11050 pycrypto's AES implementation is not constant time new defect normal Obfsproxy
#11093 obfsproxy should use C implementation of UniformDH new defect normal Obfsproxy
#11134 obfsproxy's SOCKS server should send success response post handshake new defect normal Obfsproxy
#11190 obfsproxy shebang should point to "python2", not "python" reopened defect normal Obfsproxy
#11197 obfsproxy should provide congestion feedback new defect normal Obfsproxy
#11203 ScrambleSuit CSPRNG for Probability Distributions needs_review enhancement normal Obfsproxy
#11271 ScrambleSuit and obfsproxy repositories should be merged new enhancement normal Obfsproxy
#11354 Make obfsproxy more fork-friendly new task normal Obfsproxy
#11355 Provide obfsproxy nightlies in our debian repositories accepted task normal Obfsproxy
#5085 managed obfsproxy does not quit if tor dies new defect minor Obfsproxy
#5130 Allow obfsproxy to daemonize new enhancement minor Obfsproxy
#7532 Obfsproxy: Count unique IPs in an anonymous way new defect minor Obfsproxy
#8040 hiding command line arguments new enhancement minor Obfsproxy
#9741 SIGINT handling for py-obfsproxy new defect minor Obfsproxy
#9825 -v returns 'unknown' for Obfsproxy.exe from '2.4.17-beta-2-pt3' new defect minor Obfsproxy
#10240 Additional unit tests for obfsproxy/test/ new defect minor Obfsproxy
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