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#11301 Tor does not reconnect after network loss with bridges tor-client, tbb-usability, tbb-needs 024-backport 025-triaged flashproxy new nickm defect major
#3292 Let bridge users specify that they don't care if their bridge changes fingerprint tor-bridge flashproxy new task normal
#5213 enable tor-fw-helper flashproxy, MikePerry201402R needs_review erinn task normal
#7733 Two channels required for bootstrap tor-client flashproxy 025-triaged new defect normal
#8092 make a deb of flashproxy and get into Debian ttb-flashproxy-deb accepted dcf enhancement normal
#8402 Tor should help its transport proxy use a proxy, if needed. tor-bridge pt flashproxy, tbb-needs, tbb-helpdesk-frequent needs_review defect normal
#8786 Add extra-info line that tracks the number of consensus downloads of each pluggable transports pt tor-bridge flashproxy new defect normal
#9229 While bootstrapping, Tor clients stall for 60s when obfsproxy bridges are used. 60s, consensus, stall, obfsproxy, flashproxy, tbb-needs, 024-backport, 025-triaged, andrea-review-0254 needs_review asn defect normal
#9743 Think of a good name for the obfs-flash meta-proxy and create a repo for it flashproxy, pt-combiner new asn project normal
#9744 Read managed proxy server chain from a configuration file flashproxy new asn project normal
#10004 obfs-flash-client doesn't allow intermixed positional and optional arguments flashproxy, pt-combiner new infinity0 defect normal
#10993 Fails to reconnect after connection loss when only one bridge is configured tor-client bridges 025-triaged flashproxy new defect normal
#11190 obfsproxy shebang should point to "python2", not "python" python version, obfsproxy, tbb, flashproxy, MikePerry201404R reopened asn defect normal
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