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#12857 Use streaming downloads Obfuscation/meek new enhancement High 4 years ago
#18077 meek-server logging client IP addresses in some situations Obfuscation/meek new defect High 2 years ago
#12208 Make it possible to use an IP address as a front (no DNS request and no SNI) Obfuscation/meek needs_review enhancement Medium 4 years ago
#12428 Make it possible to have multiple requests and responses in flight Obfuscation/meek new enhancement Medium 4 years ago
#12774 "Firefox is already running" when you select meek after bootstrapping Obfuscation/meek new defect Medium 4 years ago
#13160 make a deb of meek and get into Debian Obfuscation/meek new defect Medium 4 years ago
#14256 Clarify whether Cloudflare's Universal SSL thing works with meek Obfuscation/meek new enhancement Medium 3 years ago
#15125 meek-client-wrapper does not use signals well Obfuscation/meek new defect Medium 3 years ago
#18141 Tame "reading from ORPort" error logs in meek-server Obfuscation/meek new enhancement Medium 2 years ago
#20600 meek-client-torbrowser should always use TOR_BROWSER_TOR_DATA_DIR Obfuscation/meek new defect Medium 19 months ago
#21258 meek PT stops functioning after long uptime Obfuscation/meek new defect Medium 16 months ago
#24306 Add some volunteer's public meek URLs to TBB, and also write a blog for meek. Obfuscation/meek new task Medium 6 months ago
#24640 improve meek behavior when target server is down Obfuscation/meek assigned defect Medium 5 months ago
#26103 Can't use meek with any domain. Obfuscation/meek needs_information defect Medium 12 days ago
#26118 Import Gecko Console without using shim Obfuscation/meek needs_review defect Medium 10 days ago
#12716 Make meek-client-torbrowser take the firefox command as a parameter Obfuscation/meek needs_revision defect Low 4 years ago
#19426 meek-client on ubuntu requires apparmor profile adjustment for system_tor Obfuscation/meek new enhancement Low 2 years ago
#25613 Close child's stdout to signal exit in meek-client-torbrowser Obfuscation/meek new enhancement Low 2 months ago
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